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April 17th, 2014, 02:54 AM
I wrote the first 'My world of the dog' as an example to a male reader whom is helping me edit my story. He was intrigued with it and I wanted to elaberate what it was and why I was using it. Well needles to say When I posted it in the forum I had no thought of how it would effect someone of opposite gender.

I hang my head for this blunder. This is the comment that was posted, and why I wrote this one. Now I hope to have plied it to both sides.

Ok, you made me feel like a dog. And like a male dog, which made me really uncomfortable. It's genius and I never want to repeat this experience again.

I am grateful and sorry for this. Grateful that it inspired me to write a second piece. Sorry I made them feel uncomfortable. Please enjoy this from the other side of the pack.

My world of the dog II

Look at the mannerisms of the dog. Everything from breeding to survival is instincts. I am going to place you in the dog for a moment here.

At birth you are blind and deaf, you are hungry and in need of nourishment. How do you find where to get it? If your mother is an extraordinary mother, she might nudge you in the right direction. Otherwise you are on your own. The need to survive drives your week mussels and actions. You have a fifty, fifty chance to head the right direction after she cleans you. What small reserves you have from your mother will last only a short time as you with determination head up the belly side of your mother. Luck is in your favor, your instincts steered you rightly.

You are older now, your mother is out hunting. You are old enough to venture and explore about. You notice a mouse scurrying around, you trail it in the need to understand it. The smell is familiar for your mother has brought a few for you to eat, but they were never alive. It will not sit and let you examine it, thus you pounce. You end up mortally injuring it, you nudge it, sniff it, lick it, it twitches in its dyeing spasms. Then you do the unexpected, you eat it. Why unexpected? Because you had not intended to. You were curious more than hungry. But why did you eat it? Instincts.

You are nine to twelve months old. You are on the move, a few days ago your mother has chased you away from her den. There is a feeling within you, you do not understand. Fear keeps you looking over your shoulder for an unknown assailant. Your mother placed that fear there, the light sores she nipped on your rump tell you, you may never return.

Something alerts you, a smell. Not your own smell, a musky smell a strong potent smell. You follow your nose to a rock, the smell is strong there you can see the stain on the rock and the surrounding ground. It is a marker, you know to go further would place you into another’s territory. You look back the way you came, a shadow or a movement catches your eye down the trail, your rump twinges at that time, you step across the boundary.

A new caution inserts itself into you, you are an intruder. Following the trail you travel deeper into the territory of another. One scent is strong, but the marker was missing something. Something you cannot place. Something you should know but have already forgotten, your mother’s scent or that of another female. With your nose constantly to the ground and air you traipse about following an unknown scent, of an unfamiliar male.

The scent is stronger or more frequent now, it has a freshness that tells you, you are nearing his den. A low growl alerts you to his presents. You look to where the growl was emitted, you see a young yet strong male stalking towards you. Fear rivets you to the spot for a moment. Stiff legged and pert, every muscle and nerve alert, ready to flee. That smell you could not scent earlier still is not present, you are not sure though, you might have missed it. Your senses are telling you it is safe, your experience with your mother’s actions tell you another. As he approaches, you are ready to flee. Something inside is telling you to stay, his pheromones are causing a reaction, he has no mate.

You relax, you become submissive, tucking your tail tight under you, lowering your haunches under your belly, curling your body around and lowering your head so you must look up at him, exposing your soft throat the slightest amount. He rushes you, you scuttle sideways and fall on your side, raising your free front leg in a warding manner, curling your upper lip enough to show you will not take undue discipline, with these actions you are hoping he would rather be friends. He lowers his head to sniff at you, you scramble up to warn him off; you are not quite ready to expose your soft underbelly to him.

He walks around you emitting a soft low growl, again you show him your submissive posture, and the process repeats a couple more times. It ends with him pinning you to the ground with his jaws agape around your throat. You whine softly to let him know you accept him as your Alpha male.

From this point on you and he build a friendship, and begin a courtship. The two of you go out hunting and marking a greater territory for yourselves and the future generation yet to come. Five days later you and he perform the dance of mating. Always close to the main den, the deepest in the territory, away from interlopers and intruders. For the next seven days he will not leave your side he knows only one thing. You.

For the next seven days you must chastise him to leave you alone and pay attention to the hunt. You now show him who and what the Alpha female is.

For the next fifty five to sixty days the two of you hunt and prowl your territory. Finely one day you feel the pain, the pressure that comes with birthing young. You refuse to leave the den. Your mate lowers his head and slowly walks out to hunt. He knows he has to work harder to provide for his mate, and more.

April 18th, 2014, 09:21 PM
I liked this, its a fun read if you want to see from the eyes of a female dog. I have had several dogs so I've seen that behavior before. Anyways great short, I really enjoyed it.

April 19th, 2014, 04:22 AM
I liked this, its a fun read if you want to see from the eyes of a female dog. I have had several dogs so I've seen that behavior before. Anyways great short, I really enjoyed it.

Well thank you,

If you think you would not mind the different perspective I have the first one My world of the dog. Like I said at the beginning if this one because of one lady and her view I wrote this. I think they both equal out the way of the dog and both perspectives should be viewed by all. Also either of these shorts "My world of the dog" and "My world of the dog II" can be written as male or female. I is not uncommon for the female to have had the established territory and the male to be the wanderer. Either way the results are the same as is the established dominance between the two.

This one, as was the other, was written as a sample of what my Mane Character had to learn as a 25 to 30 year old man. Then later in the story he had to figure out how to teach this to others, to learn the instincts and how to survive as a dog.

Of course with subjects as this I do enjoy writing, even if it is just shorts.