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August 20th, 2014, 07:50 PM
This is in the early part of my WIP. I just thought I'd throw it out here so you can slice and dice it. Hope you like it.


Approximately twenty freshmen are attending an orientation meeting of the Modern Theatre Student Organization of Montague University which is one of the many private student clubs at the University. Some of the freshmen are theatre majors; others are just students who just have an interest.
A clean shaven bohemian sort is sitting in the group. He is reading a rather old looking hardback book.
A young gentleman sitting next to him and referring to the book asks “What is that?”
“Dostoevsky, the Brothers Karamazov”
“That’s pretty deep.”
“Not really. I’ve read it four times already.” The gentleman looks at the bohemian as if he just landed from a foreign planet. The bohemian responds “Look I come from an educational background okay?” The gentleman minds his own business.
The group has been waiting for someone to show up to explain what this student organization is about. Everyone has assumed that it will involve doing plays or skits of some kind. Virtually everyone here was involved in some sort of thespian group in High School. A girl in the group shouts “I hope he gets here soon. I have a dentist’s appointment with Dr. Doolittle.” A few in the group are thinking this girl must be on the kool-aid.
After about twenty minutes a young snobbish looking young man arrives to address the group. “Attention. Attention, please.” The group simmers down as the young man begins to speak.
“Welcome to the Modern Theatre Student Organization of Montague University. My name is George Neubacher. I am a graduate student studying theatre at Montague University.”
To the group it is slowly becoming evident that this “George” is about as exciting as a fifties sitcom. George is rather long-winded and is quickly boring the crowd. One student in fact is falling asleep. The speech continues on until George is interrupted by a petite brunette that is sporting a hairstyle reminiscent of Moe of the Three Stooges. “Excuse me. Excuse me Mr. Speaker?”
George is annoyed by the interrupted by he stops for a minute “Yes?”
“I was just wondering,” the brunette asks “When will be performing plays?” Certainly a legitimate question the crowd thinks.
“This organization does not perform plays Madam,” George answers stuffily “we discuss theatre” There are a few groans in the group upon this revelation.
The brunette is incredulous “Madam? You are calling me Madam? Who calls people Madam?”
“Excuse me?”
“I mean really. Where are you from, the White Cliffs of Dover.”
“Excuse me Madam but you are being room. To answer your question I am from Youngtown Ohio.”
“My sympathies, so listen would Romeo and Juliet work in a Kabuki Theatre?”
“Excuse me?”
“No really it would be neat, all that white makeup. They’d look so cute.” The brunette pauses in thought “Hey wait a minute instead of Kabuki why don’t we dress up Romeo and Juliet as clowns. I love circuses don’t you?”
George at this point is quite befuddled. He would love to have this kook removed but the crowd is clearly being entertained by this interruption.
The crazy brunette continues the exchange. “Look I have another question. Do you think I can wear purple on Labor Day?”
“Excuse me?” By now George has become quite exasperated.
“No I’m asking this because I heard they have riots in September when they purple on Labor Day. Personally I prefer to wear red myself with maybe a purple necklace.” The bohemian at this point is tempted to point out that the French actually celebrate their Labor Day in May but why bother? She’s on a roll.
The kooky brunette rambles on “Bobby, may I call you Bobby? Oh wait a minute your name is George isn't it? So Bobby do you think Goldwater would make a good Othello? I heard he was a raving smash in the 64 election. Oh wait Othello is a Moor isn't he? Maybe Sidney Poitier would make a good Othello. He’s an actor too.”
George is ready to throw the kook out himself but she isn't done quite yet.
The brunette responds to the amused audience “Hey I have some Smarties. Would anybody like some Smarties?” She starts throwing them towards the highly entertained audience. The bohemian for his part has seen enough. He can do theatre another time. He is an English major after all. He gets up to leave.
The brunette sees the bohemian heading for the door and she runs up to him. “Wait you can’t leave” She protests. “Please don’t leave, I’ll be good. Do you like chocolates? I’ve got Kisses too.”
The bohemian waves as if to say no thanks.
The brunette still won’t let him leave “Oh wait a minute I get it. You must be one of my adoring fans. You know I love fans. Do you know I keep one in my garage? He kind of smells kind of funny though….oh well.”
She reaches in her pocketbook and pulls out what looks like a glossy photo and a pan. She scribbles on the photo and hands it to the bohemian. “You can have my autograph, now be off you sweet thang.” And with that the kooky brunette takes off singing the Wizard of Oz theme.
George is relieved that the brunette has left and he goes on with his speech. The bohemian leaves anyway and is followed by most of the group. George continues on anyway.
The bohemian enters his 1966 convertible to meet a couple friends at Flip’s. Before he starts the car he finally looks at the photo. It is a picture of a young Bette Davis with the signature “Yours truly,Greta Garbo”.
“That figures” the bohemian mutters as he takes off for Flips.

Editors note: This is a really really rough draft so I won't get my feelings hurt. I promise.

August 20th, 2014, 07:54 PM
Yeah I have to work on my formatting. I'm using Microsoft Word.

August 22nd, 2014, 03:40 PM
I revised my original post. After looking at the original entry I admit it was pretty bad. Maybe all the pop culture references were a bit off. I was trying to introduce one of my characters but the information on him can come later. I think I have that figured out. Anyway I'm just throwing this out there for anybody that might be interested in something a little offbeat.