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July 16th, 2014, 03:12 PM
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Book 1: Abandon All Hope
Chapter 3: A Sword of the Spirit.

Colored glass lay shattered on the floor of the church's foyer. Light streaming in from the gaping holes left by the destroyed windows reflected off the shards, creating a rainbow of colors that gave the doomed building an ironic beauty. The quiet sobs of the previous evening were replaced with frantic screams. Most of the people were out of the building by now, but at least a dozen remained. Some were cowering under the pews too scared to flee, while others were trapped under fallen debris.

Unfortunately, Ian had no time to help the trapped and injured. His eyes glazed over the poor souls unable to even process their plight as he searched for his sister. He dashed through the labyrinthine halls of the church desperate to find any trace of her.

Room after room was empty. Each failed search killed another piece of his heart as he was forced to deal with the real possibility that she was already dead. A touch on his hand pulled him from his mad hunt. He spun around to see the scared eyes of the girl from the valley.

She was a sad sight. She looked to be in her early twenties, about the same age as him. Her small frame looked more than a little gaunt, no doubt it had been days since her last meal. Covered head to toe in mud and dirt it was hard to make out what she might look like clean, but a few stray hairs that had miraculously stayed free of the grime showed a hint of fiery red. For a moment Ian looked at her questioningly. Why is this girl still following me?

"We have to be quiet they are in the building now!" She whispered urgently. Caught up over the loss of his sister Ian furrowed his brow in confusion. "The Demons!" the girl nearly cried out, pointing back towards the sanctuary.

Ian crept to the doorway and peered through, following her finger. He cringed at what he saw. The fat demon was dragging an elderly woman out from under one of the pews. Her screams were swallowed in the din all around them. The quake finally seemed to have settled, but the building was still falling apart around them. Like a child playing with his food, the monstrosity held the poor woman under one foot and rent her arm from its socket. Tossing it whole down its repulsive gullet.

Ian retreated back down the hallway, holding his mouth to keep from heaving. He grabbed the mud caked girl's hand and they ran deeper into the church.
Finally, Ian and Rayne stopped in the food kitchen. "She has to be here somewhere." Ian whispered desperately. "I brought her here last night maybe she came here for something to eat?"
Rayne nodded gingerly, her eyes still trained on the hallway that lead back to where the creatures were. Ian threw open the door to the cellar and shouted for his sister.

"Ian?" a soft voice replied. A wave of relief washed over him as he bounded down the decrepit stairs. Pushing past the fallen junk piles he reached his sister and scooped her into his arms. The small girl sobbed as she squeezed her older brother with all her might.

"Thank god you are alright!" Ian said finally putting his sister down. Looking her over he saw bruising on her leg. "Are you hurt?"

Liv nodded, "A little, but I will be OK now. I thought you weren't going to come back." She wiped tears away on her sleeve for a moment before looking behind Ian and cocking her head quizzically. "Who's that?"

Ian turned and started to introduce them. "This is my sister Liv, and this is ...." he paused and looked towards the other girl.

"Rayne." She said softly, looking nervously towards the top of the stairs. "We really need to get out of here now. They will be back any second!"

The unease in her voice reminded Ian of the real danger they were still in. " Maybe we should hide here till they leave? Its dark I bet after they finish in the sanctuary..." he grimaced at the thought, "...they will leave."

Even as he said the words a shadow passed by the doorway, which was still the only source of light coming into the cellar. Instantly, Ian grabbed Liv, and put a finger to her mouth signaling her to stay quiet. Slowly the trio backed into the corner and waited.

Every heartbeat sounded like a snare drum, every breath sounded like a gale. The minutes elapsed as an eternity as the shadows in the doorway continued to pass, over and over again as if they were walking in circles, searching for their lost prey. Ian felt like they were sniffing them out, tracking them like blood hounds.

For a moment the shadows stopped. For a moment it seemed they would be spared. Then a porcupine silhouette emerged at the top of the stairs. Rayne sank to her knees hands clasp over her mouth. There was no where left to run.

Ian looked everywhere in a panic. Frantically searching for anything he could use to defend them, or at least distract the creature long enough to escape. The light from the door glinted off something in the far corner of the room. Is that an old suit of armor? Ian questioned in his head. It must be a stage prop for the church's old dramas, but the sword laying next to it looks real... well at least it doesn't look like its made of plastic.

In a second the monster would be down the stairs and would be between them and the weapon. In another they would be found. After that... Ian shook his head. No time to debate it now! Ian pushed Liv into Rayne's shocked embrace, and sprinted across the room.

The sudden movement instantly alerted the demon. It started to dash down the stairs after him, but a single step onto the dilapidated stairs and the whole thing came crashing down. Ian reached the sword just as the monster emerged from the rubble, swinging it up he leveled the blade at the creature.

This was the second time he had pointed steel at this particular monster, and this time it seemed to be in less playful spirits. It charged, hands out stretched, the spikes pointed forwards to skewer him alive. A snarl erupting from its lips as it prepared to finally catch its frustratingly elusive prey.

Ian was in shock for a moment. All he could think about was the strange feeling of the weapon in his hand. The blade felt too light. He was sure it was metal, but it was as light as a feather. It was modeled after a medieval claymore, the long hilt allowed him to grasp the weapon with both hands easily. The hand guard a simple horizontal bar, gave the weapon a perfect cross like shape. Along the blade on both sides a series of designs were evident. The symbols were runic, flowing all the way down to the tip and were tied together by a wisp like line that wove in between each mark.
Ian had no idea what, if anything, the runes meant, or why a small country church had such an ornate blade, but at that moment it didn't matter. He dropped to one knee as the creature's deadly arms reached him dodging death by a hairs breadth. With everything he had he thrust his weapon up straight into its thorn covered chest.

The monster stood staring in disbelief at the impossible blow. As shocked by the success of the attack as Ian was. A black tar like substance oozed from the wound as the monster backed away. Ian couldn't give it a chance to recover. The creatures stumbled and fell landing in a seated position still looking on dumbfounded, as Ian charged. A swing from his blade cut straight across its neck severing the head in a single absurdly simple blow.

Standing over the corpse Ian's arms wouldn't stop shaking. Slowly he looked over to where the girls held each other, both looking on in bewilderment. Olivia bolted from Rayne's arms and embraced her brother, who was now leaning against the sword trying not to pass-out.

Rayne didn't blink. She stared at the boy in front of her. "It's not possible..." she stammered. "tanks have failed to bring down these monsters. I have seen people empty round after round into their heads with no effect what so ever... How did you kill one with a sword!"

Ian just stared back at her as confused as she was, unable to offer any solution he looked again at the strange blade and thought to himself. Is this something more than just an old prop?
"My brother is a lot tougher than any of these stupid freaks. He can do anything!" Liv beamed up at her savior, causing Ian to blush a little.

"I have no idea what just happened, but I don't really want to test it again, So we should get the hell out of here before its fat friend shows up." Ian managed to reply. "Help me find something to stack up here for us to climb out on." he finished pointing to the remains of the ruined stairway.

Rayne nodded helping him gather a few pieces of furniture to stack up and create a makeshift ladder. Ian climbed up first, checking the room for the other creature. The storeroom was in shambles. What little had remained of the food lay trampled and shredded, but at first glance Ian could see no sign of the creature responsible. Quickly he helped Rayne and Liv up and they crept towards the back entrance of the church building.

The sun was setting as they finally escaped the ravaged building. There was no sign any life outside, human or otherwise. The refugees from before were likely still running from the horrors they had seen. Alone the three made for a distant tree line hoping to find some sort of shelter before night fall. Ian still clutched his new sword.