View Full Version : Zynthos Chapters 1-3 Revised (11,341 word count) PG13

August 17th, 2014, 09:57 PM
So I haven't posted anything in 2 years but I remembered I had chapters 1-5 on this site and am now a lot farther. I would like some feedback on what I have. I'll be posting in 3 chapter blocks so that I don't monopolize the forum. The changes in these first few chapters may be minor compared to other story changes.
Feedback that would be nice:
-What you think of the story
-Character dialogue
-Questions about plot points
-Confusing paragraphs

I really appreciate anyone taking the time to actually read this. Sometimes it can be frustrating because I don't have people to talk to about it.

(The reason I attached a PDF instead of pasting is because of formatting issues with the forum by the way)