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November 24th, 2014, 09:50 AM
Story of a farmer turned terrorist.

Synopsis: An apolitical young man suffers through his family killed and farm ruined in a local war. In anger and because he has no income, he joins the rebels. The war escalates as both sides ally with nearby countries, meaning the rebels obtain modern equipment and trainers. So far the ex-farmer has been taught soldier skills, terrorism style....

There are thirty of us at this smaller camp and about the same amount of instructors. This camp is supposed to be for specialized training. I still don't know what we're doing here but our rifles are taken away and we're being trained with new weapons. They are silenced mini-Uzis, an Israeli weapon normally used for clandestine operations.

We also have sniper rifles, heavy .50 caliber Chinese M99-IIs. They weigh over 30 lbs and kick like a son-of-a-bitch, far too heavy to hold in my hands and fire. We have four of them. At first, we shoot from tripods, then in a very strange manner. We practice with steel sheets, about two-feet square, that one man has trouble lifting. They're designed to stack easily and then quickly bolt together into larger panels, 6' x 6' square, braced in back with stout wooden poles.

For over a week, all thirty of us train in carrying those squares, the rifles, poles and ammo. Once in place, we practice until it only takes a few minutes to form the large square with a firing hole near the middle. The panel is raised and braced, the sniper rifle mounted in the hole and we're ready to fire. It's a small armored emplacement, one which normal pistols and rifles can't penetrate. That's our morning training, while we're fresh.

In the afternoon, we have political training while our meals digest. We've our own political trainer, mostly to re-enforce loyalty, trying to work us up into a rage against the Intricias. Some of it, initially, seems silly but I find my patriotism and loyalty increasing to a raw rage. I do notice the Ubamas are mentioned often, given an equally evil status similar to our real enemy, the Intricias. Although from halfway around the world, they seem to be an equal enemy.

We're shown movies of Ubaman atrocities around the world, seeing them slaughter real people in real places, mostly from aircraft. I begin to wonder just who bombed me and my family. Was it a Ubama aircraft, not a Intrician? We see endless bombings, people milling around in panic, only to be cut down by machine-gun fire. The killers are sometimes Ubaman, sometimes Intricians. Some films are of teeming masses of starving commoners ignored by fancy cars containing the wealthy passing among them.

A crude mock-up of a building is built of wood. Not the entire thing but only two floors and no roof. We're required to not only memorize but walk the halls, sometimes blindfolded and cussed at if we even touch a wall. We spend hours every afternoon, evening, and night in that edifice, learning it like the back of our hands. Sometimes we wear gas masks and stumble around in the dark. In the end, I can walk that space in my sleep.

During the training, ten men from our original thirty are gradually eliminated. Not entirely but still trained, tested and kept as alternates. Me, I'm assigned as a sniper. Though still able to take on any task, I keep on with sniper training on the .50cal while others concentrate on other aspects.

As the alternates, wearing padded clothing, play hostage, we practice taking, confining and moving them around. That's a fun part, as they are encouraged to protest and resist. Later, it stops being fun as we're taught to use real force. The idea is to keep them off balance at all times, not giving hostages time to plot or even think. Random kicking, slapping and constantly moving them from room to room keeps them confused as to our intentions ... unable to think clearly or plan escape.

Pulling our punches only slightly, we degrade them, beat them for any supposed infraction. Conflicting orders are a favorite, fists and boots punishing errors. Endless movement from one locked room to another keeps escape plans down. We yell at them, spit on them, degrade them. One of the first things we're told is to strip captives of all clothing, then handcuff their hands.

We're told that with real hostages we can rape the women at will and to occasionally have male troublemakers, especially leaders, perform oral sex on us and each other to further degrade them. I try to get prisoner duty but, since I'm a big man and a good shot, end up as a sniper. Having carried that heavy rifle, I can see their reasoning. That's alright, though, in that I can do a lot of killing with both the M99 and AK.

Then, we're taught to wander from one window to another in the mockup, keeping rescue forces occupied. To that end, we're to lay land-mines on the roof to keep helicopters and enemy soldiers from landing. We're also going to have a large supply of phosphorus hand-grenades, we're told.

"Where are we going to get all this stuff?" one man asks. "We can't carry it with us, especially those steel plates."

"Don't worry. It'll be there. All you need do is use it," is the answer.

Although we're not told where or when or why, we certainly learn how.


"Quickly, you bastards. And don't take any shit off that guy. Slam him in the guts and shackle him." An instructor shows us, barely pulling a punch on the complainer, knocking him to the ground. "Like this. These aren't people we're taking, they're the assholes that killed your families, your friends. Treat them like the pieces of shit they are. They'll kill you in a moment if they have a chance. Remember that and show no, I mean no, mercy. If it's a ten-year-old female dog, kick it like one. Think of it as a rabid puppy, trying to bite your ankle."

Three of us are chosen as team leaders, myself among them. Team Leader Achi is to be in charge, Dumas and I to be co-seconds in command. If and when Achi should die, it's hoped that one of us others survives to take over.

Finally, Achi, Dumas and I are called into an otherwise empty conference tent to receive more-specific orders from the captain.

"Gentlemen, your country is depending on you. As you've no doubt surmised, you're going on what will probably be a suicide mission. Whatever happens, remember that I and your countrymen will be forever grateful. You were chosen, at least partially, for your patriotism and loyalty.

"Millions of lives depend on you, your training and your ... ruthlessness." He paused, going on with, "Also because you have just cause, more than most of the others. You three have been orphaned by Ubama or their lackey Intricias. You've, all three of you, seen your families die by cowardly attacks with no chance to save themselves or fight back. There's no way to defend yourself from a 500 lb Ubaman bomb."

I look over and see Achi, hands white as they grip the edge of the table. Dumas sits, red in the face, eyes a mask of hate -- as my own no doubt are.

"Tonight, after sundown, you will be transported to an airport; you don't need to know where. You will all be given civilian clothing and take flight for Intricia. Although it will stop a few times for fuel, you will end up in Arentia, the capital city of Intricia." He pauses, as if to let the information sink in, then continues, "A local guide will take you, by foot, to a certain building. It's a government building. The floor plan will be the same as the mockup.

"As you enter, you'll see a gift shop against the back wall. Your metal shield parts are inside. The clerk will show you where. But first, you'll be shown a room that will hold your other supplies, weapons, mines and the rest. We've smuggled those items inside, some with the help of the guards themselves. As you must know, loyalty is not an Intricia trait. Once you're inside and ready, the shopkeeper, guide and the others will leave. That is when you begin your task, which is to ensure that everyone else in the building is taken hostage. If they resist, don't hesitate to kill them.

"There will be a meeting going on in a ground floor conference room. It will consist of both Intricia and Ubaman generals and high-level diplomats. They are your prime objectives and will not, I repeat, will not leave that building alive.

"You are to take as many of them and their personal staff alive as you can but don't hesitate to kill. Then you let the outside know about it. We want the worldwide press to get there which might take time. After that, put on a show. Kill those important hostages, one by one and in plain sight if possible, as well as anyone else in authority that you can target outside. That's what the snipers are for. Those M99 rounds will go through most of the armor you'll find out there, even as the shields protect you.

"It'll be up to you three, as leaders, to keep our people on track. Since you'll be in charge, you'll have to decide just how but keep the mission going as long as possible. Kill all the important people but leave a few guards and others alive to tell the story later. We want the world to know our power and to fear us. A few days or a week on the International News Services will aid our cause greatly."

He stops to wipe tears from his eyes. "Good luck and may God be with you and aid you in doing His will. Now go and inform your men. You'll leave all personal identification and weapons behind, receiving new ones at your destination."

He shakes our hands and hugs us as we troop out. I hardly notice, my mind filled with senses of purpose, pride, patriotism and ... yes, apprehension and fear.

End of part two of four. The next will be posted tomorrow. The first was posted yesterday with his home and family destroyed by Intricia warplanes.