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Brian A Seals
May 18th, 2015, 01:42 AM
The following is a short story, that will be posted here in four parts, over four to five days. Feel free to read them all, but only if you like what you see! -Seals.

The Feeding: A Woman in uniform 1-4 (of eighteen) 3,208 words

Adult/Horror (Graphic violence and adult language)

Part One:

-Sunday night, 21:00 hours

The lamp threw a spotlight onto the ceiling and Chuck Stoddard was lying in bed, staring at it. Another half-hour passed by, before he got up.There was no music blaring from downstairs that night, or any noise at all from that apartment. Still, he couldn't sleep.

He took off his pajamas and put on some jeans; they were a tight fit. Size thirty-six pants shouldn't have been a tight fit, and they never were before, but that wasn't the only thing that seemed off. The gray in his hair looked worse, than he thought it did the day before, and hours ago he realized, that he's been peeing more often.

After getting into the pickup, he turned the key in the ignition and then turned up the radio, nice and loud. Black Sabbath told him to "Read in-between the lines", and it took some considerable effort, to focus on the lyrics and nothing else. During the trip into Amherst, New York, a cop did notice the raised volume, but Chuck smiled and waved at him and as they passed, the wave was returned. He saw no more traffic on the way to Emma's.

The parking lot there was empty, except for three cars, and Chuck knew the owners by heart. The Jeep Wrangler in the far corner, meant that Harry was tending the bar. By the side door was an old Lincoln town car, that he knew for sure was Billy's, and in the center of the lot was Jack's Escalade. He pulled over next to it and cut off the engine.

Before he could push his door open, movement caught the corner of his eye. He turned towards his side view mirror to see the edge of -something, running behind the pickup. He turned...

There was nothing behind the rear windshield, but whatever it was could be ducking behind the truck bed. Frowning, he got out. After a step towards the rear, he paused and hesitated there, for more than a minute. It could have been a deer but Chuck didn't think so; he was pretty sure it was on two legs.

He took another step forward and his mind reached for an explanation. It could have been a kid's prank, but if so it was a big kid, not even a teenager. He cocked his head to the right and peered under the truck; there was nothing there but a shadow on the ground, and yet this still didn't calm him. As he leaned forward to look into the bed, his temples throbbed and his face was flushed with blood.

Nothing... No one in the bed and no one behind. He took another step, half-expecting someone to jump out at him, from the passenger side, but that didn't happen. There was nothing to see there at all. While standing there with his head throbbing, he looked around. There was a business park to his right, that was dark and silent. Over the lawn at the rear of the lot, were two homes by a clump of trees.

All was quiet.

"You admirin' the view?"

Chuck looked over and saw Billy in the side door. He was holding it open and smiling at him, under that huge mustache of his.

Chuck said, "I'm stargazin' buddy... and lookin' for your Mom, I know she workin' out here."

"Shut up bitch. Yours left here an hour ago, with her panties in her mouth."


Chuck followed Billy inside and closed the door. He didn't hear the snap, which echoed through the trees in the distance. It was followed by the wail of a hound, which was cut just short of two seconds.


Part Two:

Harry's face was a smile of wrinkles when he saw him.

"Chuck", he said. "I swear, you're the last-"

Jack said, "The last one, right?"

"The absolute last sonofabitch I expect on a Sunday. I'm actually lost for words."

They all laughed.

Chuck said, "Gotta keep you on your toes, pop."

"Yes indeed. Will you keep it up with a different order, or..."

"Bourbon's just fine Harry. We'll start with that."

Chuck took his seat by Jack, in front of the beer taps. His friend was 28 years old, so that made Chuck his elder by a decade and Billy the man in the middle, at 34. Despite that, Jack was undoubtedly better off. In addition to their vehicles, which stood as sufficient proof, their styles of dress were also telling. Jack looked like he walked out of a business meeting, while the other two were trimming the lawn, outside.

Jack said, "What's up, old man?"

Chuck said, "Old man my ass. What's up is I wanna talk to you some."

"About what?"

Chuck paused, and then he said, "Let's do it across from the dartboard. What you drinkin'?"

Jack sighed, and slumped forward in his seat. "No no, no no no no."


"I'm not doing this. I said I'm not doing this."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Look", Jack said. "I told you my hours are from eight to four, Monday through Thursday... if you want my help, we do it on the clock from now on."

Chuck said, "What's that shit? I didn't know you did business by leechin' off your friends."

"Wha'? Look man... I've gotta eat just like everyone else, okay? I don't do charity work."

"No", Chuck said. "You just like takin' it... How many times I saved your ass in collections, Jack? How many?"

Another heavy sigh. Jack said, "A few times, yeah."

"Quite a few times", Chuck said. "Four at least. And I don't think you'd be practicin' now, if it wasn't for me."

Jack kept silent and shook his head.

Chuck said, "Would you Jack? Would you have got enough money to finish that school, if I let you get fired from there? Would you've got another job, with that potty mouth o' yours? Or would you be stuck in my apartment right now, callin' people?"

Billy said, "He's got a point there, Junior."

Jack shook his head and closed his eyes. "Fine... You wanna play darts let play darts."


Part Three;

Chuck was horrible at darts, but the board was close to the windows and far away from the bar. After taking position behind a taped line, twenty inches away from the target, he aimed and threw the first one; it struck the support beam, well above the board. The second went far right, and bounced off the edge.

Jack said, "What's on your mind Charles? Trouble sleeping again?"

Chuck threw number three and it struck dead center: bull’s-eye. Jack laughed and shook his head.

Chuck said, "I'm not sleepin' much yeah... And I'm gettin' testy...you know what I'm saying? It's like I don't have no patience no more."

"Did you pull 'a Jack'?"

Chuck shook his head. "No", he said, and then he bent to pick up darts.

"No, but I could. I'm gettin' close to losing it man, and I could go off any minute... And I been relaxin', like you said. I took some of my time but, I could take a year more off and I don't know if that'd do it."


Jack took the darts and stood at the line. His first two throws hit their mark, number twenty on the board.

"When's the last time you been laid?"

Chuck didn't answer. The third dart hit seventeen, and after a pause, Jack turned around and looked at him.

"When's the last time you been laid, Charles?"

Again, no answer. Chuck just looked off to one side, whispering to himself.

Finally,Jack said, "Has it been since the divorce?"

A sigh, and then Chuck nodded in agreement.

Jack said, "Well that's your problem right there. You need some pussy... simple as that."

"Is that your professional opinion?"


Jack dug out the darts from the board, and handed them over.

Chuck said, "I never heard of no shrink, givin' advice like that."

Jack said, "You want the technical term? Fine.... The answer is copulation."

He shrugged.

"...Intercourse... mating... You need to find yourself a vagina and you need to meet with the medic inside, I know what I'm talking about here."

Chuck rubbed his temples. "Man...

"I'd love to, yes, but you don't understand. I've hung out at the bars,I've been online and nothing works man, you know? It just don't work for me."

"Bullshit", Jack said. "If you want to get anywhere at all, I'm telling you right now, you gotta drop this attitude."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you're a quitter and that's exactly what you've been doing... Look, I can't tell if you're serious or not, but If you want to change your mood, if you want to calm down, if you want to see the sunny side of life, you got three options, okay?"

Chuck nodded and Jack went on.

"Again, the first one is the best. You go fucking commit to that job and I mean seriously, Charles. No getting discouraged, no 'woe is me', you knock on a thousand doors for an answer, then you knock on a thousand more.

"The second way is you start on Driaxyl... that's an anti-depressant. If we put you on that, I'm telling you now, you'll be a ray of sunshine all day, every day... You'll also be a big, smiling idiot".

Chuck took his place behind the tape. He aimed and threw the first dart, which flew far left and bounced off a window.

"I'm listening", he said.

"Option three is we take you to the vet... and we lay you down and we get you neutered".


Part Four:

Jack walked back to the bar and picked up his coat. "Alright guys...I'd love to stay but, the old lady's not down with that."

Harry said, "Alright. Take care Jack".

"Take care man", Billy said.

After Jack exited the bar, Billy turned to Chuck and said, "So what did he tell ya?"

Chuck shot him a look. "... He told me I need sex."

"He gets paid for that?"

Harry laughed.

Billy said, "He's right man, fuck... What's it been? Two years?"

Chuck said, "That ain't none of your god-damned business, alright?"

"I mean since the divorce Charles. Relax man...

"See that's the type o' shit we been talking about, man. You all sprung up an' shit."

Chuck said, "I'm fine, it's just..."

Harry said, "You are not fine son... I could've told you that."

Harry poured Chuck a glass of beer, and handed it over to him.

Now lookit... I cain't say I'm no psychiatrist but, I can say that more people come to me with their problems, than Jack ever gets. So after a decade of that, you get to notice when somethin's botherin someone, and you been bothered a long time, so... If he says you need a meeting, with a nice young woman, I'm willin' to back 'im up."

Chuck said, "I'm trying... I've been doin' something about that every week, but... you know, what the fuck? I'm thirty-eight years old...There's a lot of guys out there younger than me, and better lookin' than me, and with a lot more in the bank and it's just hard man."

Harry said, "Well, what have you been doing?"

"I'm on SingleSite-dot-com."

Billy said, "Uh uh, man. That ain't no way to go. Look..."

Billy finished off his Budweiser, and then he put the bottle down.

"Look at me. You ain't never seen me without no girlfriend, and that's because I'm out there every day... talkin' to people, gettin' to know people. Online it just ain't the same. Women can't get who you are from no picture... You gotta smile at 'em and talk to 'em or yeah, they gonna go for the buff guys with the six pack every time. If you can't come up to no woman and ask for her phone number man... I'm tellin' you, you not going anywhere."

Harry said, "He's right. I was married before all that internet stuff was big and that's not how we did it back then. I can tell you for a fact, that if Emma ever sat down in front of some monitor, to read my pitch and eye up my picture, I'd never have married her."

"That's right", Billy said. "You gotta stop all that typin' and shit and start talkin' man."

Chuck nodded.

Billy said, "Let me get some 'Sam Adam's' Harry... That Oktoberfest one."

Harry reached under the counter and started searching. "You got it."

Billy said, "What else is up, man? How's the little one?"

Chuck said, "He's good. We went up to this park today and threw the ball around. He's big enough now that he can almost tackle me, without me faking it."

Harry opened a beer bottle, and slid it over to Billy. "Who, Jacob? How old is the boy now?"

"He's eleven".

Billy said, "Woooow... Shit, I'm gettin' old, man."

Harry said, "He still with his Mom?"

Chuck sighed. "His Mom and Darryl…

"Yes he is... And if it was up to them, I wouldn't see him at all."

Billy said, "Fuck man... She should be payin' you alimony."

Billy took a sip of beer and then glanced over at Harry. The old man had a startled look on his face, so Billy turned to see what he was staring at. Chuck also turned. There was a woman walking in, from the side door.

Chuck's eyes moved from her face, to her light brown shoulder-length hair, right down to her cleavage. The tan brown skin was moist with sweat.Her breasts were stretching out her blue shirt, and that was unbuttoned right down to her navel. After she took another a step forward, one of the overhead lights bounced off of something metal on her blouse, and a spot of reflected light danced up her chest, to her collarbone. Another step forward and that metal shined in Chuck's eye; it was a badge.

It looked like a badge from the Buffalo, New York Police Department, but that didn't seem right. It was tough for Chuck to focus on anything, but those breasts and that skin, and her face and her hair, but he did so long enough to see the rest of the story. She wore blue pants, with a single dark stripe on the outside of each leg. The stripes led up to an empty gun belt, but she had a baton strapped to her left side and that looked real.

Nothing else made sense though. Chuck had seen plenty of female officers around, but none of them looked like that. Women cops were professional and conservative; they wore caps, or they tied their hair up into buns. Most of them had bullet proof vests on, and they tried their best to mute, or hide their attractiveness. They did not wear makeup, they did not wear lashes and they certainly weren't unbuttoning shirts and bearing skin.

As she moved closer though, Chuck could see her well enough to know that her shirt wasn't unbuttoned; the buttons were missing. The shirt was also dark and damp around the collar, but that was probably just the sweat, that was glistening on her skin. He caught himself getting excited, so he looked away.

Harry said, "Uh... good evening officer. Is there something I can get for you?"

She didn't respond. Instead she moved to the far right corner of the bar, away from everyone, and she took her seat with her back to the bathrooms. The three men were silent for a moment. There was a light directly above her, and it illuminated her hair and her skin, in both an enticing and a very surreal way. Chuck thought that she looked like a fantasy, or a dream.

"My good God", Billy said.

"Hmmm...”Harry said.

The men looked away from the woman with raised eyebrows. After a sip of beer, Chuck saw that Harry was looking at Billy, and then Harry looked in Chuck's general direction, before snapping his eyes back to their mutual friend. What was happening was obvious.

"Well alright", Billy said, and then he got up. "I don't want Marlene to wait too long." He took a long drink of beer and then he put the bottle down.

"Goodnight boys".

Chuck sat there, with his mouth open. Billy made a quick exit, leaving him and the bartender alone with that woman; that cop that shouldn't be there looking like that, or acting like that. Why would an officer enter a bar in uniform? It didn't make sense.

If she was a cop it was wrong, but Chuck doubted she was a cop. Maybe she was a stripper with a really good looking uniform. Or a stolen one. That had to be it.

Chuck finished off his beer and then he looked up, to find that Harry was staring at him. The old man was giving him a look; his lips were pursed, his eyebrows were raised and there was an inquisitive look, in his eyes. Chuck threw his hands up.

"Fine", he said. "Give me two glasses of wine, White wine."

Harry obeyed and Chuck grabbed them, before leaving his seat. The woman was sitting there almost motionless, and Chuck started to feel uneasy. He told himself it was more than just nervousness; she was young and attractive but, she was looking at nothing at all and she was breathing heavy, for some unknown reason.

Her nostrils were stretching, to consume as much air as possible, and with that, her chest expanded and compressed in a very noticeable way; it didn't help. With each step, Chuck felt his stomach getting queasier. He took a deep breath, and tried to walk over as straight and mechanically as he could. Taking the seat to her left, he placed one glass in front of her, within reach.

"I hope you don't mind", he said. "You look like you had a rough night."

She didn't answer. Her head moved slightly in his direction, but she didn't look at him. Chuck leaned over to make eye contact, but when he did, she seemed to look straight through him. Her eyes were brown but clouded and her nostrils were flaring.

Chuck said, "Are you okay?"

She cocked her head in his direction and her lips partially opened. Their eyes were in line with each other, but Chuck saw nothing in hers; they were absent. The corners of her mouth moved up and Chuck smiled wide in response.

"Hi...Are you alright?"

Her lips parted a bit more, and then they curled.

Chuck didn't understand what he was seeing; the lips had folded inside out, and away from her gums and teeth. The white of her enamel was stained pink, and her mouth opened wider than he would have thought possible. The skin, by the corners of her mouth stretched thin.

Chuck leaned back. His temples hurt and his vision was blurred and he noticed that he had stopped breathing. The woman or thing leaned forward in her seat and then pounced on him.


Brian A Seals
May 18th, 2015, 01:57 AM
Yikes! After copying and pasting this here, I noticed that a bunch of spaces between words had been deleted. I'm fixing this. Give me another twenty minutes or so, to make sure it's right.

**Should be fixed now. I'll check it again, later, but it should read okay. I'll be on the look out for that, in the future.

Harper J. Cole
May 18th, 2015, 10:30 PM

I had the same problem with vanishing spaces. There's thread on it here, though I haven't tried the solution yet ...


There were a few instances I saw where there were still spaces missing after commas ...

Jack looked like he walked out of a business meeting, while the other two were trimming the lawn,outside.
Finally,Jack said, "Has it been since the divorce?"
I've hung out at the bars,I've been online and nothing works man, you know?

And a few typos ...

After a st,ep towards the rear, he paused and hesitated there, for more than a minute.
Over the lawn at the rear of the lot, was two homes by a clump of trees.
"I'm not doing this. I said I'm doing this." (Missing a "not", I think)

But it's a good intro, establishing the trio of main characters and introducing a rather unnerving antagonist! I'll look forward to further installments. :)


Brian A Seals
May 19th, 2015, 04:44 AM
Appreciate that Harper, I'm on it!

May 24th, 2015, 01:43 AM
Great, with just a few typos I get the feeling for Chuck, a middle aged, divorced man looking for a fresh start with someone new. It is believable and with the host of side characters to help build on his persona he is even more relatable on a personal level. The 'Horror' in the story is kept to a mininum to build on in future installments which was smart, but now for an important question, Does the story have enough hype and build to want me to read the next installment?.....I would yes for the general horror and casual readers but for writers I think they would want to see a little more side action with the 'Horror'. It reads like a slice of life story with minor suspence in two parts of the story. I am not saying make it a Michael Bay film but it does not engage the audience enough from reading this to past off as Horror or adult, as this feels more of a thriller than horror. If that is what you are going for then you did your job, but it still either needs more substance but at 3K this is a big chunk so it is hard to say add more without it being stuffed. Still Good Job, I enjoyed it.