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May 8th, 2014, 03:48 PM
Here's they story I've come up with where Heinrich works with help from Alex on giving intense training to high functioning Autistic boys to help them fit in better. I have a friend who actually did this one on one. It was a complete failure because the kid kept resisting. He was also a douche and made a lot of comments that are messed up on multiple levels.

Here's the beginning:

Heinrich stood in front of 20 of the recruits who had joined an intensive real world preparation and social skills class during the fall of 2013. They were in the second living room at the back of the house that they were using for bunks and to give the boys a living room. Heinrich had been given the house in downtown Fredericksburg by his grandparents who had moved out. Heinrich had made the decision to have the boys, who were all at least 21, live together so that they could be closely observed and guided. They required all recruits to be at least 21 because part of the training included going to bars to socialize. All of the people in the class were high functioning Autistic and had the potential to live an apparently seamless life but had never had the opportunities to do so. Heinrich had worked to overcome severe obstacles to gain the skills and confidence necessary to function with other people. He still had a strong Autistic accent and a “tactical” attitude. Alex was standing by as he announced to the boys what he planned to do. He told them that the process of changing themselves would be extremely hard and that they would likely be tempted to resist the difficult process of ridding themselves of negative, self sabotaging qualities, but that they would need to continue forward at every moment if they ever expected to change.
When Heinrich finished the speech he told everyone to get comfortable and that he would be spending the next few days meeting with them individually with Alex to go back to their houses to pick out clothes that were in good condition and that would be good for them to wear.