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August 27th, 2014, 06:01 PM
Here's a little tidbit. I've found I've gone over this four times. I should probably write one version, review and then continue otherwise I'll be stuck on chapter 1 forever.

Chapter 1
Like her mother before her, when my Mother felt the pull of nature she left the others. Or maybe it was that the others left her. She was pregnant, you see, and nearing her time she couldnít keep up with the others as they sought out greener pastures in which to graze. It wasnít unusual for a mare in such a condition to be left behind. The greater need rested with the herd and if someone couldnít keep up then they would catch up at a later date.

My Mother wasnít a green mare though awaiting the arrival of her first foal. She had done so before four times and all but one of my siblings had been raised to adulthood under Motherís tutelage. More than a decade had she being raising her own offspring and three years prior to that had she sought to survive for herself. She was older than most mares. She was older than the herd stallion. In all truth, had she had more ambition she probably could have been the lead mare and forced the herd to slow to her pace instead of being left behind like she was.

But she hadnít been. Mother was a docile horse with a gentle deposition that meant she was more readily a follower than a leader. Where the lead mare led then Mother was bound to follow. It was a natural thing to do for numbers meant protection, and only a motherís instinct would supersede that compulsion. So as the herd traveled down the mountains range into the thicker forest and meadows of rich grass, Mother turned further in the opposite direction.

Up and up she went, almost as surefooted as the mountain goats that roamed the higher terrain that loomed to the south. With relentless need she followed the riverbed, an ancient thing that had been carved out of the ground by the moving ice which had passed by many generations before. Here the towering pines and wilting conifers thinned out. Even the snow hadnít entirely melted though it was covering less and less ground as it melted beneath the relentless rays of a strengthening sun.

I was born in late June as her fifth, and last foal, and her only colt.