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Mike C
July 22nd, 2014, 11:07 PM
http://u1.ipernity.com/43/91/75/32609175.44d68377.800.jpg (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/mike.coombes/32609175)
Brighton Fringe Festival (http://www.ipernity.com/doc/mike.coombes/32609175) par Mike Coombes (http://www.ipernity.com/home/mike.coombes), on ipernity

July 23rd, 2014, 01:25 PM
Love the smiles, the black and white really brings them out, very nice. I looked through your gallery, great photographer of expression and emotion. The seagull, you captured expression in a bird, I love that! Really enjoyed and will return. Thanks

Mike C
July 23rd, 2014, 02:23 PM
Many thanks, Pandora. I'm setting up a new gallery of my stuff at the Oddville Café if you're interested.

July 24th, 2014, 03:15 PM
Yes Mike I will lurk about a bit and check it out, thanks!