View Full Version : Past, Present, and Future walked into a bar....

July 7th, 2014, 09:54 PM
Present: Stop me if you've heard this one before... past, present and future walked into a bar...

Future: ...and it was tense. Heard it before, Present.

Present: You're kidding me right? Really? You had to steal my shine?

Past: I thought it was nice.

Future: Of course you did. Everything is novel to you.

Present: Don't bully our past self.

Future: You're right, you're the one to bully. You know the hardships I must endure because of you?

Present: Me?

Future: Yes, you. Remember? Oh, haha I have time, I have time! No need to worry myself now, that's for a future me!

Present: First of all, I do not sound like that at all, ever and--

Past: I think it was a head on mimic.

Present: --Excuse me, when did the middle of my sentence start yours? Hey, and you're guilty of the very same thing, well, no not exactly. Sometimes I really marvel at your planning.

Past: Really? How so?

Present: Okay, so sometimes I fret and worry about an assignment. All the what if's, but you reassure me every time I look back. Sometimes I completely forget, but you remembered so I don't have to worry about it.

Past: Wow, I forgot about those...

Future: Yes, what a great relationship you two have. If only I was included in that joy of reassurance.

Present: Hey, don't forget, Past is just as guilty with the procrastination.

Past: Eh... don't blame me. I'm done and over with.

Future: And I'm destined to change, so maybe do a few things yourself and I wont be so mad all the time and overloaded.

Present: Are you guys placing our faults as a person all on me?

Future/Past: yeah.

Present: I'll have you know I have high expectations for you, Future.

Past: You don't really mirror mine, Present.

--silence --

Present: And I remember myself being a little nicer.

Future: Ouch!

Past: Hey! I'm great, remember when I wrote that story? That great story and novel?

Future: Wait, what? Great story, no when?

Present: Shh, quiet Past!

Past: Oh, oh, she doesn't know? Yeah, I wrote a story, why? Wait, why doesn't she know?

Present: Shut up...!

Future: Because I've been tasked with writing something.

Past: Present? What is this? What about my story?

Present: Well, it wasn't working for me...

Past: So you discarded it? What!

Future: Hey, you already wrote it! I still must bear the hardship!

Present: I'm sorry. I should really get back to that right now.

Past: Hey, what about my story?

Future: I'll get right on that. Right, Present?

Present: Shut up.

July 29th, 2014, 08:11 PM
That was in interesting breakdown of past present and future. I do sometimes wonder what i would do if i could meet my future ans past self. Maybe give my past self a few more kicks the shin to do things. Well it's got me thinking about that now so I think it was rather good overall.

October 28th, 2014, 08:03 AM
This is a really humorous dialogue! If you plan to present it on stage though, you should provide a bit more blocking.

January 11th, 2015, 01:25 AM
Wow that was a very interestingly witty explosion of entertainment! The concept is very nice, and it flowed well. I got just a little confused with the story thing near the end, but I was able to keep my head wrapped around it for the most part. Good show!

January 13th, 2015, 07:06 PM
Really loved this. Great humour, well written and makes you think.