View Full Version : Bad Seed Chapter 3 (short) (language)

September 11th, 2014, 05:19 PM
The chair in the interrogation room was cold and unforgiving, my back ached while my ass went numb. Looking around at the bare walls and the surveillance camera peering down on me , I couldn't help but feel like the room was closing in on me. The small mic on the table and the other two chairs in the room, both with nice comfy looking padded seats, made me wonder who I was about to talk to.
Detective Garcia came in with another detective in tow. He had a different demeanor than before, maybe the room made him feel on edge just like it was doing to me. The greeting was short and impersonal, we got straight to it.

"When's the last time you saw your friend alive?" he asked as if he knew for sure Trey was dead.
"I guess it had to be at breakfast a few days ago..." I answered.
"You guess?? this is your best friend and you guess?" his tone grew more firm.
"Yeah it was at breakfast a few days ago..." the fact I hadn't slept much the night before that breakfast or the days after Trey vanished made the timeline blurry "....we met like we always do and we went our separate ways like we always do." I said a bit matter of factly. He didn't seem to appreciate my attitude. "Why the hell am I here anyway?" I asked.
The other detective chimed in "I'm Detective Lincoln and the reason you're here is because we have reason to believe you may know something you're not telling us." he spoke in a slightly southern drawl, almost like a record being played on slow speed with long pauses between some of his words. Probably because he was about 100 pounds overweight.
I was immediately enraged but before I could spit out a reply he continued...
"We've come across a few witnesses that say you looked furious at that last breakfast and made a bit of a scene, now that leads us to believe maybe, possibly, you guys had a bit of a falling out and well..."
"Well what?" I said "Trey is my best friend, has been for a very long time, if you think I would have done anything to him you're out of your fuckin' mind!" My voice got a little high pitched as it does when I get excited.
"Listen sir, no matter what you say we have eye witnesses from that morning saying you were on edge and getting loud" he took a pause to catch his breathe " and you were going on about doing something about it." Another pause to catch his breathe. I swear I thought the guy was gonna fall over passed out. He continued "exactly what was it you were gonna do something about?"
The question he asked backed me into a corner, I couldn't tell him the truth but I didn't want to lie either. I began to sweat and my nerves became a little frazzled. How was I going to explain what Trey and I had discussed. Even if it was just hypothetical how could explain a conversation about murder? I did the only thing I could think to do....
"Listen, Trey and I have had a lot of heated conversations about all kinds of shit, so unless you wanna charge me with something I'm ready to get the hell outta here." I said it as calmly as I could without looking like I was hiding something. Detective Garcia ,who'd been surprisingly quiet, spoke up. "No need to get in a rush we just have to explore any and all leads or suspicious behavior, we aren't accusing you of anything I hope you can understand."
They let me make my way out and I had a sense of relief as I walked down the hall towards the front doors of the police station. It was time for me to find out what I could on my own.