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What follows is a very small portion of the Necanic and English versions of the Necanecum's creation myth for the "Library" (see this post, if unfamiliar:http://www.writingforums.com/threads/146902-quot-The-Library-quot-A-basic-introduction-summary-(VERY-WIP)?p=1726178&posted=1#post172617 (http://www.writingforums.com/threads/146902-quot-The-Library-quot-A-basic-introduction-summary-(VERY-WIP)?p=1726178&posted=1#post1726178))

Also, after the verses, I've put a small bit of the Necanic Dictionary.This is not an attempt to put conlanging on a writing forum, as i'm not sure how that fits in here, but really just putting up some more to provide more background story to that whole "Library" thing in the other post.

1.Obeiatovum, eir Somnierael, eir Vialanieriel, eir Vvunieren.
Uiar, eir Uiarbhohiem, su svere ne Uiarvoie.
Ne Obvunier, vu weigh set, oben ne Tovocyr.
Tovocyr, eir shuine svere veid Seadhaugh, Et'a'Anec'a'Diyn.
Obeiatovum, ken Obvunier, ken Tovocyr, ken Almet, Enohiem ve iona Obendenuiarod.

(Rough translation): The All-holding Home of the People, by way of the Dark Male Power, the Light Female Power, and the Grey balanced power. Time, by way of the Time-Guiding-First, who weaves the time-paths. The Holders of Power, who are seven, hold the Homes of the Lesser People. The Homes of the Lesser People, by way of the act of weaving the three realms, mind-body-spirit. The All-holding home of the people, the Holders of Power, The Homes of the Lesser People, the Greater Above Ones, The First had made in the Time-of-not-time.

2. Ubor Obeiatovum vu weigh, ne Hiem te toveia Eno'Obeiatovhiem, Obendenuiarod.
Ve vunea pesh ne Hiem te vuneaden sen Teia'Amat, se enweigh Tamat'Nuhr, eir Ubornieren.
Ken uiar ve vunea, ne Hiem te irur pesh te kelirken maur Tamat'Nuhr, ano eir Ubornieren, pesh te ionaken boeta.

(Rough translation): Before the All-holding home of the people had being, the First were inhabiting the Fore-coming All-holding home of the First, in the Time-of-not-time. It had passed that the First did not give passing to the Hungry-Other, who became the Other/Outer Chaos, by way of the Old Balanced Powers. And time had passed, the First has seen that they could not be able to battle the Outer Chaos by way of only the Old Balanced Power, that they could not make many/much of.

Necanic "Dictionary"

"En" - 1
"Vo" - 2
"Veid" - 3
"Het" - 4
"Vash" - 5
"Koru" - 6
"Set" - 7
"Ket" - 8
"Ine" - 9
"Tsur" - 10
"D'sur" - 100

Necanic numbers function thusly: numbers above ten are denominated by firstly writing how many "tens", and then the number paired with it. For instance, thirteen would be written as "Tsur-Veid", fourteen as "Tsur-Het", ect. Numbers higher than nineteen follow the same pattern, for example, fifty-five being written as "Vash-Tsur-Vash", or ninety-seven, written as "Ine-Tsur-Set".

Anam - soul
Uiarbhohiem - Archivist (time-keep-First) (HWAR-BWO-HE-EM)
Dunvunea - Good passings (Greetings)
Voi - Path/Way (VOH-EE)
Kovat - Nexus
Fiater- Follow (PHI-ATER)
Et- Physical
Anec- Mental
Di- Spiritual
Uborum- Old Ones
Necanecum- We/People
Um (Suffix) - People
Oc (Suffix) - Mortals/Children
Et (Suffix) - Outer/Older/Above
Seadhaugh - Realm
Etseadhaugh - Physical realm
Anecseadhaugh - Mental realm
Diseadhaugh - Spiritual realm
Somne - Negative/Dark
Viala - Positive/Light
Vvun - Neutral/GrayNier - Energy
Obvunier - PillarDun - GoodKah - Destiny
Urad - Red
Kurad - Crimson
Veit - Green
Hahn - Blue
Tobur - Yellow
Paet - Black (color)
Nihd- White (color)

Min - I (neuter)
Mirn - I (Male)
Mitte - I (Female)
Ionaum - Maker/crafter
Iona - Make/craft
Ui - Am
Kov - Of
Muske - friend (er/en for female/male)
Enore - Flame
Enoryr - Flames (fire)
Vunea - Passing/movement (is used in conjunction with souls/time/Librarians)
Eir - With/Through ("by way of")
Hiem - “First”, also, “Te’Gheied’Uboret”- Those who come before. (TE-GHEE-ED-UBOR-ET)
Ubor - Age/old
Gheied - to come, or appear
Dvien - Place or area
Maur - Battle (Verb, noun is Maurod)

“Te” - indicative of a past possession/action by a group, e.g, te iona= they crafted/made
“Tu” - present possession/action by a group, e.g, tu gheied = they appear
“Thi” - future possession/action by a group, e.g, thi vunea = they will pass

"Ve” - dispossessed past action/possession, e.g, ve iona = it made
“Vu” - dispossessed present action/possession, e.g, vu gheied = it appears
“Vi” - dispossessed future action/possession, e.g, vi vunea = it will come

“Ye” - past possession/action by “we”, e.g, ye maur = we battled
“Yu” - present possession/action by “we”, e.g, yu vunea = we are going
“Yi” - present possession/action by “we”, e.g, yi iona = we will make

“Ie” - past possession/action by “you”, e.g, ie eluvir = you spoke
“Iu” - present possession/action by “you”, e.g, iu vunea = you pass
“Ii” - future possession/action by “you”, e.g, ii gheied = you will come

Note: "I" form of the possessive verb is used for saying "I had/I did". The basic form is as follows: "Mir" (appropriate gender form) + "I(e/u/i)" + verb. For example, to say "I will learn" (speaking as a male), is: "Mirn ii etir."

“Fe” - past possession/action by “he”, e.g, fe iona = he made
“Fu” - present possession/action by “he”, e.g, fu maur = he battles
"Fi” - future possession/action by “he”, e.g, fi eluvir = he will speak

“Se” -past possession/action by “she”, e.g, se iona = she made
“Su” - present possession/action by “she” e.g, su vunea = she passes
“Si” - future possession/action by “she” e.g, si maur = she will battle

"Nettir" - Stop/Freeze
"Baer" - Go
"Dulur" - Heat/Forge
"Enorov" - Burn
"Vukaen" - Meet
"Talmet" - Lead/command
"Ourur" - Feed/consume
"Nemet" - Reveal/show
"Eluvir" - Speak
"Laolatier" - Appoint/designate
"Irur" - Behold
"Etir" - Learn
"Eluv" - Speech/Tounge/Language
"Eluvum" - Lit., Speech of the people/us (Necanic)
"Ob" - All/All encompassing (when used as a prefix)
"Kiir" - Fear
"Uiarvoi" Time Paths (flows of time)
"Ne" - The

"Maurum" - Warrior (Lit., Person who does battle)
"Etirum" - Learner/Scholar (Lit., Person who learns)
"Talmetum" - Leader
"Irurum" - Oracle/Seer (Lit., Person who beholds)
(This same pattern is applied to all verbs; by adding the "um" suffix, it turns that verb into "one that does (verb)".

"Od" - Suffix that refers to a past event (ex. Maurod = "that past battle")
"Ot" - Suffix that refers to a current event (ex. Vuneaot = "this journey now")
"Om" - Suffix that refers to a future event (ex. Ionaom = "the coming making")

"Voaj" - To appear
"Worah" - Honor-based trophy-sigil of the Necanecum. Amounts to a personal sigil/glyph in proto-Necanic or Lesser Uboric, and warriors will take the Worah from a slain foe. It contains the essence of its owner within, and as such, those who have taken many of them from fallen individuals will become more powerful.
"Orhaj" - Honor/Obligation/Duty
"Kahorhaj" - Destiny-mandated duty (KAH-OR-HAJ).
"Den" - Negation of a subject, e.g, Fa baer den = He does not go.
"Ken" - And
"Heigh" - To do.
"Wheigh" - To be

Here's an example of a basic sentence: "Fe wheigh etheioc, ken fi baer obvunier. This translates roughly to = He is mortal, and he will go to the pillar.

"Enweigh" - To become
"Vuneaden" - To resist ( lit. "to not pass")
"Svere" - To weave together/combine
"Shuine" - The process/act of doing something
"Obendenuiarod" - the "Time without time", prior to the flow of time beginning in the Engine, used to refer to the time of the Hiem, and the Instance.
"Eno'Obeiatovhiem" - The Instance, or more literally, the "First Home of Those who Come Before".
"Oben" - To hold, or have possession of.
"Enohiem" - "First One of The First", or more simply, "The One", one of the two very first entities in the Necanic Creation Myth. "Ubornieren" - "The Old Energy/Power of Balance", or, the neutral energy harnessed by the Hiem in their resistance against Tamat'Nuhr, before the creation of the Engine.
"Teia'Amat" - "The Hungry Other/Outer/Outside", enemy of Enohiem, their conflict leads to the creation of Edvien, the Hiem, and Tamat'Nuhr, though both entities are mortally wounded, they live on through these constructs, and continue to struggle against one another.

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