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October 18th, 2014, 05:12 PM
This is shameful, self indulgent tripe that I was curious if it at least made good reading even as just the sort of smutty paperback people love to binge on. Hope someone can enjoy.

“What is the secret to fighting when outnumbered?” The black robed man asked rhetorically to no one, “You pick one target in the crowd. You make that target a mass of blood and misery. Then, you move onto the next one.” His red eyes focused on the mass moving across the plains at him. He added to his lesson, “Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.” The word continued to fly from his lips as he flung both arms out.

Quickly taking shape, the bodies in the distance quickly convalesced into a line of charging horsemen. Banners from a dozen different domains waved wildly behind their owners. Bare steel reflected the midday light from the twin stars above. Shouts and curses came in an unintelligible cacophony as the horsemen drew ever closer.

The lone man turned his rough palms towards the ground before kneeling. Screams of both man and horses filled the air. Holes appeared in the ground that sent the mounts cartwheeling while breaking their legs. Many of the riders were flung away while others were crushed. Giving only a slight chuckle, the man raised his back legs into a running stance.

Dirt and pebbles were sent skyward as the figure dashed for the scattered army. As he closed in, he announced, “You're first.” Picking the closest soldier, he withdrew a double edged dagger as long as his forearm from his loose sleeve. Sinking past the thick padding around the stomach, the blade pierced flesh. Then, the man began to twist it this way and that, causing the soldier to scream out above all else.

Despite his failing strength, the soldier tried to reach up to push his attacker away. The dagger was ripped free out of his side and buried into one arm as the other was knocked away. The robed man knelt over his victim with his weapon raised high. Fear drove the soldier to scream until his throat was cut open rendering him only able to gurgle through his bloody froth.
“Repeat,” He announced rising to stand. By now, the soldiers that were still alive had managed to gather themselves. Their eyes flickered between the way they came and the man that seemed responsible for their misfortune. Wasting no time, the next soldier came under attack. Swinging his sword in a wide arc for the attacker, their weapons met.

Flung away from the point of impact, the soldier landed on his back. Leaping on the soldier, the robed man tangled his fingers in greasy auburn hair. Holding the head steady, his dagger was driven into one eye socket before the other. Rising to stand, he said once more, “Repeat.” The wails of their newly blinded comrade sent the remaining soldiers running away. Armor and weapons were scattered around as tokens of desperation. Turning back to the wailing blind man, the robed figure slammed the dagger down into the soldier's chest with both hands.

As he pried the weapon free, the robed man used the corpse's shirt to wipe away the gore. Examining the weapon, he wiped it again to ensure the edge was pristine once more. Slipping it into his sleeve once more, a voiced screamed, “A curse upon you! Damn you!” An ethereal form of the soldier rose up from his still form. It spit more and more curses upon his killer before demanding, “What name shall I haunt?”

“Alo,” The robed man announced before pulling his hood back letting his sweat soaked black hair feel the breeze. His rough features were only highlighted by the scars that ran along his cheeks and above his eyes.

With a roar of anger the ghost bellowed to the sky, “I shall haunt you unto eternity! You shall never know rest!”

“You shall, though,” Alo said pulling his lips back into a wide, fang filled mockery of a smile. Thrusting his hand through the ghost, it quickly lost its form. More screams highlighted the man's agony as he was forced into the shape of a yellow fruit. Placing it into his mouth, Alo swallowed it whole with a sigh, “Delicious.”
Scanning the field for anymore evident threats, Alo sheathed his weapon before turning on his heel. His pulse still thrumming wildly left the man keeping his mouth open to pant lightly. As the heat of battle faded into the ether, Alo began to shiver as his sweat soaked clothing clung to him. A particularly strong breeze slipped forced its way under the hem of his robe causing him to halt to tremble for a moment.

Shaking off the cold by hurrying his steps, Alo continued along the open field till he arrived at a well worn path. A vine covered mile marker sat at an angle pointing in both directions; the sign had been weathered into uselessness since both names were no longer there. Regardless, Alo turned to his left and followed the path that wound between the farmlands that dotted the plains.
In the distance a slow moving cart was pulled along by two old work mules. It's back was piled high with grains. The driver and the five workers walking alongside it were all small folk with heavy iron collars around their throats. Even the tallest of the small folk only barely reached Alo's stomach, their bodies were far more plump. Alo spared them no further interest and kept his hurried pace as he passed them.

“What's an order dog doing here?” One of the slaves whispered to another.

“I shouldn't be called a dog by someone who lives with a collar,” Alo sniped back loud enough to cause all the slaves to recoil. Hushed curses belted the one who had spoken up. Cresting a hill, the windmills and walls of a town came into view. Every bit of the wooden barrier was lacquered a deep black; a common marking of a Drow controlled area if the plethora of slaves on the roads weren't a dead giveaway.

Despite being able to see it, the hills made it so he wouldn't arrive until much later in the afternoon. Slaves were busy bringing goods in both directions through the gates keeping the spear wielding guards busy. Only one even bothered to glance over at Alo before turning away to his usual business.

Narrow alleyways branched off from the large main roads where stalls were set up by slaves dreaming of buying their freedom. Though most were the short-folk, some green-folk and even a scant few humans were offering to hawk wares or services. Most went ignored by the Drow since most had their slaves provide the basics for themselves. Despite their desperation, even the slaves would not speak directly to Alo, given a wide berth by all. His island of immunity made Alo flash a smile to the world when a noble halted in his steps to let him pass by.

Alo halted before the tallest building in town. Despite being made of lacquered wood, it had a heavy iron door; engraved on the front was a relief of a winged serpent biting its own tail. Pulling the door aside, he entered into a large hall where many Drow sat at long tables talking. One set of eyes were hurriedly joined by others in staring at him. Alo spoke simply, “The job is done. Where is my payment?”

Mutters and small talk became a thunderous roar. Raising a foot, Alo slammed his worn boot to the wooden floor causing a roar to silence the crowd. He demanded louder, “Where is my payment?” This time, several swords and crossbows were drawn. Alo licked his lips as he slipped a hand into his sleeve. Feeling a tug on his elbow, Alo looked down to notice a brown haired short-folk look up to him with watery eyes. She explained, “The Lord is upstairs and wishes to reward you himself.”

Keeping his arms in his sleeves, Alo nodded. Scanning the room, he found a set of steps to his right leading to the second floor. As he passed by a table, one drow stuck his leg out. Alo made no effort to stop his fall, crashing against the wood with a heavy sound. A shriek of agony came from the drow who had committed the act. Alo flashed the room a smile as he climbed back to his feet without the use of his hands. Every occupant hurried to the side of Alo's victim, the offending limb now shriveled up to nothing more than wilted flesh and decayed bone.

Without further hindrance, Alo ascended the steps to another large meeting room above. Seated in an oversized seat covered with cushions was an older Drow with a wild mane of hair. Several Drow stood in the room talking to one another but fell silent in the presence of Alo. The elder spoke with obvious difficulty, “Thank you for your services. We couldn't have dealt with those riders without being overwhelmed by our neighbors.”

“They were just noble brats out looking for fun. Now, my payment,” Alo demanded with a soft voice. With a snap of his ancient fingers, two Elves of the Wood were brought forth, a male and female. Alo, crossed the room examining both. They stood much taller than their Dark elf cousins with more sinuous muscles. The woman was a brunette with blue eyes while the male was a blonde with brown. Both were cuffed and recoiled as Alo reached out to examine their bodies for missing pieces or damage; he was surprised to see the Drow kept their word and both were in fine condition. Alo asked, “Do you speak with the forest?”

Both Elves snapped at him in their native tongue, causing him to smile. Looking to the nearest Drow Alo ordered, “Make them kneel.” The elder gave his people a nod before one produced a metal truncheon to knock both at the back of the knees. Now able to reach their foreheads, Alo ran a single digit over their skulls in the pattern of a four pointed star.

“Payment has been received. I will depart your town tomorrow,” Alo confirmed officially before turning to the captives, “Follow me, you two. You're mine now.” The pair looked between the smaller man and the many armed Drow in the room, deciding it would likely be easier to escape from him. They followed closely to their new owner as the hungry eyes of the Drow followed them outside.

Alo didn't spare a look back as he crossed the town. Reaching a single floor building, he walked inside to feel the heat of an open hearth. Much of the building was stone that kept the heat in. A smiling Drow man waved from behind his bar to Alo saying, “Looks like things went well for you.”

“Well enough. Is my room and a bath prepared?” Alo asked pulling his robe over his head leaving damp clothes beneath clinging to him. The Drow snapped his fingers causing a green-folk and a short-folk to come from the kitchen. Both were collared with a thin, silver loop around the throat. A sign of his alliance to the order.

“Gishin, take the captives and his robe to his room. Elandra, guide our guest to the baths. I take it you'll be eating in your room tonight?” The Drow bartender explained receiving a nod from Alo. The short-folk woman guided Alo down a flight of stairs. Elandra opened the door they came to on the first landing while Gishin continued further down. Inside the room was a tub large enough for a wood elf to bathe in comfortably. Steam rose from the water and condensed on the walls.

With a sigh, Alo stripped the sweat soaked shirt from his chest. He heard Elandra gasp at the scars and bruises across his body. With a sigh he pulled his pants away as well before stepping into the stone vessel. The slave gathered up his belongings and closed the door. Speaking to himself, Alo sighed, “She was cute. Perhaps I should have played with her a bit? Then Tieran would have charged me, so it was probably for the best not to. Besides, I do have company tonight.”

Time passed imperceptibly in the bath as Alo savored the warmth sinking into his muscles. Elandra returned with a towel shortly after her departure. With a sly smirk, Alo motioned for the woman to come closer. Her full cheeks were dotted with freckles and soon had a kiss from Alo placed upon them. The slave blushed vividly against her pale skin. Talking to himself, Alo grinned, “He can't charge me for a friendly little thing like that. Alright, I am done.”

Wiping himself off, Alo then wrapped the towel around his waist before heading to the lower basement where the rooms were kept. He sped a silent thanks to the fates for the Drow's love of building underground because it always kept rooms warm. Entering his suite with a fireplace, a couch and a bed, he saw both of his captives sullenly seated near the flames. He commented, “I'm surprised you've not tried to escape yet. I've always heard the Elves of the woods were ruthless.”

“We're not stupid. The mark you put on us will kill us if we try to escape,” The woman snapped without looking at him.

With a mirthful chuckle Alo corrected, “Actually, that was a translation mark so we can understand one another.” Both elves blinked before looking to the other. The woman made a dash for the door only to collapse as if some giant foot had stomped on her. Kneeling next to her ear, Alo whispered, “It won't kill you. You aren't useful if you're dead. You'll be paralyzed till morning so just enjoy tonight.”

“Now, why didn't you run?” Alo asked raising an eyebrow.

“I would never do that, master.” The elf said without hesitation. Alo walked towards the fire to stand behind the taller man.

Taking his captive by the jaw, Alo made several sniffs before giving a cruel grin, “I can smell the Drow seed on you. They used you.” The elf began to shiver, his breath becoming uneven and loud. Alo leaned in to the long ear of his captive as he whispered, “And you loved it, didn't you? Good.”

October 18th, 2014, 05:36 PM
I enjoyed it. Just the kind of shameful, self-indulgent tripe I like :)

October 18th, 2014, 06:03 PM
Thanks for sharing more of your content! Glad to see your creativity taking form.

October 18th, 2014, 11:21 PM
Glad to see it was an enjoyable read. Maybe I'll go make my fortune as a writer in smut. Heh.