View Full Version : Update to Advertising in Rules and Guidelines.

January 26th, 2015, 07:31 PM
Advertising: Third party advertising or promotion without prior approval by an Administrator, is prohibited on the main boards.

Members are allowed to link to their outside work in their signature once they have access to signature options.

Members with books for sale on Amazon may also request that they be added to the BookStore.

Motley Tavern members (ie, Paying subscribers, Veterans, Patrons and staff) may post threads which promote their work in the Literary Emporium or, if appropriate, in Writers' Resources or other main forum board as provided and seems fitting. Motley Tavern members may also PM Admins or Supervisors to request notices to be posted in Site News and Announcements.

Motley Tavern members who are professional publishers, writers, artists or illustrators, proofreaders or editors, may offer or discuss their services only within the Motley Tavern and the Outside Resources boards, or other Admin-designated area. Anything else will be considered spam and deleted. Spammers may be banned from the site without notice.

The forum: Outside Resources, containing Writers' Resources, Outside Invitations and Calls for Submissions, and CLASSIFIED - ADVERTISEMENTS, exists for the benefit of WF members. VIP Guest Promoters who advertise their goods and/or services will either be invited guests to the forum, or persons or companies who have subscribed to WF for the purpose of advertising.

Members who have made at least 100 valid posts in forum discussions may advertise their goods and/or services in either the Writers' Resources or the CLASSIFIED - ADVERTISEMENTS, or if appropriate, in Outside Invitations and Calls for Submissions.

PLEASE NOTE: All advertisements or offers are placed on the understanding that members avail themselves AT THEIR OWN RISK. The forum accepts no responsibility for any tangible or intangible damage arising from any advertisement found here. - Da Rules (http://www.writingforums.com/faq.php?faq=rules_and_guidelines#faq_r_mbr_rules)

These changes have arisen due to an upsurge in third parties wishing to advertise or promote their goods and services to the members of WF. Without prejudice, the forum will continue to refuse anything that involves banner or widget ads or any form of embedded or pop-up advertising tools.

Please note the change to the minimum post count needed for registered members to promote their products or services on the forum. This minimum requirement is necessary to filter out the spam and scam accounts that still turn up to plague our volunteer staff.

Please also note that any abuse of this part of the forum will be handled with extreme prejudice. Members are urged to report any suspect posts.

This post will be also added to the CLASSIFIED board.