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April 8th, 2014, 01:40 PM
I watched him as he fiddled nervously with the rifle by his side unable to do any more. This guy has messed up everything in life he’s ever touched, I can tell he can’t do this, fear has him paralyzed. We were at a standstill, I can’t shoot him until he fires the first shot. He doesn’t have the guts to do more than stand there.

Confrontation with another guy is as basic as it gets, man has been fighting man since the beginning of time. In a simpler time, there would be a simple solution, today with the complexities of the law it only insures that this will only drag on for another day.

My adversary, if you can call him that, is used to being on the other side. Up until now he has been the one in the bushes, he’s the one doing the intimidating, stalking the victim, causing the carnage. He has greatly disappointed me with his cowardice, I was hoping for much more. All of the talk was just that, talk. I thought the bad guy was supposed to be tougher than this, braver than this; anything but this fearful piece of shit in front of me.

He knows I am here to kill him. I guess even bullies have some form of self-preservation. Up until now none of his actions haven't made any sense to me. This is his first sign of common sense. I will have to break him down so that he can only react not think. I need him to shoot at me, I guess tonight is not the night. I slowly slip back into the shadows, leaving him there to only wonder if I have left for the night or if I am just out of sight watching him, it is all part of the game.

I head back to where I have hidden the truck, it is a cool damp evening, the wet leaves make no sound as I move through the woods. I have night vision but seldom use it, I am very comfortable in the shadows. I stop and listen, there is the excited bark of a coyote, then another. I am not alone in these woods, not the only hunter.

Tonight is their night, the barking of the two coyotes is joined by a third and a fourth. It is not hard for me to picture what is going on, a deer more than likely wooded by a hunter’s arrow. The rest of the pack joins in, there is a wild frenzy of barking and yips. They will panic the deer and it will expend all of its energy trying to run, often in circles because of sheer fright.

I do not hunt that differently.

The woods grow quiet, the deer has fallen, they feast.

I continue my walk, all of the woods are silent in an eerie way
Tomorrow, I will return to hunt, just as the coyotes

Trying to figure out if this is worth expanding on as a story line

April 8th, 2014, 02:26 PM
Yes you should definitely expand on this. I'm curious to know more about this hunter as well as the complex laws you mentioned. Also loved the way you compared him to the coyotes. To me that added a lot to the story.

April 8th, 2014, 06:20 PM
Yea, go for it and expand it. I would read it, I'll tell you that much.