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September 22nd, 2014, 05:58 PM
“I’m gonna’give him some oxygen.” Michelle said then left the room and came back with a mask. She gently picked up Dillon’s head and manipulated the mask getting the band behind his head and the mask over his nose. She was a pro and Carol appreciated it, not knowing that she was so attentive because she was attracted to him. She fixed his hair after putting the mask on. She wanted to kiss his forehead but resisted.

“Can’t he breathe on his own?” Carol said.
“He can, but we want to keep the oxygen saturation high and the mask helps.” Michelle said.
“You genuinely care for my brother, I can tell. That’s nice. Thank you.” Carol said.
“We’re familiar with each other, he’s been here numerous times and most of the hospital knows him.” Michelle said thinking about their kisses.”Every time he gets sick it terrifies me. This time there is reason for it.”
“Here, take this.” Carol handed Michelle and Cyndi sandwiches, “Stress wears down your body. I just don’t want anyone else get sick.” The three women were all sitting, eating sandwiches when Michelle excused herself.
“I would like to sit all day, but I do have other patients to tend to.” Michelle said.
“I understand. I’ll be here “ Carol said and looked over at Cyndi who was about to speak. “We’ll be here, I’m sorry, hun” Carol said to Cyndi.
“Thank you.” Cyndi said.
“Hey, you!” And Dillon came back, surprised to see his sister. They kissed each other.
“You’re back! I am so glad. How do you feel?” Carol asked as her and Cyndi hurried to the side of his bed.
“Let’s focus on you, how have YOU been?” Dillon asked.
“Hi Sweetie.” Cyndi said and looked at Dillon making the sign of a heart with her hands and place it on her chest.
“I’m fine but your niece would like to meet you.” Carol said. and woke up a sleeping Darla for the chance to meet her Uncle.“C’mon baby, wake-up.” And she carried her over to Dillon.
“Dillon didn’t look good but brightened up for his niece. “Hi, Darla, you’re too cute.” Carol laid the baby in Dillon’s bed and he cuddled with her.
“She looks like Mom, don’t you think?” Carol said.

“Has her eyes, that’s for sure.” Dillon said. “She’s still got that new baby smell.” He put her on his chest, hugged her then his head dropped and his eyes rolled back. Michelle was called and the baby was removed. CPR was administered with haste, they gave him Epinephrine to restart his heart, but as if behind there backs while they were sleeping, death swooped in and took Dillon. Into yonder, he did cross, where pain was quelled by love and all questions had answers. A sense of calm overtook the room. The silence almost spoke, claiming the life of a good man. The monitor beeped one long string like some kind of beckon for death and Michelle ran in, consumed by panic. Of the hundreds of deaths she’s witnessed, this one would hurt. Doctors rushed in and it was like slow motion for Cyndi, she was catching everything and scrawling it into her memory. Dillon filled out directions for after-life-care. He was DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) so the doctor backed off. Dillon didn’t want to steal Death’s thunder by denying it’s arrival. When it called, Dillon was ready to go. The last day of the soul known as Dillon, was upon them. No longer would he have to languish under a virus of debatable origin or financially support people with no interest in the quality of his life, or even it’s continuance.They were devastated to the point of negating tears, They were past that, feeling pain much too deep. Carol and Cyndi were both in a state of shock. Only Michelle openly wept. Cyndi and Carol looked at each other trying to find words to express how they felt.

“Coffee?” a derailed Carol forced out.
“...OK..., but...” Cyndi responded staring into the air as if she was counting molecules.
Neither knew where the cafeteria was but Carol pulled Cyndi out by her reluctant arm.
“C’mon girl. It’s not good. You don’t want that memory.” Carol said. And she left the room dragging Cyndi, leaving Michelle alone. She started kissing Dillon, hoping for a miracle. She pumped his chest until someone made her to stop. Michelle would not finish the day at work. But before she left she gave her number to Carol who suggested a lunch with all three of them, for Dillon. Carol and Cyndi stayed at the hospital because neither wanted to leave Dillon alone.

Carol organized a lunch and the three sat on the patio, of a particular restaurant Dillon enjoyed, eating and discussing the man they all missed. The soul they cherished, the creation they were robbed of, by fate, too soon. Michelle held her feelings inside not wanting to tarnish
Dillon’s reputation among people so close to him. Cyndi cried over never saying,
‘I love you’. Carol regretted being so distant. They became friends and stayed in touch with each other, a consequence of his death Dillon would be proud of.

Cyndi was destroyed from the inside out. She missed Dillon like a newborn does their mother. Carol missed her brother like an appendage lost in a war. Michelle longed for her crush, only to be able to be hopeful about their love. They all felt that the world had been cheated out of the gentle soul that Dillon was, but mostly the things he said, things he did were thoughts that bounced and stuck in their minds. Cyndi cried hard and often, in the bathroom, in her car, everywhere. She could not control it. It interfered with her daily life and obstructed her joy.

Dillon’s three girls were all fighting to keep their heads above water. Work was nearly impossible and their personal lives were suffering. Michelle cried, returning home from work to an empty abode, Cyndi was arguing with her sister for no reason. Seems were splitting from the pressure of lost love.

“Hello?” Cyndi said
“Hi, doll, just checking to see if you were alright.” Carol asked.
‘I’m OK, just trying to hold it together.” Cyndi said.
“I know, the kids keep asking when their Uncle is coming and why I’m crying so much... I’m going to have to tell them sooner rather than later but I’m not really eager to visit that time again, ‘ya know?” Carol said.
“I’ve had to steer my mind away, too, so, yes , I do understand.” Cyndi said.
“Heard from Michelle?” Carol asks.
“No she always seems busy with her career. I’ve tried numerous times but to no avail.” Cyndi said.
“Well, I highly doubt she’s ignoring us.” Carol said.
“Yeah, she seems to be a classy lady.” Cyndi said. “And not ignore us.”
“Look, I’m trying to set up a lunch for us.” Carol said.”Ya’ know it’s been six months.”
“Has it really?” Cyndi feigns but is well aware of how many days he’s been gone.
“Yes, and I’m sure you want to maintain one constant in his name.” Carol said
“Absolutely!” Cyndi said.
“I’ll call Michelle if I can reach her.” Carol said.

Carol made reservations at Cafe Marmalade for a patio table. Michelle was going to school to keep up her RN licensing but worked overtime, not dealing with the pain, six months later. Cyndi was devastated and began abusing substances again, to quell the pain. She first used some pain pills she had in her medicine cabinet and they distracted her from the pain of losing her new love but did not hit the streets to score Meth.

Carol was facing her pain, head on, for the benefit of Darla, and in respect of Dillon. She had been mourning for the past six months sometimes going through a box of tissue a day. There was no way out of it, the pain was unavoidable. She turned to her faith for help. Her faith was founded on the experience of her family, passed down over generations. They worshiped no man or idol but those that had gone before them. She made an altar to her mother and lit three white candles at the base of it, knelt down placing a photo of Dillon, wet by her tears. Then she recited a prayer given to her by her mother but had never been spoken, like a mantra. Until her body calmed and the tears dried.

The reunion took place under short shadows and high heat. Michelle arrived in a sundresss and Cyndi with fidgeting hands. Carol arranged the stroller not to be a fire hazard. And ordered water for all.
“Hey girls!” Carol said with her Mom-sunglasses reflecting.
“Hello.” Michelle responded with her red hair flowing with wide curls. And she wore a fitted sundress. And took a long step, around a chair, partially baring her porcelain thigh and long legs. Michelle was a ray of the sun.
“Hi.” a nervous Cyndi said dressing well in her tight jeans and linen Chloe blouse. But today she popped four Vicodin before leaving her car.
“And how are we doing?” Carol asked.
“Just working a lot.” Michelle said.
“Struggling.” Cyndi admitted to Michelle, familiar with medication abuse, noticed the large pupil in her normally palatial green eyes. And confronted her.
“Using are we?” Michelle asked the point question at Cyndi.
“Just trying to kill the pain.” Cyndi said.
“Pain pills are for PHYSICAL pain.” Michelle argued.
“ What would Dillon think?”Carol asked.
“I know, I know, I’ll get help.” Cyndi said having told Carol about her past. And had warmed up to her in the place of Dillon.
“Honey, we’ll do it together.” Carol said
“Thank you.” Cyndi said “I really don’t want to live like this.”
“And you don”t have to.” Carol said.
“Overdose is easier than you think.” Michelle added “Not to mention what it is doing to your liver.”
“I know, I know.” Cyndi said “How are you Carol?”
“Been crying a lot, but it’s getting a little better.” Carol said
“How’s little Darla?” Cyndi asked then peeked into her stroller now feeling more relaxed.
“She’s her usual perky self, reminding me to feign happiness til it sticks.” Carol said with the grace of Mother Theresa and the solidity of a heavy weight boxer.
“That’s easier said than done.” Michelle said
“But we gotta’ try.” Cyndi added.
“We must... Dillon wouldn’t want us to sulk or spend a moment with extended sorrow.” Carol said.
“I’ll get honest with you girls...I’ve been working extra hours so I wouldn’t have to feel an empty home and my feelings for your brother, Carol.” Michelle said.
“First I appreciate the honesty and you should not hide from your feelings...Jeez, six months and neither of you has dealt with your pain? I’m gonna take you through this.” Carol said.

The waiter arrived with culinary offerings for the day. Carol claimed the Sea Bass, Cyndi got a burger and Michelle chose the Ahi salad. The umbrella shielded them from the scalding rays of the noon sun as they chatted back and forth enjoying the rare company of equal compelling women.
“When you both have time, together, I want to take you to my house...well, technically,our house. Sorry Darla. And we’ll get you through this pain.” Carol said, “There is no need for suffering.”
“Personally, I am ready.” Michelle started, “I really need to clean my house. I have been avoiding it for so long I’m afraid the dust has taken over.”
“Yeah, I agree, I need to get off these pills.” Cyndi said.

“The three finished their plates and made tentative plans to meet at Carol’s house a week later and left the Cafe for their respective homes. There was an air of hope as they hugged each other and parted ways. Carol cleaned her house physically and psychically. Lighting white candles, burning sage and reciting her mantra. The evening before,Carol dreamt of Dillon, deep and realistically. They were driving down a long, straight, highway and Carol was kissing him as he drove until they had to pull off, for safety. Dillon then forced her and said, “They are in pain.” Then he pulled back onto the highway and hit the gas hard. Carol felt the force as she was pushed back into her seat, then the dream ended and she was brought back from her sleep with open eyes

Cyndi and Michelle were to arrive the next morning, Carol had an eight by ten photo fixed prominently above her altar, of Dillon, in good health. It was not there normally, but hung there for the sake of Cyndi and Michelle whom arrived the next morning, as instructed.
“Welcome, ladies.” Carol said as she answered her front door.
“Thank you.”They both chimed in as they entered her house. Immediately wanting to show respect.
“Have a seat. Would you like something to drink? I have tea.” Carol said.
“Yes, please.” Michelle answered.
“No, I’m fine, thank you.” Cyndi said.
Carol had their visit choreographed, once they entered her house. They walked into a bubble conjured by Carol. A bubble that consumed them both, as they crossed the threshold. Cyndi and Michelle sat on the couch.
“I can smell Dillon.” Cyndi said showing the first signs of being influenced by Carol’s spell.
“Yeah, I can, too.” Michelle agreed. “And it’s not his cologne. What’s going on?” Michelle begins to feel uncomfortable.
“Don’t worry, it’s all part of the healing.” Carol said then lit some more sage. She lit a green and black candle and set it at the foot of her altar, Dillon’s favorite colors.
“Who’s the altar for?” Michelle asked.
“It’s for our family.” Carol said then walked into the kitchen and prepared some tea including some secret herbs. “Here’s your tea.” Carol delivered the tea on a silver platter passed down by her grandmother. She brought two cups even though Cyndi didn’t ask for one.
“Please drink.” Carol said more of a demand than a suggestion. Michelle and Cyndi obliged. They chatted the day away and as the sun began to set, Michelle and Cyndi had both consumed three cups of the teas they found to be quite tasty. The herbs added were comparable to those in Absinthe. When the sun fell beneath the horizon Michelle and Cyndi started having visions, as Carol lit seven white candles around
the room.

“Why does your altar have an aura?” Michelle asked.
“What you see is what you need to see.” Carol answered. The room took on the ambience of a deep dream.
“It’s glowing!” Cyndi said.
“Yeah, it does that.” Carol said waiting patiently while the herbs took effect.
“I see Dillon but only in my mind.” Michelle said.
“So do I, and he’s smiling.” Cyndi said.
“You can speak to him.” Carol said.
“I miss you...I love you.” Michelle said.
“I want you back.” Cyndi said as she began to cry.
“I love you, both, I cannot come back but will be at your sides simultaneously. You know I can’t explain that, yet. But I am OK.” the apparition of Dillon said.
“Hello, Dillon, I miss you as well,” Carol said shedding a single tear
“Thanks for doing this, Sis’.” Dillon said
“Anything for you.” Carol said
“You left too soon.” Cyndi complained.
“My number was called.” Dillon said. “But love never dies.” And at that Michelle and Cyndi started bawling while Carol remained stoic and merely pouted. The altar dimmed as candles died and Michelle and Cyndi became drowsy. The fell asleep, Cyndi held by Michelle like a sister. Carol let the candles burn down and dragged out a sleeping bag for herself, holding on to the feminine solidarity of the room. She laid facing the smoldering altar quietly reciting the mantra until she drifted off into a river of consciousness, warm and fluid.
“Ummm...Babe!...babe c’mon.” And Michelle woke a perfectly content Cyndi.
“Oh, geez, sorry. You are soft, though.” Cyndi said, half asleep and not knowing where she was.“What happened last night?” It was clear that this was not the first time saying that. Her hair was ratted and wiped drewel from her lip and Michelle’s breast. “Sorrry!”
“You aren’t the first and won’t be the last.” Michelle said.
“I feel close, like family.” Cyndi said. “That had been a memory. Whatever was in that tea took me somewhere. Like, a trip. What was it?” she said looking at Carol suspiciously.
“It was similar to Absinthe, only a tea and not liquor.” Carol said.
When these things are done, recalling the dead, they often leave something behind. And Dillon left love among whomever needed it and Cyndi and Michelle needed it from each other.
Carol briefly explained that she was a witch. Not the out to get you kind, but the out to help you kind. She offered to teach them if they wanted and Cyndi jumped all over it, already being comfortable with Carol. Michelle, at heart a scientist, bucked atthe idea because itmight shake her convictions, but thanked Carol for the offer.
Cyndi and Michelle left together, leaving Cyndi’s car behind. They clearly had romantic intentions.

“I thought we could go out” Michelle seemingly still under the spell, said.
“Sounds good, but shouldn’t we change?”Cyndi asked.
Michelle agreed and pulled her blue car into a department store and grabbed Cyndi’s hand and dragged her into the store.
“What are you a three? Michelle asked.
“You got it, good eye!” Cyndi said.
“It came with practice.” Michelle admitted.
“But you said you kissed Dillon...are you gay?” Cyndi asked.
“I go where I sense love. Dillon had plenty of that. But I guess I do look at women a lot, never been together, you?” Michelle said.
“NO! Not at all” Cyndi retorts “Not that that’s a problem because I’m with it if you are.”
“You look great in that skirt.”Michelle said, “Turn around.” Cyndi obeyed “Yes, that’s the one. Here, try on this top.” Michelle insisted. The skirt was taupe and the blouse was black and sheer. “You may feel a bit uncomfortable, but I’ll make it known that you’re with me.”
“You can see my nipples!” Cyndi complained.
“And a girl with that kind of confidence is HOT!” Michelle said.
“OK, but just with you.” Cyndi agreed to the five year elder Michelle.
Michelle searched like a woman on a mission, knowing where everything was and pulled out a beautiful yellow dress with a halter top.
“Alright, you ready?” Michelle asked.
“Yeah, but don’t you need to try it on.” Cyndi said.
“I know this designer and my size so, no.” Michelle said.
“But I want to see it before anyone.” Cyndi said.
Sighs heavily, “OK, but quick.” Michelle said and squeezed out of her jean shorts and sweat shirt and threw on the dress then came out of the dressing room.”See,what do you think?” then twirled around sending the sides of the dress up in the air nearly perpendicular to Michelle’s tall physique sending sparks out for anyone watching, revealing tiny pink panties with lace around the edges.
“Marilyn Monroe ain’t got nothing on you.” Cyndi said intoxicated by the dreamy twirl.
“Awww, what a doll.”Michelle said and lead Cyndi between clothing displays and under maniquinns through the store to the cash register and with a swipe of a credit card paid for the two outfits without a thought. It was more than Cyndi ever spent at the thrift shops. After they cashed out and were walking away.
“Wasn’t that expensive?” Cyndi said.
“Nah, that was nothing.” Michelle said “Not for a girl that’s gonna run with me.” Michelle’s long, flawless legs were making great strides through the concrete maze that was the parking stall, and made Cyndi run.
“Damn! What’s the hurry?” Cyndi asked
“Oh, sorry, babe, I forgot.” Michelle said then slowed down. They got in the car and quickly made it to Michelle’s house. Modest, it was clean with a manicured lawn. They quckly entered and Michele wasted no time and lead Cyndi to her room. They started to change and both stood naked. Michelle had to comment on Cyndi’s well-liked back side.
“That’s quite a caboose following such a cute train.” Michelle said.
“Thank you, I’ve been told.” Cyndi feigned pomposity and twisted her body to show her butt to the full length mirror on Michelle’s closet. Her room was bathed in the rays of the morning sun. Her house sat on a North/South running street and the sunrise lit the front of her house and all the windows on that side including her bedroom, ablaze. Inside Michelle’s bedroom that fire was contagious.
“I bet Dillon liked that.” Michelle said in a sultry tone and began approaching Cyndi with slow languid steps, as if she were a female lion stalking her prey. Michelle’s carpet was deep and Cyndi felt as if it could have been quicksand because she could not move if she wanted to.Michelle approached Cyndi from behind, the whole time their eyes were locked through the mirror. She lifted her porcelain hand and set it on Cyndi’s warm shoulder. Cyndi was noticing 8x10 glossies in Michelle’s boudoir of her modeling.
“You modeled.” Cyndi said.
“Yes, but that was years ago.” Michelle said.
“Your hair is beautiful.” Cyndi said. “All natural?”
“One hundred percent.”Michelle said “Like your Latina ass.”
“Good call!” Cyndi said
“Does this feel weird to you?” Michelle said.
“Yeah, a little.” Cyndi said “And sort of wrong, in a way.”
“I agree. How ‘bout we get dressed and go out on the town. Turn some heads?” Michelle said.
“Sounds good.” Cyndi said.
Michelle and Cyndi went out on the town for a night of dancing, but only together, and virgin drinks. They had fun turning numerous men away, thinking them gay, which they
didn’t mind. At one point, to make things clear, Michelle laid a deep kiss on Cyndi’s face.
“Yummy.” Cyndi whispered in Michelle’s ear over the booming music.
“Don’t play with me because I DO bite! Michelle whispered back.
“I’ll remember that!” Cyndi answered. They were both dressed to the nines and
Cyndi’s sheer blouse attracted a lot of attention until Michelle pulled her close. Michelle’s porcelain skin beneath that yellow dress also drew attention but Michelle had a much more fierce demeanor and men tended to be afraid of her, hence the empty abode. “Is that a threat or a promise?” Cyndi asked.
“I thought we weren’t going there.” Michelle screamed into her ear as the music stopped. Michelle let Cyndi’s arm loose and they retreated to a table, laughing and carousing about. Two girlfriends having fun.
“Ya’ know I’m really glad we got to know each other.” Cyndi said with a newly broken sweat. “I’m an emotional girl so when I’m having a good time with someone, I tend to want to wrench it up a notch. Excuse me if I teased you.”
“So we aren’t going there?” Michelle said.

“I think it better to save it for another time,but knowing it’s there is cool.” Cyndi said. “Right?”
“We can be good friends.” Michelle suggests. “I desperately need one of those and if we went any further tonight I’m afraid that would ruin it.”
“Well, before Dillon came along I was considering switching teams because I’ve always had a curiosity for women.” Cyndi said. “And all the guys that I was with before were domineering and forceful, with everything! And selfish in bed.”
“Oh, I know those types, they want to move in real fast and get me to pay for everything. Do you want to find a more quiet place to talk?” Michelle asked.
“Sure.” Cyndi said. Then they got up and moved to the restaurant where the two women were quickly given a table, they sat in a booth.
“I know, I told you that Dillon and I kissed but I got a lot more out of it than that. We women can sense things, ya’ know. Dillon REALLY loved you. We kissed twice but nothing more. He pushed me away by my shoulders claiming, “I can’t do this because of what it would do to my relationship.” Michelle said. Cyndi started tearing up. “And he knew, somewhere deep inside that his time here was limited, according to Carol.” Cydi started bawling and Michelle put both of her hands over her mouth, not realizing what she did to her friend. The waiter came and Michelle ordered the two, water. Michelle scooted over to Cyndi and comforted her with a hug.

“Sorry, hun, didn’t mean to dig up old wounds.” Michelle said. “That are not so old. You hungry?”
“No.” Cyndi retorted then sank into Michelle’s arms wrapped around her, sniffing from high emotion. They sat together, Michelle wrapping up a wounded Cyndi in her warm bosom. They appeared together, from prying eyes, but were really just friends becoming closer. They had spent most of the evening dancing and were cooling off when a man approached.
“Hello, ladies.” the strange man said.
“Hello.” Cyndi said
“What do you want?” the more direct Michelle asked.
“Easy, easy, tiger.” he said. Michelle grabbed Cyndi’s head and turned it toward her, setting her lips on hers.
“Understand?” Michelle said.
“That you like each other, yes.” the persistent man said.
“No, asshole, that neither of us wants a penis anywhere near us.” a stern Michelle said.
“I only wanted a dance, wow, so defensive.” the emasculated man said.
“Yes, you’re right, now keep walking.” Michele said
“OK, OK...” the departing man said.
“I hate men like that.” Michelle said “Do you still want to dance?”

“Not really...” Cyndi said “but I still want to hangout with you. You spent all that money on these clothes and they’ll only be new once.”
“Let’s go for a drive.” Michelle said
“Sounds good.” Cyndi said.Michelle’s car was a convertible and she put the top down as they cruised down the Friday night boulevard. Cyndi propped herself up and raised her arms to feel the freedom and the air through her sheer blouse.
“WoooHoooYeah!” she shouted in ecstacy. Her hair blew wildly in the wind, as she were in her Camaro. Michelle was smiling and laughing.
“Yeah, girl!” Michelle yelled. The lights were passing by above like moments in the spot light, and Cyndi felt alive. They continued down the boulevard then headed toward the beach. Michelle had a full tank of gas and had no reason to stop, Cyndi sat back in her seat as Michelle as Michelle entered the canyon. Her Mitsubishi Talon hugged the curves and Cyndi felt the G-force pull her into the side of her door, then into Michelle’s shoulder. Michelle knew how to drive and moved through the canyon like water through a pipe. Thew full moon broke through oak branches that hung over the entire road, in places.
“Damn, who taught you to drive?” Cyndi asked holding on tight to the door handle.
“My father taught me to drive, passion taught me to speed.” Michelle said dipping into a sloping left turn.
“I see you’ve driven this road before.” Cyndi said
“Obviously, or I’m really lucky, which I am.” Michelle said with a smile.
“Where did you kiss Dillon?” Cyndi asked.
“Oh, I was afraid this question would come up.” Michelle said. “We came across each other at the grocery store and he had more than he could carry,on his ow,in his basket. So, I offered him a ride. When we got back to his place I helped him with his groceries up to his apartment and we kissed there, that’s it.” Michelle was glad to get it off her ample chest.
“OK, I see. It wouldn’t really matter at this point anyway.” Cyndi said.
They arrived at a beach lit by a full moon. Michelle parked her car and the two well dressed women came out of their heels and ran for the water. The two frolicked like children on the shore getting soaked their new clothing,not caring in the least. They were burning pent up emotion over the death of their beloved.They splashed, they danced, they clasped their hands together like Cyndi and Dillon used to. They swung each other, bare feet dug into wet sand, until they fell into the salty brine of the sea. Cyndi rolled atop Michelle and with the moonlight caressing her lovely bone structure,wiped the hair out of her face and kissed her sensually. It was a friendly kiss, with a loving wink. The two needed the night and sex would have minimalized the experience. Michelle and Cyndi had officially become friends, but not lovers.

Carol performed the ceremony on a full moon, a sign of maturation and power. Her child, Darla, was awoken due to the sheer energy in the house, but did not cry or even make a sound. She had grown familiar to her mother’s conjuring and though alerted to her Uncle’s energy, she absorbed it, for he was there for her, too. Carol was overjoyed that Dillon came through so readily for Michelle and Cyndi. Michelle and Cyndi’s senior, she felt a sort of responsibility and duty to aid in their pain. And so she did, to the best of her ability. Carol knew that Michelle and Cyndi would find solace in each other, being that they were not very distant in age. But did not see the sexual connection that was apparently made and leveled no judgment,knowing that a physical connection with another human being can be extremely healing and wished them the best if they found that. As they left her house they unknowingly crossed the threshold of her house which was coated with red brick dust,a voodoo tool used for ensuring that no evil enter. No doubt their feet had that coating upon leaving. Carol felt a motherly connection to the women and wouldn’t let anything happen to them.

Michelle and Cyndi left the beach at nearly 2 in the morning, still not wanting to leave each other’s side. Familiar with roadside motels near the beach, Cyndi suggested they stop at one. At that time of night they didn’t have much to chose from and ended up sharing a King size bed. They slept in each others arms wishing they were Dillon’s. The feminine energy coupled with their affection for each other created a vibration that was palpable. Cyndi hadn’t thought about her pills nor Michelle, her career, since the two got together. They slept with sandy feet in high dollar duds neither with the energy to care. Their dreams intertwined forming clouds, pink with love, that poured salty tears, washing away the past. They woke early and simultaneously.
“‘Sup girl.” Cyndi said.
“OooohhhAhhhh, hungry.” Michelle said while she stretched.
“You really are pretty, no make-up, first thing in the morning.” Cyndi said.
“Oh, stop it.” Michelle said.
“I’m not patronizing, just honestly impressed...or is it attracted?” she said.
“Look, I’m truly flattered either way, you’re not too bad yourself but if we didn’t do it last night, it’s not going to happen, at least not until I get some food. We didn’t eat last night, you realize that?” Michelle said
“And we ruined our new clothes.” Cyndi said sounding concerned.
“Nonsense, a good dry cleaner can work miracles.” Michelle said.
“So, what’s the plan?” Cyndi said.
“Well, I’m not on until tomorrow.” Michelle said.
“Promise me that if you want to get with a girl you will, at least, call me.” Cyndi said. “Dillon was a fantastic lover and took me there.”
“If Dillon took you there, I guarantee I could take you there and hold you in place until you pass out.” Michelle said. “I can teach you things about your body.”
“You’re turning me on.” Cyndi said and licked her lips. “Promises, promises.” she said as she popped out of the bed and straightened her skirt over her hips then adjusted her breasts in her bra. Put on her sandy 4 inch wedges and made her way to the bathroom for a quick douse of water on her face. Michelle got out of bed and reached for a brush from her bag and began to brush her thick mane of hair, then followed Cyndi’s steps into the bathroom and edged her away from the sink where she squeezed some soap from a tube she carried with her in her bag.
“Can I have some?” Cyndi asked not having any luck with the puny complimentary bars wrapped in paper.
“I don’t know, can you?” Michelle said and offered her girlfriend a squeeze. They, side by side, washed the night from their faces revealing the clean surfaces of two women whom did not need a flake of make-up to see that the other was beautiful. Michelle was appreciating the shorter Cyndi and turned to her and kissed her on the forehead.
“Aww, shucks.” Cyndi said feigning innocence rocked from side to side.
“C’mon kid let’s get some breakfast.” Michelle said and ruffed up her hair with her hand. She strapped on her flats, not to tower above Cyndi, and they departed with no particular destination, making Cyndi happy, being the spontaneous type. Michelle put her hair in a high pony tail but Cyndi let the wind style her hair. They left the top down to maintain continuity throughout their “date”. Down PCH they cruised, through Malibu, scoffing at the ridiculously rich and their problematic money, never having the fun that Michelle and Cyndi had been having since they left Carol’s house. A solid friendship had been formed, indeed.
“Carol scare you?” Michelle asked.
“No, not at all, why?” Cyndi asked.
“Just that witch stuff.” Michelle said glancing over at Cyndi while maintaining control of her car as they enter a curve.
“Don’t fear that, I’ve known women like her before, well, not exactly per se, but women who do what she does. Society has a misconception about what she does. She’s not a voodoo priestess or something.” Cyndi said.
“And I’m curious, not to pry but what do you do?” Michelle asked.
“Oh, I’m in school for architecture, my parents are paying my way, I’m a spoiled brat.” Cyndi said. “But I’m going to State college in a few months on a scholarship.”
“Cute and smart, how’d I get so lucky?” Michelle said.
Thinking intently, “Wow, you literally just said the exact same thing I said to Dillon when we first met.” Cyndi said.
“Imagine that, following in his footsteps. His energy was pretty powerful, but not in an overbearing way.” Michelle said. “He allowed you to breathe, unlike some men I know.”
“True ‘dat” Cyndi said
They were rushing down the highway looking beautiful, making onlookers search for a camera crew. But they were moving too fast for capture by film or lights. They swooped down past Sunset to a diner and rolled in like a NASCAR driver at a pit stop, but didn’t hit the parking block.
“Good driving, girl.” Cyndi said as she loosened her grasp on the door handle.
“I told you, passion schooled me...let’s go I’m starving.” she said with a bright white smile, glowing with affection for Cyndi as she raised up out of the car with her long legs. Cyndi sat in awe then snapped out of it when Michelle kept walking.
“Hey, wait up!”