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August 21st, 2014, 11:45 PM
"You ever kill anybody?"
The question caught me by surprise.
"No." "Of course not." I replied.
"You've never thought about what it'd be like?"
"No, man are you OK?"
"Yeah I'm fine, it's just a question." He answered.
I sipped my coffee as I tried to get a grip on where this conversation may be going.
"You're tellin' me you've never once thought about tracking down a rapist or some asshole gang banger and takin' em out?"
He asked more aggressively than I think he should've being we're friends sitting in a greasy spoon with other patrons within earshot.
"Man, I don't know...I guess I've thought about killin' the dick that cuts me off in traffic or some shit like that."
"No..no..no...not some innocent schmuck trying to get to a job he probably fuckin hates...I'm talking about the scum of the Earth...the ones that don't give a shit about you, me or anybody else."
I almost started to get a little uncomfortable but the fact Trey and I grew up together made things a little easier. He's always been the type to get a little worked up about stuff.
"I guess I'm too wrapped up in living my life to stop and think about shit like that, bro." I tried to bring some sunshine and rainbows to the conversation.
"Maybe I'm getting too fired up about it...I just get tired of seeing innocent people get fucked and it seems like no one cares."
Trey was the kind of guy that always stood up for the little guy. All through high school he made sure no one took advantage of the nerds or geeks. It was always one of his finer qualities. Probably makes sense he became a lawyer. He decided to make sure he had a voice in the fight for the little guy.
Things hadn't been as good for me but I managed to get by and make ends meet. Driving a truck isn't as glamorous as being a lawyer but it works.
"I'll tell ya what....think about what I said and we'll talk tomorrow."
His request for me to put some thought into murder was almost laughable.
"OK bro, I'll think about it and we'll talk it over in the morning." I replied.
We met every morning before work, it was something we'd been doing for years, he never let me pay and always brought something interesting to talk about but nothing like this.
As I left Jim's Quality Cafe I couldn't help but wonder what it'd be like. It was almost like he planted a seed in my head but I had to make sure it didn't grow into something else. As I drove my usual route that day I had moments were I caught myself looking at people and seeing how vulnerable they really were. If someone wanted to they could easily take advantage of how mindlessly most people wonder around throughout their day. As I dropped off deliveries I'd realize how most people never even saw me. They'd sign my delivery sheet and never even look up or make eye contact. They almost seemed defenseless.
After a few hours I went back to being one the "mindless" and finished up work then headed home.
I lived alone in what I like to describe as a cozy apartment because small makes it sound cheap, which it was, but it was mine. I sat down to eat dinner and grabbed the news paper. I was amazed at how many stories about robbery, rape and murder I saw. Had they always been there? Did I block them out intentionally? I began to see things differently for the first time in a long time. I cleaned up the dishes and headed off to bed for a little nightly news. After 5 minutes of the local news I clicked the TV off completely shocked at what I heard. I tossed and turned most of the night. The things running through my head made it hard to get some shut eye. I couldn't wait to meet Trey for breakfast.
"Mornin' brother." He greeted me with a smile and his usual morning cheer.
"Hey" I stumbled through the cafe door looking like I hadn't been walking long.
"You look like shit, Spence." He informed me like I didn't own a mirror.
"Thanks to you I spent most of my day and night thinking about how fucked up shit is around our city and what it'd be like to do something about it!" My voice got higher towards the end of my statement like we were alone. Most people continued on with their breakfast but a couple glared my way.
"Hey..take it easy. Maybe we order you some decaf this morning."
"Hell no...I need full strength if I'm gonna make it today." "I can't believe how fucked up shit is and how completely clueless people are." I chattered.
"I didn't mean to shake you up like this, I had no idea you.."
I cut him off.
"I didn't realize I was so blind to how things are...we need to do something about some of these motherfu..."
He returned the favor.
"Just calm down...you're talking crazy. I was just bringing something to the table to talk about, you're going too far, bud." "Just relax." He said. Trying to get me under control.
After a couple minutes of talking things out and half a pot of coffee I regained my composure.
"I'm sorry man, I just went off the deep end thinking about all this stuff. It's a good thing I have you to pull me back in. I'm gonna put this conversation behind me and move on." I let him know I was gonna be ok but I didn't know if I was or not.
"Alright then, I'm gonna head to the office, you need anything let me know." He said with an older brother kind of tone.
That was the last time I saw Trey.

August 22nd, 2014, 02:16 AM
It reads well, good dialog, interesting story, Also for me completely believable. I have a brother who is a firearms instructor and teaches tactics to cops and private agencies, most of the people who work with him carry multiple guns never one, standard question is how many knives do you have on you, standard answer is usually 4 or more, hand cuff key hidden the belt expected.