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July 8th, 2014, 05:33 AM
Muster and May 0 – “21 candles” - 1499 words

This is a comic that I have been trying to get drawn. I am a so-so artist and I know many people with better skills, however, they are all focused on other projects. My goal is to bring it to fruition myself with my own style of art by the time I am 40 (which is 6 years). That should be plenty of time to re-learn to draw, if I put enough energy towards it.

The teaser in this post needs to be shortened to fit a comic medium however it works in written form here, similar to a play.

Muster and May 0 are mercenaries for hire with past army ties.

Storyline – Its Musters Birthday andMay 0, friends and past business partners are throwing him a surprisebirthday. One caveat is they don’t know how old he is, he willnever tell anyone. How many candles should be on the mans cake?

Layout –
Cell 1
[May 0 and Muster are walking togetherdown a street, there is litter and it eschews the image of a dirty,futuristic yet backward city. A big city where anything can happenbut small enough that the inhabitants may recognize the deeds of thetwo anti-heros.]
May 0 says “We’ve been doingwell recently”
Muster “I suppose so”
May 0 “Not like that year wespent finding the mole in the Ginko Corporation, you said you were 30that year, right”

Cell 2
[May 0 and Muster walk by a newspaperstand, Instead of papers there are slots to plug in recorders whereyou download the latest news and screens displaying the current hotstories from various publications]
Muster “My age then isrelative to my age now like new shoes are to my feet, New Year or NewPair it is still just walking and aging.”
May 0 “Uh huh, It’s a nicenight tonight, isn’t it a Red moon. Didn’t we talk about howastrology was hogwash and you said you were born under a Red moon,that would make you 35?”
Muster “You can log all ourconversations in that wired cerebral cortex of yours, you would knowbetter than me”

Cell 3
[They walk through a door and it isdark all we see is the door opening and the silhouette of muster andmay 0 in the doorway]
May 0 “know that I think aboutit you never told me how old you are, how old are you?”
Muster “Why all the questionstonight?”

Cell 4
[A pan shot of a group of people somein party dress, military garb, women and men who look from alldifferent walks of life. They are holding drinks and the room isadorned with party decorations]
The people yell “HappyBirthday”
May 0[from side of cell] “Weneed to know how many candles to put on the cake”

Cell 5
[Muster and May 0 talking to a group of3 people as they walk in, muster looks to be blushing a bit, but heis smiling and seems happy to see everybody]
Muster “Wow, you shouldn’thave but it is good to see all these familiar faces”
Person 1 “May 0 commed us andsaid she she had never thrown you a party in the 8 years shes beenback with you”
Person 2 “Welcome to youruber-birthday party” person 3 “Did he tell you how old he wasyet?”

Cell 6
[Close up of Muster, you can see scaron his left cheek]
Muster “you can put 21 candleson the cake, 1 for every scar on my body, each one makes me gratefulto be alive. That’s the only fitting thing to celebrate.”
[another speech cell] “I’m going toget a drink”

Cell 7
[May 0 talking to 1 of the people]
Person 1 “hope we didn’tupset him”
May 0 “No, he’s not much forfrivolity, that’s all”

Cell 8
[Muster walking past a Rorys cage, theholographic bird in a cage, people dancing in the background]
Muster “Hello Rory, I’m gladshe brought you along,. Can you send me the files of our next job tothe comm. by the bar”
Rory “Roger that Captain, myholographic cage connects me wirelessly to the airship and comms inthe area, but…”

Cell 9
[Rory, dressed in adidas sweat suit andminiature dj tables in his cage]
Rory “as you can see I’m alittle busy with entertainment at the moment, you work to much take achill pill”

Cell 10
[Muster gets to the bar, it is anoverview of it. It is smallish circular tube surrounded by a circularbar table with bar stools around it. There are comm. Screen dispersedevenly on the table where customers can order from, take care ofbusiness or watch entertainment. There are a few patrons, two ofwhich are a boy and his apparent father both look poor on next to theleft of where muster walks up and you can’t see to the right ofMuster because of angle of shot]
Comm screen says [withelectronic type text box] “May I take your order sir”
Muster “I’d like a…”
Voice [from off to theright]“Muster, you old dog, I knew this would be your first stop,you were never much for mingling”

Cell 11
[It’s a cell of Muster with his headturned towards and another young man in a sports jersey walking up atthe bar]
Muster “Jeffy, how’s theworld of professional sports treating you”
Jeffy “I can afford to hire adozen bodyguards and a driver for each of my cars”
Muster “That’s good I usedto be your one man doing all those jobs”

Cell 12
[Jeffy slapping Muster on the back,Muster with a exclaimed look]
Jeffy “How’s work for you”
Muster “Its going well, thisyear we are working two jobs, top secret though. Which also mean highpaying”
Jeffy “Maybe now you canafford to upgrade that to a jet ship instead of that pile of boltsyou call an airship”

Cell 13
[More panoramic shot with Muster, Jeffyand the two people(the boy and his father)to the left Muster in it]
Muster “added jet propulsionlast year but left the propellers on to save gas”
Person 1[looks a older guy witha beard who looks a bit mean] “…What 5 stacks on a two drinkorder that’s insane
Person 2[looks younger and moreintelligent]”Papa, the government has upped the pleasure goods taxof 50% on alcoholic drinks top of the sales tax”
Person 1”In my day there wasno pleasure tax, why don’t they just call it a we don’t like youhaving a good time tax”
Person 2”The tax is actuallyto encourage people to drink less, its become a bit of an epidemic”

Cell 14
[May 0 walks into frame so it is justMuster, Jeffy and May 0 in the cell, but people can be heard arguingfrom side]
Person 1[Yelling] “I won’tpay. I’ll go back to bootlegging before I pay”
May 0 “Whats going on overthere”
Jeffy “just a regular whofound out its going to cost him twice as much to get the same drunk”
May 0 “From the looks of himand the fact he has his kid at the bar, drinking cost him some commonsense too”
Person 2[Calming] “Papa, didyou know they made it illegal to make your own alchohol too”

Cell 15
[Back shot that includes people dancingon a dance floor near the bar and a disco ball above it to signifyit’s a dance floor, you can see the backs of muster, may 0 andjeffy. The two patrons are still off to the right off the screen]
Muster “This new governmentwith its all its new taxes and policies has caused turmoil in thebusiness and political arena, means more work for me.
May 0 “Yes, what do you thinkof the new administration”
Muster “hmm, I really don’tkeep up on politics. Its always the same. They need some new ideas.No matter what they do, the problems stay the same only the issuesseem to change.

Cell 16
[Cell of Jeffy Taking May 0 by the armto the dance floor, here face is surprised and Muster is waving atthem]
Jeffy “Instead of dancingaround the issues, lets dance”
May 0 “Exclamation points”

Cell 17
[It is a scene of Muster Sitting withMay 0 and Jeffy standing above him, a few other party goers in thebackground, there a few open present boxes to the right and abirthday cake to his left. Muster is opening a present in front ofhim to reveal a toy airplane]
Text Box “Later on in theevening…”
May 0 “now that you’re donewith the presents lets blow out the candles on the cake”

Cell 18
[This is part one of a horizontallysplit cell, it shows musters hand on a switch on the plane turning iton and the sound of the propellers starting to spin]

Cell 19
[This is part two of the horizontallysplit cells, it shows muster pointing the planes propellers at thecandles on the cake and the candles being blown out by the toyairplane]

Cell 20
[Muster and May 0 are in shot, May 0 iscutting the cake]
May 0 “What did you wish for?”
Muster “I can’t tell youthat, but I will say it has to do with the fact that all the scars Ihave from all the fights I have survived I never fought alone”