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May 1st, 2015, 10:38 PM
A story told of the Jester of unreality in the dark world of Pandemonium. Due to recent events he is followed by a murderous spirit; it is typical of him to avoid senseless death by the Lord, an individual emotionless with sights on the world, also known as 'the sinner'. In the world of Pandemonium, people are not bound by physical laws, as much, they are given more freedom although their shell is still humane.

There are two great landmarks in Pandemonium; beneath the planet lay the Devil's lair, inhabited by a Devil, an abomination who leaves nothing but death and destruction in his path; he takes the form of a glitch, a black, rising, spirit; fearful and flashy-- and above the ground is a vast and elaborate world, the Mantle, with three major continents, and a few minor continents. Each major continent is dedicated to an element, and it's effect on the Earth; Eurga the Earth continent, Kore the Water continent, and Ra the Air continent; the Devil's void is said to replace the missing continent of Fire.

Pandemonium is a mistake, a fake land biased towards sin and illusion; the Devil has a crushing grasp on Pandemonium, but the strong heart of good people has claimed victory in so far as making the Devil retreat to his lair, so things are less dark and maleficent.

A cold irony plagues the air, for humans lived on Earth once, where a great battle occurred and story unfolded that brought humans to this place, beautiful but saddening. Trapped here, the Jester knows in himself that he must die if he wants to return to Earth and save his fallen girlfriend.

The Lord is at a slight advantage here, he is given powers to express profound and crisp imagination; using this skill he avoids most contact, vanishing into thin air, leaving a random imprint behind him for a brief second-- he moves like a ghost.

And finally the Angel in Pandemonium, or 'the scarred one'; he appears two-faced, half-Devil and half-Angel, and he is one-winged, so he cannot fly but holds onto extraordinary athletic ability, the Devils wicked laugh sometimes resonates through his mind.

The devil has stolen the heart of fire, and it has caused all fire in the real world to extinguish; there is no light or heat anymore, but instead an infinite, cold and black void.

On a heartbeats edge, the Jester must take back the heart of fire to return his world back to normal, and light the Primal Flame. Pandemonium, like the Devil, is heartless and unreal, but with the heart of fire, the Devil has made the impossible a reality. Pandemonium's shape and form, or the vast array of them, are bent around the truth that is; that's why there are continents dedicated to only three of the four classical elements, that's why Pandemonium is heartless like the Devil.

May 9th, 2015, 05:31 PM
This reminds me of my own writings outlines. In my outlines I have excerpts that explain the worlds and technologies and magic that accompany the universe that my characters will be participating in. I would run with your idea here and tell a tale about the Jester, expounding on his adventures to the fullness. This way we can enjoy the information of your world along with the emotions that comes with a novel.

If this was not your intent. Still, cool universe.