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June 12th, 2014, 03:58 AM
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The High Priestess

Solemn faced ma'am
flanked by two pillar
upright and tight.
An outfit in many colors,
dressed in high fashion.
A scroll in her hand,
with the moon crescent in shape
below her figure.
Resting behind her
appears to be
a veil of sorts,
almost like a door
to another realm.

Fool laid there. His breathing calm in the dead of night. No fear crept up, only a dreary sleepiness. He began to snore, not nearly out yet, though. Should he get up? Begin towards town again? A nagging thought Fool had no intention of answering.

Beginning to rouse, his body shook. Walk the path in this dark mask? Fading ever the more so into the night, Fool couldn't rise and he was glad he didn't have to, but his bickering thoughts chided him so.

He was adrift in the confides of his mind. A gentle gust... a low rumble... they carried him farther and farther from the here and now, but those questions still haunted poor Fool. What was he supposed to do?

It was then a voice sang from his depths. “Oh, little Fool, don't mind the wind, don't mind the thunder cracks. You'll make it out alive. Do nothing and rest, the storm will brew, just do not move.” She faded. Imagination, maybe? The lady, clad in red with a cross across her chest, emanated nothing but trust. A silent, calming trust.

A flowing breeze, warning of the storms increase in speed, but it was nothing as Fool slept. It was then the clatter of hoofs were heard. Fool did nothing, waiting like he was told. A neighing of a mighty stead halting in front, stopping the drowning rain.

“If it is not the boy!” called the farmer man. He jumped down into the mush. His boots sloshed in the mud as he moved towards Fool. “My job is done, need a ride?”

Fool opened his eyes. Rain dropped down, but he didn't say a word. An internal thought spoke wonders from inside.

You'll be fine. Kindly decline.

“I'm sorry sir, but I must say no.”

He was taken back, but laughed heartily. “Why so, my boy?”

“A thought of such creed has me pinned to this ground, but I rather like it this way, if you don't mind.”

“A thought you say? Well, I see the High Priestess has spoke! I will let you be. Rest away this night, and carry your joy into the day.” He climbed his stallion and rode away.

Fool watched with heavy eyes. Finally, he might sleep. Finally, he'll dream.

His dream was riddled with sights, with streams leading into a deep pool of visions. Of times before his. Times of gods and goddess, ruling rather with a calming touch than fists. They smiled upon the people with little malice, teaching lessons for new disciples. New gods, or goddesses, learning the trade of mortality, to be able to fend and defend. Lessons of hardship and might, of love and fright, of greed and pride, of the emotions gifted upon the mortal race. Oh, how Fool saw the span of time pass before his dreary eyes as the storm hollered behind. The meaning he could not find, but he decided he would so and what a tale would be told! Soon, though, he fell deeper than the visions could catch and pure, restful darkness saw him through the rest of the night, right through the storm.

The Empress

Food blossoming behind
she nurtures them with care.
Motherly in all,
it's a sign
of new comings.
Sweet and kind,
her eyes read.
Look towards nature,
for there's more there than seen.
It's what you receive,
plentiful and bountiful.
Stay grounded,
and find your roots.
Happiness, do never forget.

Up towards the sky, his eyes wide with delight. He managed the storm, how gleeful his fate. He laughed, and grinned, almost not hearing words spoken by his side. In a singsong manner, as if noone was around

“Ah, young boy, up at last I see,” said the voice. Happy, feminine they drifted like the wind.
Fool looked, seeing a slight resemblance to his mom. Quickened by surprise, Fool stood from his nap. Suppressing his yawn, he greeted the lady.

“Hello,” he said, bowing to the ground.

She smiled, her hand coaxing a flower petal. “See this growth? It will burst, and flower towards the sun. Have you soaked it in? The beauty in the colors, in the strength of the stem?” She was kind and sweet. Her hands expressing no strength, only care for the flower budding,

Fool shook no, noticing nothing but his growing hunger. He gripped his stomach now, groaning as it ached.

She looked worried, eyes cast towards him in pain. “My boy, are you okay?” Her words hurt him too, for they were etched in worry and concern.

He nodded no, rattled with agony.

Taking his hand, she led him away. “Follow me please, but keep open your eyes. Nature will answer you pleas.”

He uttered a yes, too afraid to say more. They walked the path laid by sand. Fool remembered his plan. His job to do. He dropped her grasp, and cried out.

“I must finish my deed!” The call had him curled on the floor. So big the pit, so huge his hunger. He winced and wailed, but silently to his ears

She held his gaze. “I see you must, but boy please, just follow me a little more. You'll see what I mean.” She stood him up, nothing more than a feather in her hands.

He listened, for he couldn't think. Fool trailed her waning body, until she stopped at a field. He looked out, nothing is what he saw.

“What is there for me here?” He asked in a low whisper. His eyes darted around and around. No food, no store, no market, or cook. Nothing for him to buy, or eat.

“As I said, see nature in all it's beauty. Smell, and hear. Taste and touch. You'll be surprised by what you see.” She smiled and ushered him forward.

Listening, he clasped his eyes shut. Smell...hear... taste... touch.

Aroma wafting here and there, nothing but joy filled his smell. Glittering light touched his freckled skin. New growth from the soil up. The bug buzzing, chirping, and smacking. He opened his eyes, and looked in awe. Food in abundance sat in front of him.

Grapes, and apples, vines, and berries. What a feast, but too much for one lad. “Miss...” he said, but she had gone. He looked to and fro, but she left him alone. He glanced back towards the fruit, the vegetables. His to nibble, his to take?

He caressed an apple, nimble in his hands. Red and shiny, succulent inside. Biting in, so yummy the juice. Finishing it off, he tossed the core. Fruit from earth back again to grow more. He ate his full, happy she had loved him so to show him this meal for many eaten by one.

He said to the sky, blue and cloudless, “Thank you, sweet motherly figure. I am hungry no more.”

In his ear, a whisper in the breeze, “Say no more, I, The Empress, loves and cares for all. Now on you journey you go, but take some for the trip, in fear that hunger may fall again.”

He basketed the rest. Some for ma. Strawberries, and apples, for her pies he oh, so, loves. He whistled once again. A tune so sweet, almost as if the Empress was singing it for him. Nature was all around, he thought. Better than bought goods, natural and good. Mixing and blending forms even better, like bakery goods. Fool smiled, already smelling the bread.

Nicholas McConnaughay
June 12th, 2014, 08:13 AM
I think it would be nice if you post a link to your other stuff. Give all the chapters, and all that, make it easy for someone to start up on it. Cheers!

Jorm Arcturus
July 10th, 2014, 06:21 PM
Fascinating writing style, almost Shakespearean. I enjoyed this.

July 10th, 2014, 06:50 PM
Thanks you two. I actually altered the first two. They aren't drastically different, but different nonetheless