View Full Version : Bad Seed Chapter 6 (short/language warning)

September 15th, 2014, 11:22 PM
I slowly picked the phone up to answer and said "Hello."

"Spence, I need you to meet me as soon as possible....meet me at the cafe...8am tomorrow." she said calmly. Her voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place it.
Before I could reply she hung up.

As I layed in bed I kept replaying the last weeks events in my head. What had Trey done? I searched my memory for any type of detail or hint Trey may have dropped that I didn't pick up on. I came up empty as usual. I rolled over and slid my hand under my pillow and gripped the gun I had taken from Trey's safe....then it hit me. The safe had been empty the first time I had been there. Where the hell did that gun come from? It was definitely Trey's gun...it had his initials engraved on the handle. What the hell was going on?
I tried like hell to get some shut eye but it was no use. I may have slept an hour if that. I got ready and went to the cafe a little early. It was a busy Sunday morning at Jim's...after a few minutes I slid into a booth and waited.

At 8am sharp a gorgeous brunette slipped into the booth across from me. Her huge sunglasses covered half her face but there was no mistake, she was beautiful. She had the smell of sweet perfume that made me think of cotton candy. I thought about how terrible I must've looked. She slid an envelope across the table and leaned forward.

"Trey wants you to have this." She whispered.
Her lips looked soft and as sweet as she smelled.

"What is it?" I managed to form a reply.

"He asked me to meet you and give it to you..no questions asked...all I had to do was be careful and make sure you got it."

"Where's Trey?" I asked as firmly as I could. She had the look of an angel. The kind of face you could never be mad at.

"Get to a safe place and open the envelope...that's all I know."

She quickly slid out of the booth and made her way to the exit. As I watched her leave I couldn't help but hope to see her again.
I left the cafe a few minutes later and got in my truck. I couldn't wait to open the envelope...once I had the doors locked and engine running I opened it. It had a few thousand dollars in it with a key and a note. The note read as follows...


I know you are probably confused and wondering what the fuck is going on. I've wanted to tell you everything that's been happening but I didn't think you could handle it. About a year ago I was helping a client with some legal trouble. The landlord was a real piece of shit and was evicting this single mom and her two kids. I did everything I could to try and persuade him to let them stay...I even tried to pay him off..the stubborn old bastard wouldn't change his mind. I was at his place one night making a last ditch effort to persuade him when things got out of hand. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and slit his throat. I stood over his body as his blood covered my shoes and the floor around his lifeless body. I'd never felt a rush like that before. As time passed I found it easier to kill. I even got more creative with the way I did it. Maybe one day I can explain it all to you. I guess a few of my victims had enough ties with Sawyer Tillman that the cops figured he was their man. I decided to go talk to him and well...I couldn't help myself. He was an insufferable little prick. I think he wanted to go down for my handy work. Well I couldn't allow that. I can only imagine how shocked you must be. I had no idea the assholes daddy would go hire a fucking hitman to track me down. As it sits I'm safe and well, but I need a favor. Since you're in possession of the murder weapon I've used in some of my more simple killings...namely Tillman. I'm going to need you to take the fall for me. Do us both a favor and go to Detective Garcia and confess. I'm guessing you won't so to make it fun and fair I've given you some cash and a key to a safety deposit box with a video confession I made. I know you don't want to be a killer but you're going to have to be to survive. I know you're wondering who you have to kill...well the answer is...me. That's right... Good ole Trey is your target...kill me..get the confession to the cops and you're free and clear or you can try and run..survive the cops...the hitman...and myself. Sounds like a fun game, right!?

Your buddy,

I dropped the letter onto the floor of my truck as the tears ran down my face. I couldn't believe what I'd just read. My eyes full of tears and heart full of despair I just sat in my truck trying to figure out my next move.