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April 16th, 2014, 09:10 PM
My world of the dog

Look at the mannerisms of the dog. Everything from breeding to survival is instincts. I am going to place you in the dog for a moment here.

At birth you are blind and deaf, you are hungry and in need of nourishment. How do you find where to get it? If your mother is an extraordinary mother, she might nudge you in the right direction. Otherwise you are on your own. The need to survive drives your week mussels and actions. You have a fifty, fifty chance to head the right direction after she cleans you. What small reserves you have from your mother will last only a short time as you with determination head up the belly side of your mother. Luck is in your favor, your instincts steered you rightly.

You are older now, your mother is out hunting. You are old enough to venture and explore about. You notice a mouse scurrying about, you trail it in the need to understand it. The smell is familiar for your mother has brought a few of these for you to eat, but they were never alive. It will not sit and let you examine it, thus you pounce. You end up mortally injuring it, you nudge it, sniff it, lick it, it twitches in its dyeing spasms. Then you do the unexpected, you eat it. Why unexpected? Because you had not intended to. You were curious more than hungry. But why did you eat it? Instincts.

One more step now you are in the nine to eighteen month range. There is a smell on the air, one which you know without knowing where or why you do. Your nose directs you to its source. There is a lone female traipsing through your little bit of territory, which you have established, outside of your mother's. The way in which she proceeds she knows she is in another's area. You observe her for a while, keeping stealthily out of sight and down wind. She is heading straight to your preferred den. Now she is a trespasser. Now you are the defender of what is your home and life. You must either driver her away or at worse kill her.

But the smell hits you again. It sends a signal through your body, one that you felt only once when your mother chased you away from her den and territory. This time she is not your mother. This time the smell is from a stranger. Your memory of your mother's actions raise your hackles, this female might do the same. The memory brings an anger to you and you give forth a soft warning growl. She stops and perks up at your voice. Fear freezes her as you stalk from your vantage point. She does not know if you are alone or mated, though she has not noticed any female scents about. Your senses tell you one thing your experience tell you another. With defensive caution you approach her. You now are beginning to react to her pheromones and you are excreting your own. She relaxes a bit, your smell telling her you do not as yet have a female.

She becomes submissive, turning her rear to you, tail tucked haunches lowered up under her belly and her body twisting so as her head is down and she must look up to you. You rush her, she scuttles sideways laying on her side she raises her front leg in a warding manner and bares her teeth. This tell you she will defend herself but she would rather be friends. Her smell tells you this and more. You lower your head to sniff at her. She scrambles up and warns you away. She is not quite ready to let you near her soft underside. This display and action happens two or three more times before you pen her holding your open jaws on her throat. Her submissive wines tell you she agrees you are the alpha male.

Now the building friendship and courtship begins. The two of you hunt and mark you territory. It grows to accommodate the two of you and the future generation to come. Five days later you perform the dance of mating. Always at the center of your territory, always where you two will be safe from intruders, and interlopers. For the next seven days you are near blind to most everything else except her. For seven days after that she is beside you but will not let you get close to her, her estrous cycle is ending. For the next fifty five to sixty days she hunts with you, until one day she refuses to leave the den and you hunt alone. Instincts tell you she needs you to bring the food to the den and it needs to be enough for more than just her.

April 16th, 2014, 09:38 PM
Ok, you made me feel like a dog. And like a male dog, which made me really uncomfortable. It's genius and I never want to repeat this experience again.
I felt like the "End" it's not necessary. The story speaks by it self and it's not the end, more like a beginning of the same cycle. Very good!

April 17th, 2014, 01:07 AM
Ok, you made me feel like a dog. And like a male dog, which made me really uncomfortable. It's genius and I never want to repeat this experience again.
I felt like the "End" it's not necessary. The story speaks by it self and it's not the end, more like a beginning of the same cycle. Very good!


I am sorry I did not think about how it would effect the ladies.

This was something I wrote to another person. It struck me in a way I felt I needed to share it.

When I copied and pasted I intended to remove the word "End" Because the letter went on from there. I will remove it.

hm. Now you have my brain going.

(A twist here and a change of perspective there... hm interesting, very interesting indeed.) Be back in a bit.

Keep an eye out for "My world of the dog II (for the ladies)"

April 20th, 2014, 08:48 PM
All right I have to ask AnnieAnne,

I can assume you are a young lady by the name and the Avatar. Any way female.

Not to be rude or intrusive. I would like to know or understand your uncomfortable feeling. I do not believe I was too explicit in my description. I did attempt to keep it a G+ rating, possibly a R-. Did I write that well or did you perceive it that far? Is it what I wrote or how I wrote it?

I have mixed feelings here.
One is, WOW! what a compliment. To be able to bring someone that well into my writing that they feel so.
Two is, Oh NO! I am sorry I did not mean to make you feel that way.

I mean there is a double compliment here. To me for the way it made you feel. To you for the imagination to feel thus.

Please do not respond if it makes you feel uncomfortable to do so. I just cannot imagine that this provoked those feelings in someone.

Like I said I am elated and sorry at the same time.

Anyone else have a comment please, did it do this for you?

April 21st, 2014, 12:02 AM
I enjoyed this. It's much different from what I usually read, but it was an experience I'll remember I think :)