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April 23rd, 2014, 01:14 PM
He sat in his chair at the café, I was waiting for the drug to take effect. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I been cheated, I guess all drug dealers are not honorable. I paid good money for some pills that were supposed to induce a stroke.

Apple sat there un-phased, maybe because he was young it was taking longer than it should to kick in.
I had been following him for months, not in the conventional sense, maybe stalking is the word they use now a days.
It was Wednesday he was having lunch with the same dull guy again. This perplexed me as I could not figure out what the two had in common. Apple Ice as he is known or Apricot as he refers to himself, is by his own admission a little older and wiser than most of his classmates. The air of sarcasm that comes across from being a little too confident; it is obvious when watching him deal with others. I have to steal some of his own words to describe him best.

“Men want to be him, girls want him, dogs want to be owned by him, bad-guys want to be killed by him. He is in five words, sexy and absolutely fucking awesome.”

He would not add “Lazy” to the description but I will.

My lottery ticket sat on the table in front him, his lap top. While others are hoping to get rich by buying a ticket I believe you have to earn what you make, or at least steal it from someone which is kind of like working.

Apple is a genius, he sort of knows it but refuses to act on it. Inside that lap top are the stories and ideas I need, while I have the connections in the publishing business I lack the talent to take advantage of it. He dreams of fame, someday in an odd sort of way he will be famous, his name will just not be used. Thousands someday will read his words, marvel at his intellect and pay tribute to his insight. While he will have words that will live forever, the checks will come to me.

I notice he is getting sleepy, I was told this is the first sign of the drug taking effect. Slumped in his chair in what I hoping is not poor posture but the drug taking effect. I slowly get up and walk across the café, I smile at him, at least his last moments will be comfortable. I gently move his elbow off of the lap top and pick up it up “my lottery ticket” and head out the door.

Apple you dreamed of fame, we shall have it

Apple Ice
April 23rd, 2014, 07:40 PM
You can imagine my surprise and horror/delight when I logged on to the trusty forum to find I had been satirized.

The amount of research that went into this piece is very impressive as well as the fact you seem to know me so well. That's quite scary. You must either be a good guesser, met thousands like me or much more likely, are actually stalking me. How you knew I was lazy I will never know.

Thanks Plastic, thoroughly enjoyed it.

April 23rd, 2014, 10:19 PM
Apple, glad you enjoyed it, I read your comments in the Writer's Discussion forum about "What Worries you most about writing." or something to that effect, You gave me the idea so I just ran with it. Not stalking you but have read most of your work and pay attention to what you write in your posts and responses to others. I did get the lazy from one of your posts, your own words :} they just stuck.

I am fascinated by the people here on the forum, I spend many hours reading, for some of the authors here I make a point in reading everything they write, you happened to be one of them. I sometimes feel that while others here are writing about stories that happen someplace else, I see the drama and the stories here, in the people that make up the forum.

Apple Ice
April 23rd, 2014, 10:40 PM
Of course I enjoyed it, a story all about me. My ego stood proud. Yeah I do remember saying I'm lazy actually. It's nice you recognise I'm a genius, that was appreciated. There's have certain members I have taken an interest in too and so actively read what they say. There are some fascinating characters on here.