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September 7th, 2014, 05:04 PM
Dillon hit the sack hard, genuinely exhausted from their date. He woke a couple hours later, wanting Cyndi. She had infiltrated his heart and mind, he couldn’t get the vision of her in her bikini top and jean shorts running for the Ferris wheel, out of his head. Maybe it was her cute little bubble butt that was etched in his mind. He felt like she was a liability, out in the world knowing his secrets. But he supposed that that was part of falling for someone, they take some of the weight of your secrets off of your back. But, really, nobody can affect the weight of AIDS on your back. That might as well be a tattoo because it’s not going anywhere, and it only gets heavier. But Dillon didn’t let it get him down, after fifteen years it couldn’t possibly bring him down any further than he was, already. He reached the ground floor and the only way to move was 'up’, now. He felt ridiculous for being afraid of telling Cyndi.

Cyndi lived with her older sister and when she returned, she was waiting for her.
“I thought we agreed.” Her sister said as she walked in the door of their quaint starter house.
“On what?” Cyndi said.
“That we would call if we weren’t coming home.” she said.
“Oh, Jenny, don’t start with me, please, I need to lay down.” Cyndi said.
“No, I will start, you had me worried.” Jenny said. Cyndi had already started walking to her room. Jenny followed. “Can you, at least, answer me?”
“I didn’t know you asked a question.” Cyndi said as she started undressing. “No, I understand, I’m sorry I was just on a date with a man. A good one.” Cyndi said.
“OK, but try to remember your sister. I thought you were swearing off them.” Jenny said.
“Yeah, I was. He was able to bypass my bullshit meter, which was on high. I couldn’t figure it out, so, naturally, I had to stay until he revealed himself to me and I knew, for sure.” Cyndi said.
“So, you stayed the night with him?”Jenny asked.
“Yes, and I did spread my legs for him, but hold your judgment ‘cause we didn’t have intercourse. This guy is like nothing I, or even you, have ever met.” Cyndi said. She was proud of her find but wouldn’t say any more about him.
“It’s your life, you can give it up to whomever you want.” Jenny said.
“I didn’t give up anything! I benefitted more than him.” Cyndi started crying.
“OK, I’m sorry, don’t cry. I was being pushy, I’m sorry. I’m sure this guy is great.” Jenny said.
Wiping her tears, “Wow, you cave easily. When you have kids, they’re gonna’ work you. Hear that? WHEN you have them, not if. Ya’ know positive thinking, while awkward at first, worked for me and does a lot of people. It takes courage, no doubt, but if it’s that important to you, you’ll find the confidence in yourself. We need to go out. Ya’ wanna get lunch?” Cyndi asked.
“OK, but I have to be back early in the afternoon. I’ve work to do. Why were you crying?” Jenny asked.
“I just remembered him, that’s all. You’ll meet him soon. I really want you to know him.” Cyndi said.
“Are we talking marriage?” Jenny said.
“No, he’s just the most genuine person I have met, out there.” Cyndi pointed toward the door.
“You’re in love.” Jenny said.
“I won’t admit to that...yet. I won’t deny it, either...Shit Jenny! What do I do? I can’t be in love again, but, I definitely am... I’m not saying anything to him, I think he could handle it and may return the favor, but things are moving along just fine. He said some things that I could swear were rehearsed but I know that they weren’t.
“How do you know?” Jenny asked. “I’m not trying to shoot you down, just curious.”
“We share a deep kind of knowledge of each other.” Cyndi said. “Let’s go, c’mon, I need to eat.”
“OK, are you going like that?” Jenny asked a naked Cyndi.
“Oh, no, hand me that sarong on the chair, please.” Cyndi asked then completed the outfit with her bikini top, slipped on a pair of flip-flops. “Okay, ready!”
“Alright, I’m coming. You driving?”Jenny asked.
“No, I need gas and don’t want to pump right now.”Cyndi said.
“Jeez, he wiped you out.” Jenny said.
“You have no idea, got your keys?” Cyndi said.”Let’s get out of here.”

Jenny and Cyndi went out to a place they frequent and had ‘sister time’. It was good for Jenny who was trying to get pregnant. Cyndi has
always been supportive of her sister. And Cyndi was able to tell Jenny about the date that turned her, from a anti-man girl into an, in love, ball of mush. Minus the part about being HIV positive. She would tell her after she met him. Cyndi thought that Jenny had to meet him.

“So, what makes this guy so special?” Jenny asked.
“What’s not special, he’s smart, but not too much for his own benefit, wise, confident and handsome but doesn’t know it. If he’s playing me, then he went to some extreme lengths to bring me to his side.” Cyndi said.
“And no game?” Jenny asked.
“He came at me with the most sincere line I have ever heard. He told me that we needed each other. I mean, how’d he know?” Cyndi said. “And he tried to take it back but I wouldn’t let him. He caught me off-guard at the library. And his eyes; I just couldn’t look away. Him either. It was magical.”
“What happened to my sister?” Jenny said. “This girl is all soft and in love, I don’t recognize her. It’s nice, I just don’t recognize her.”
“I know, I go on a date and come back someone else, I knew you’d have something to say about it. Don’t worry, you know me, I can take care of myself and am.” Cyndi said.
“OK, as long as you are, I won’t worry.” Jenny said.
“Thank you. I love you, girl.” Cyndi said.
“You too, sweetie.” Jenny said and they discussed Jenny’s attempts to get pregnant with her boyfriend, John. But Jenny didn’t want to talk about it. Just getting out for lunch was all that she needed but she thanked her sister for trying. They returned home where Cyndi decompressed. That meant a hot bath, incense for the room, and silence. She slept, but not as good as she did at the motel. She noticed the difference and, for the first time, was tempted to call Dillon. She would give in, the next morning.

“Hello?” Dillon answered his phone.
“Hi.” Cyndi said.
“You beat me to it.” Dillon said. “I was just going to call you.
“You stole my thunder with the first kiss, I’ve got to get on the board.” Cyndi said.
“Are we playing a game? There’s no need to keep score.” Dillon said.
“N..No. I’m not into games. I just meant that you have to let me initiate something. I’m a woman. I’m used to fighting for my right to do anything.” Cyndi said.
“You’re not a woman, you’re a queen, my queen. And you don’t belong to me or any kind of BS like that, you’ve got ME on the hook.” Dillon said. “I’m yours. Until further notice. I’ve issued you credit and a license. I will not doubt you and you can steer the ship if you so desire.. No shit. I’m not into punishment, I’m just serious about your feelings being a concern of mine and no woman I’m with is going to be unhappy. If I can help it. What else is a partner for if not to make you happy. Really. What?” Dillon said.
“Jeez, that’s good, I can tell you read a lot. I knew after we talked a little bit, the first time, that you were someone I could have phone sex with and actually have fun.” Cyndi said.
“I’m not going to lie, I imagine you sitting naked, right now, I can see you in my mind’s eye.” Dillon said.
“Well, you’re very good, I am naked, sitting on my bed. And after this call I’ll be masturbating, thinking of you.” Cyndi said.
“So, you wanna’ hang up?” Dillon asked.
“No, no, I want to talk to you. I had lunch and told my sister, yesterday and told her about you. She says that I’m a different person than I was when I left the house for your place.” Cyndi said.
“Well, I imagine so, your body was just full of tension and edges. I think that I smoothed you out a bit and released the tension over and over until you were 'useless’”
Smiling, “Yeah, you worked me out damn good. The way you know my body is mind-blowing. “ Cyndi said.
“I cannot explain it. When I’m around someone I’m attracted to, I just know. Their body talks to me, it’s an innate talent. And currently I’m attracted to you. Did your neck loosen up?”
“Yeah, it’s great. You did that on the beach, didn’t you.?”Cyndi asked.
“You got it. Lay back on your bed...you there?” Dillon asked.
“Yeah.” Cyndi said.
“Queen size, right?” Dillon said.
“Oh, you’re good. Sleep in a single bed, you will stay single, you need to have room for your lover in your bed, so when they come, you’re ready. I’m ready for you.” Cyndi said.
“Right now?” Dillon asked.
“Yep.” Cyndi answered.
“OK, check this out, you have a pretty butt. In fact, the picture that I hold in my mind that I remember the most is, you running to the Ferris wheel from the car. Those jean shorts hug your cute ass, real well. Right now I’m imagining you laying down and me holding one cheek in each of my hands and, well, I’ll leave the rest up to you.” Dillon said.
“That works.” Cyndi said panting.
“Can you feel me, 'cause I can taste you just from memory.” Dillon said. “Your scent was intoxicating.”
“I want to feel something we didn’t do. At the motel I noticed that you were aroused, it was hard to miss.” Cyndi said.
“Yeah, I’m a man, we’re easy to read.” Dillon said.
“Well, can’t we just use protection?” Cyndi asked.
“No, condoms are not fail-proof. If there’s even a minute chance that I could infect you I won’t do it. Period.” Dillon said.
“But, don’t I get a say?” Cyndi asked.
“Yeah, sure.” Dillon said.
“Wasn’t my happiness important to you? If it is, you will hear me out.” Cyndi said. “Condoms are good enough for the adult film industry, why not you.? It would make me happy to have all of you, not a sanitized version of yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know how you stayed celibate for as long as you did, and I recognize that you aren’t pushing me to do anything. And I know it’s because you respect me. I DO NOT want to get infected”
“That was never an issue. I’ll die celibate before I infect you. I can release the pressure if I need to.” Dillon said. “OK...I’m convinced and now the thought of becoming one with you is making my head spin. You still naked, my little vixen?”
“Yes, and thank God. For a second I thought you were going to stand on principle or something like that and be really stubborn textbook man.” Cyndi said. “The next time we see each other is going to be H-O-T. But for now, talk to me.”
“Yeah, I guess I could give you, every inch of me, but slow, it’s gonna’ take a lot of control. But I’m so attracted to you I don’t think any amount of control is going to help me. What I want, is to pick you up and let gravity bring us together. Oh, Jeez, I haven’t entertained the thought of having sex in so long, it’s kind of blowing my mind, excuse me.” Dillon said.
Catching her breath,”Do you know you are going to make love or is it something only seen in hindsight. And what is that exactly, I wanna’ know because what is going to occur is more than just ‘sex’. I want to give myself to you.”Cyndi said.
“Yeah, I remember, if I’m not mistaken, that sex is pretty cool, but I don’t know about love being manufactured by anyone. I understand, you ARE a woman. I feel honored to receive your gift, but do not give yourself completely, to ANY man, please. ” Dillon said.
“I know, Dillon. Only, you make me feel like a real woman, I can’t match the way you make me feel, on my own.” Cyndi said. “And THAT’S a new experience.”
“And I’ve just gotten started, I can’t believe you, you’re for real, right? I mean, I’m starting to feel like you want me just as bad as I want you.” Dillon said.
“More, my sex drive is peaking.” Cyndi said.
“Well, mine was frozen in peak, so by awakening it, you will also be dealing with someone in peak form. We better find some fire-proof linen because this is going to be blistering, bordering on illegal, hot.” Dillon said.
“OK, I can take care of myself tonight, but I might need help...tomorrow?” Cyndi said.
“Sounds good. What time?” Dillon said.
“I’ll come over at five in the afternoon. I’ll wear something nice.” Cyndi said.
“And I’ll be waiting but clothes will not be necessary.” Dillon said.
“I know, but taking them off can be fun.” Cyndi said.
Chuckling, “OK, see you tomorrow.” Dillon said.

The next day came quick. Dillon started cleaning his house early and went to the grocery store to pick up something to entertain with. Dillon wasn’t a cook, by any stretch of the imagination. But he did know how to make snacks, which is how he ate, mostly. He found himself wondering what Cyndi would say about things. He thought about her in the grocery store, especially when he saw something funny. He’d crack a joke to himself, wishing Cyndi was there. And he considered her opinion as if she was. Dillon was including her in every aspect of his life before she was even there. He knew his heart was invested in their relationship and he had fallen for this woman whom was just what he needed. The Nurse still had a spot in his heart, though, because of knowing him when he was cut down by illness, at his weakest. That is not to say he had a reservation, because he didn’t. All the people at the hospital, who helped him, had a special spot in his heart. It’s just that he was attracted to the Nurse. But she was gone. Cyndi started out as a distraction but quickly became much more.

It was late afternoon and Dillon had just finished cleaning up. The apartment was immaculate, even in the bathroom. Cyndi showed up at a quarter to. A bit eager and Dillon knew he should be, too, but also knew that he would be a thin piece of latex away from, delivering into Hell, someone he cared for. There was a knock at the door and Dillon let her in.

“Hey, cutie!” And Cyndi greeted him with a kiss. She was wearing sandalwood and when she walked by Dillon his knees got weak.
“Excuse me, Miss?” Dillon said. “Can I take your wrap?”
“Yeah, right, do you wanna do it here?” Cyndi said.
“What? Here? No, no, of course not.” Dillon said. “What’s in the bag?”
“Oh, this, it’s just a variety of condoms. I don’t know what you want, but I’m sure I have it.” Cyndi said holding up a brown paper bag
“How thoughtful, seriously,’cause I thought we were going to have to run down to the liquor store.” Dillon said.
“I went to the pharmacy” Cyndi said. “C’mon I couldn’t sleep last night.” Cyndi said.
“I thought it was the guy who always rushed the woman into sex. Not the other way around.” Dillon said.
“Things have changed and this is one of them. You’re man enough to allow a woman to initiate intimacy, just enjoy it. I can’t believe this, I’m trying to convince a man who hasn’t had sex in fifteen years to have it with me.” Cyndi said.
“I thought it was going to be more than sex.” Dillon said.
“You DO listen. Whew! you sure know how to make a girl hot, now I’m not gonna’ try and convince, I’m gonna’ have to force.” Cyndi said.
Very dry, “Oh, no. Stop. I can’t...help.” Dillon said. “She is too strong for me.” As Cyndi led him into the room.
She swung him into the bed. Dillon was very pliable and went with her but held on to her hand and used his momentum to swing her into the bed, also. They laid beside each other, neither wanting to rush this.
“Do you have to wear that perfume?” Dillon said.
“What perfume?” Cyndi asked.
“Sandalwood?” Dillon said.
“That’s my shampoo, you like it?” Cyndi asked.
“Do I like it?” Dillon said and rolled onto his side where he could bury his face in that sensual hair. “Yeah, you could say that.” Dillon said his voice muffled by bed an hair. He was working his way to her neck.
Laughing, “Don’t, I’m ticklish.” Cyndi said.
“Yeah! I found it.” Dillon said and dug his nose deeper into her neck. She screamed and rolled over onto her stomach.The sun had started to go down and the room was growing dark. Dillon excused himself and got up to light candles he had placed around the room.
”You ARE a romantic.” Cyndi said leaning on her propped up hand.
“But not hopeless.” Dillon said.
“No, there’s hope for you” Cyndi said. “C’mere.” she motioned for him with her index finger. He lit the last of seven candles and climbed back into his double bed.
“Do you think we have enough room?” Dillon asked.
“What’s the alternative?” Cyndi said.
“The floor with blankets.” Dillon answered.
“Nah, I think we can hold it to the bed and if we go to the floor I want it to be spontaneous.” Cyndi said.
“You are like that aren’t you?” Dillon asked.
“What?” Cyndi said.
“Spontaneous.” Dillon answered.
“Oh, you mean like this.” Cyndi said and stripped down to black lace lingerie.
“Yeah...like that.” Dillon said.
“You haven’t had a girl dress for you in a long time, have you?.” Cyndi said and started climbing on Dillon with an agenda in her eyes. The room was bathed in a soft yellow while the passion contained within was a fiery red. “Am I gonna’ be the only one naked?”
“No, absolutely not.” Dillon said.
“Here, let me help.” Cyndi said and started unbuttoning his shirt. Dillon acted helpless, enjoying the attention. After which Cyndi climbed into his lap and wrapped her legs around him.

Dillon and Cyndi indulged in each other, again. Cyndi was giving herself to Dillon but they both felt vulnerable. Dillon was scared, at first, that the condom might break, so he was extra gentle and slow. This drove Cyndi crazy until she bit his lip and told him to relax. It took a little coaxing but he gave in, and the night was long and sweaty. Dillon was aware of the hour and called time-out so he could order some Chinese food to nourish their hot bodies, not wanting to take the time to make anything. Cyndi wanted to continue but Dillon insisted that he wait for the delivery, naked. And directly after the food came, it sat on the kitchen table and got cold while Dillon answered the call of Cynthia. It would be sunrise before a bite was eaten. And it was a sunrise that they watched together through the bedroom window, in between sexual flare up’s.

Cyndi left Dillon’s later on that morning with a long kiss that said, “I love you.” She finally had all of her man. And her man had all of her. To Cyndi, the night meant a lot, Dillon was not a man ruled by the tool in his pants, he was ruled by his heart. And Cyndi loved him, which was really out of character for her. She was rather hard before meeting Dillon. Hurt bad by her last love and swearing that it would never happen again. Now she’s put her heart in another man’s hands while asleep at the wheel. The whole thing just happened so naturally. Their relationship had the character of a mountain stream or the wind.