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September 19th, 2014, 12:00 AM
I sat for what seemed like an eternity. I tried to make some sense of what I'd read but the emotions coursing through my body made it impossible to put together a rational thought. The disappointment, disbelief, and feelings of betrayal gave way to confusion which changed to anger then back to hopelessness all in a matter of minutes. I finally collected myself, cleared my eyes and wiped my face on my sleeve. I put my truck into drive and pulled away from the curb with the intentions of finding a place to lay low for a few days until I could formulate some type of plan.
With the money from the envelope I could easily buy a plane ticket and run for it, but the thought of looking over my shoulder for the rest of my miserable life didn't seem appealing. I decided to hold up in the Hotel Sawyer, the nicest place in town, owned by none other than Ted Tillman, father of the recently deceased, Sawyer Tillman.

I pulled my truck into an alley a few blocks away and walked down to the hotel. No one would expect to find a guy like me at a place like that, I figured it was the perfect hideout, at least for a few days.

I checked into one of the cheaper rooms at a grand a day, it made my cozy apartment look like a shit hole. It was twice as big with sprawling oriental rugs and hardwood furniture. It even had a goddamn chandelier hanging in the middle of it. The bed was as big as my apartment bedroom. I turned and flopped into the bed falling back into the never ending comfort of a twelve inch thick blanket and a hundred oversized pillows. I imagined I was laying on a cloud. I slept like a baby for the first time in over a week.

I woke up to my cell phone buzzing in my jeans, like an angry bee trapped in my pocket. I fished it out as quick as I could and answered it.

"Hello?" I said, trying my best to sound awake.

"This is Detective Garcia, I wanted to touch base with you to see if you'd spoken to your friend." He sounded more desperate than the last time we spoke.

"I was hoping you'd have some news for me, to be honest." I replied

"So you haven't been contacted by anyone as of late regarding your friend?" He asked with a skeptical tone.

"No...no...certainly not detective... You'd be the first to know if I had." I lied. Explaining a mysterious women and an apparent hit man could get complicated. Not to mention the gun I had taken from Trey's, the letter, the money, and the key.

"I'll be in touch." He said as he hung up the phone.

I grabbed the key out of my pocket and looked it over.

Bay Area S&L on one side...
Box# 119 on the other...

It was at the corner of Logan St and 13th Ave, about eight blocks from the hotel. I contemplated making my way there first thing the next day but I was unsure about what I might run into. Would Trey have the bank staked out waiting for me? Would he be bold enough to blow me away in public? I paced around the room wringing my hands and asking myself what would Trey do if he were me. What would be the smart move to make? The safest play with highest reward? Getting the confession to the cops had to be the only move, it was the only way to straighten all this out. I glanced at my watch and realized the bank would be closing soon. Fuck it, I thought, I had to make my move now!

I grabbed the gun and stuffed it in the small of my back and made sure it was covered and fully concealed. I stuck the safety deposit box key in my pocket and made my way to the door. I stepped into the hallway, checking left then right, I closed the door behind me and headed toward the elevator. I pressed the button impatiently and waited. As soon as the elevator car reached my floor I heard a ding then felt a sharp blow to the back of my head and everything went black.

I slowly opened my eyes, everything was blurry at first, it must've taken around five minutes to get my bearings. When I tried to rub my neck I realized I was tied up and sitting in in the middle of what had to be the penthouse suite of the hotel. The man in the hat and glasses was sitting across from me exactly how he'd been in my apartment. He looked relaxed and at ease as if he'd been here a thousand times before. I could only imagine how I looked from where he was sitting. I heard voices coming from the other room getting closer and closer. The first person that turned the corner was Ted Tillman, walking with a glass of what appeared to be bourbon in one hand and a newspaper in the other. As the next figure came into focus I couldn't believe my eyes, it was Trey! Walking and talking, living and breathing! I had a mixture of emotion run through my body. Was he going to kill me, was one of my first thoughts, and what the fuck was he doing here was my next. Mr Tillman walked over towards me and spoke...

"Let me start by saying you're not in any danger, you're only restrained for our safety. We've brought you here to clear the air...get things out in the open...figure out who's who..." Waving the newspaper around in small circles. He took a sip of his drink and continued... "As I'm sure you know my son was murdered and well...to be honest...I don't really care much for waiting on the cops to catch a killer, my train of thought is, if you wanna catch a killer you send a killer, hence my associate Mr Smith, he did seem to fail me when he began tracking your friend Mr Falls. Mr Falls was actually helping us prove my sons innocence when my son met his untimely demise."

I interrupted....

"I have a letter that you wrote.." Looking directly at Trey. "telling me how you killed him and all kinds of people and you were gonna kill me!"
Trey broke his silence.

"What are you talking about, I didn't write any letters, I've been hiding out, I got home from work the day after Sawyers murder to find my house turned upside down, I thought that somebody was coming for me next so I grabbed some cash from my safe and hauled ass!"

A loud knock came from the penthouse door.

Mr Smith took a look at the hallway security camera and informed Mr Tillman that Detectives Garcia and Lincoln were outside.
"Untie him and take them into the back room, I'll talk to the detectives." Mr Tillman ordered to Smith.

I could barely make out what the trio talked about, after several minutes the talking became shouting and then gunfire erupted. Smith ran from the back room gun in hand and from the sound of things he ran head on into a buzzsaw. His screams were accompanied by what almost sounded like laughter. Trey and I looked at each other with more than confusion and concern on both our faces. The screams and gunfire gave way to an eerie silence broken by a gurgling, drowning, type of noise. The kind that almost turned your stomach once your imagination got a hold of it. We slid along the wall of the bedroom toward the door trying to stay quiet. Trey took the lead and slowly poked an eye around the corner to get some kind of idea of what had happened. He quickly pulled back and turned to me whispering "I don't see anyone."

"Who the fuck starting shooting?" I asked with a tremble in my whisper.

Treys face said enough but I guess he felt the need to say "How the fuck am I supposed to know?" keeping as quiet as possible.

The gurgling sound grew louder and heavier. Someone was drowning in their own blood. The silence would come back and then a second later be broken again by that wet sucking noise, a cough and mild splashing sound. We made a move toward the hall to the main room and heard footsteps on the tile of the kitchen floor. Someone was moving back toward the sucking sound saying in a low voice.

"Would you fuckin die already you fat fuck, as much as I enjoy you suffering I can't stand that goddamn sound."

I followed behind Trey skimming the wall trying not to make a sound. The gurgling became louder with every tiny step we took. The man in the main room must've kicked his noisy victim because the next gurgling was followed by a thud and loud gasp then more gurgling, coughing and splashing. As we approached the end of the hall the man spoke.

"Spence, Trey, come out here. I've got everything under control. This is Detective Garcia. There's nothing to worry about guys." He said with a hint of joy.
Trey looked at me and began to step out into the room, I grabbed his arm and pulled him back as two bullets whizzed by. We retreated down the hall and back to the room slamming the door and locking it. Trey looked at me with the look of shear terror on his face. He was able to pull it together enough to say to me

"You saved my life, How'd you know to pull me back?"

"I met with Detective Garcia and his partner Detective Lincoln a few days back, Lincolns a big fat guy. Why the hell would he say that to his partner, shouldn't he be trying to save his life?" I said.

Just then Garcia began tapping on the door to the room saying "Come on out guys, let's make this easy, just come out and let me explain everything. We can do this the easy way or the hard way guys."

His tone grew more hostile and angry with every second.

"Goddamnit guys, come the fuck out, now!" He demanded and gave the door a swift kick as he yelled.

The door didn't budge, this place was built like Fort Knox, a single kick wasn't going to get through all that wood.

His voice fell to almost a whisper "Listen guys, I know things look bad right now but if you'll just come out I won't have to call in reinforcements."

"You killed everybody out there, when the cops get here we'll tell them you did it!" Trey shouted.

"You think they're gonna believe you?" he laughed "Plus you guys won't get a chance to talk when I tell them how you killed poor old fat Detective Lincoln and let him drown in his own blood, they'll cut you to shreds!"

More laughter poured through the door. Trey and I failed to see the humor in all of this.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Splinters of wood shot through the air at warp speed. Followed by another kick to the door and what sounded like an empty revolver having its trigger pulled. We could hear inaudible cursing moving away from the door. We glanced at each other apparently thinking the same thing, he was out of ammo and went to get another gun. This was our chance to leave the room and make a run for it. I pulled the gun from the small of my back and took the lead.

"You've had that the whole time?" Trey asked

"Yeah, why?" I replied

Trey shook his head and moved in behind me as I opened the door pointing the gun down the hall. It looked clear so we moved into the open space trying to hug the side as closely as possible. We made it to the end and I didn't see Garcia anywhere. We rounded the corner into the kitchen keeping our eyes focused on the main room. The gurgling sound had lessened but was still there ever so faintly. We made our way into the open area amongst the stainless steel appliances crouching behind the counters, if Garcia was around he was hiding too. I thought maybe he was out of ammo and retreated out of the penthouse. I peaked over the counter top just as he stood up from Mr. Smiths body, taking his gun, checking what it had left in it. He spun quickly in my direction and pointed the gun as I stood up pointing mine at him. He giggled with excitement as we stood point blank from each other, weapons in hand.

"Well, well, well here we are finally." He made it seem like we were destined for this meeting.

"Listen man, I don't want to have to shoot you but I'm prepared to do what I have to." I said.

"Ah Spence, now this is the kinda game I like, a standoff with guns drawn, makes me tingle all over."

"This ain't a fuckin game you psycho!" I tried to keep my voice from going high.

"You know Spence, all this could've been avoided if you just done what the letter said, I mean why wouldn't you just come to me and turn yourself in?"

"How do you know about the letter?" I asked

"You goddamn idiot! Jesus, Spence, how could you be so damn stupid?" He said as he stepped closer. "We sent that package so we could play a game with you!" His voice began to shake. "After my first kill I knew I couldn't stop, I'd see these punks I arrest walk free and go out and commit the same crime the next day, some worse than the ones before and I got sick of it!" he shouted "But I soon realized I needed help." A smug smile grew across his face.

An unbelievable coincidence I thought as I felt Trey's hand on my left shoulder from behind and his breath in my right ear saying "I'm sorry, Spence."

What felt like a white hot piece of steel sliced into me going deep into my lower back. My body arched as Trey held my shoulder tight while he pushed the blade further in. The sound of his laughter seemed to drown out my screams while Garcia howled with delight. I squeezed the trigger of the gun firing off two quick shots, one hitting the wall, the other hitting Garcia right in the throat. His howl silenced immediately and his body falling back on top of Mr. Smith. I managed to pull away from Trey and could feel the blade exit my back with a rush of blood that soaked my clothes immediately. I aimed the gun at Trey as he clutched the knife even tighter in his hand with a blood thirsty look in his eyes.

"Didn't that feel good, Spence?" He growled "Wasn't it a rush to blow that murderous pig away?"

My eyes watering and my body feeling weak I swayed to the left but managed to keep the gun trained on Trey's head. He moved toward me squeezing the knife until his knuckles turned white.

"Don't fuckin move!" I managed to shout, disregarding the pain.

"Come on bud, you can't shoot me, your best friend, good ol' Trey." He spoke with a sarcastic tone.

"Why, Trey?" Was all I could manage to say, a lump in my throat, pain ripping through my body.

"Why." He laughed. "You wanna know why, for the thrill of it!" "I met Garcia about a year ago on a case he was working and we started sharing thoughts on these criminals he would arrest and I would defend, we came to the conclusion that killing these pieces of shit was a better solution, like a cleansing." His voice was deep and dark.

My body was beginning to shake and I was getting weak in the knees, no doubt from all the blood loss. Trey could tell I was fading fast. He began to rush across the kitchen, I squeezed the trigger with what little strength I had left....click...fuckin' empty. The large blade pierced my gut, as I passed out, I heard a loud bang and I collapsed.

The next few minutes of my life I slipped in and out of consciousness. I remember a lot of people shouting, flashing bright lights and the smell of cotton candy.

I opened my eyes to the soft glow of a TV with a nurse standing next to my bed.

"The Doctor will be in shortly, sir." she said

The news anchor was explaining a gruesome seen at the Hotel Sawyer. A shoot out had taken place the night before that left four dead and two in critical condition. The TV clicked off and the smell of cotton candy filled my nose. I turned to see the mysterious woman from the cafe standing in my room.

"How are you feeling?" she asked

"Like I've been through hell, twice." I replied

She laughed and offered a small smile.

"Who are you?" I asked

"I'm Special Agent Natalie Ross, I was working under cover, we have been investigating Detective Garcia for some time, we didn't know anything about your friend until a week or so ago." She explained.

"Trey, what happened to him?" I asked.

"Let's just say I saved your life." she said.

"Detective Lincoln managed to dial 911 after he was shot, he survived by the way, everything Garcia said was recorded so it looks like it's all over, my investigation is closed, the killers are dead, and you're going to be fine." She explained.

She went on to tell me that Lincoln was in a coma but should pull through. She explained how Garcia and Trey had managed to set up their victims and play a sort of cat and mouse game with them. She said some of them they would murder quickly and others they'd toy with. As she turned to leave I thanked her again and asked her if she'd check on me from time to time, she smiled and shook her head closing the door behind her.

After a two week stay at Bayport Medical I walked out of the front doors onto the sidewalk wondering where I'd go from there. I headed to Jim's Quality Cafe. I slid into a different booth than the usual and ordered a coffee. I opened the bag the hospital had given me with my wallet, phone and keys putting all the items on the table along with the safety deposit box key. I thought about tossing it in the trash and putting it all behind me but I couldn't.

I walked into Bay Area Savings & Loan and asked to be taken to box 119. The teller obliged after seeing the key and left me alone to open the box. As I turned the key and opened it I heard a loud click, taped to the inside of the lid was a picture of Garcia, Trey and Special Agent Ross arm in arm smiling. Inside the box a blinking red light with a clock counting down...it was at :30 seconds when I turned to run.


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