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June 12th, 2014, 06:15 PM
Alfie and the Dinosaur's first day at school

Alfie and Jason wake up on a lovely sunny day.
They're both very excited because today is a very special day
It's their first day of school.

"Good morning boys" says Alfie's mum as she comes into the bedroom.
She opens up the wardrobe and they see their new uniforms hanging up.

Alfie and Jason both get out of bed and got to the bathroom.
They both wash their faces and brush their teeth.

The boys go back into the bedroom and put their uniform on.
They go downstairs to show Mum and Dad how they look.

"You both look really smart" says Dad.
"Oh you two look very handsome" said Mum

"Thanks Mum and Dad, I think we look cool" Alfie says smiling.
"I'm really excited" Jason adds. "We get to make lots more new friends."

Mum goes into the kitchen to make their packed lunches.
She then takes their lunch boxes and puts them into the boys rucksacks.

"Okay boys its time to go" Mum shouts.

The boys run to get their rucksacks from the kitchen and they leave the house with Mum and Dad to begin walking to school,

Both boys hold Mums hand as they walk down the street.
They go around the corner and they see their new school.
They all walk up to the gates and the boys let go of Mums hand.

"Okay boys," Mum says, "off you go and have fun."
"We will" The boys reply.

Alfie and Jason run into the playground with all the other children.
As soon as they get to the playground the bell goes, so all the children go inside.

Alfie and Jason go into the classroom and sit next to each other at a big table.
Alfie turns to a boy sitting next to him and says

"Hello my names Alfie and this is my friend Jason, what's your name?"

"My names Billy." The boy answered. "Do you want to be my friends?"

"Yes we do" Alfie and Jason said.

At lunchtime, all the children go into the lunch room and open their packed lunches. Mum had made Alfie and Jason jam sandwiches and little chocolate cakes. The boys have big smiles on their faces as the eat their lunch.

After they eat everything up, they go outside to play. They play games of football, tag and hide and seek until the bell goes.

After playtime is over the boys go back into their classroom. They spend the afternoon painting pictures and reading books until its home time.

As the bell goes to say the day is over, the boys put the paintings they did in their rucksacks to take home and then they go outside.

They see Mum and Dad standing in the playground waiting for them. They run towards them and give them a big hug.

"Did you have fun boys?" Dad asked

"Yes we did." answered Jason.
"I hope we have as much fun when we come back tomorrow" Alfie says as they all start walking home.

June 17th, 2014, 04:05 PM
A sweet story. I can see it done up with large, bright illustrations.