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February 22nd, 2014, 09:12 PM
“How old are you?' I asked simply to end the silence.


“15? Um... you look younger.” I didn't let the surprise I felt leak into my voice.

“Yes, I know. Ho- how about you?”

The continuing of the discussion seemed to be a challenge for her, but she was ready to face it.


“Ah! 25? You're a child as well? I knew it!” Randy said, coming from the back of a tree that surrounded us. “I'm nearin' 32, meanin' I have the experience to best you all!”

“Yes, you're an old man. I'm only 29,” came Robin from afar who was sitting on a rocky ledge, cleaning her blade.

“Humph, I'm 20,” said Seth who was watching Robin's procedure crisscross apple sauce at the bottom of the ledge.

“Hey now! I'm just more experienced!” Called back Randy, growing a tad mad at the turn in the conversation.

Serene stepped away from me, and started wringing her hands together. I zoned out from the dialogue and focused on the environment around me. What did she hear?

Rustling to my side, a branch moved above me, more leaves fluttering. We weren't alone. I reached behind me.

Randy saw this sudden motion, and the change in the atmosphere. His eyes zoomed into the background of our makeshift camp. Robin also acknowledged the switch from relax to tense, and tightened her grip on her blade, stuffing her cleaning rag into her pocket.

Seth continued to blabber on and on about Randy's age, oblivious to everything around him. He had gotten up and moved closer to us three. “Ye're senile; I can tell by theway ye speak.” His pompous attitude was clear in his tone. He shut his eyes, and opened up one palm of his hand. “Ye can't fix what ye ar-”
A bundle of a man jumped from a tree with his blade turned to Seth's open chest.

I rose my bow and shot. The arrow whizzed inches from Seth's neck, piercing the bandits chest straight through and through. He fell to the ground dead. Seth's sentence died on his lips as he watched his almost killer fall to the ground lifeless. “What the?!”

The whole gang leaped from their spot sand ambushed us. We all moved as one, except Seth who was fumbling with his rapier.
I disposed of my bow on my back, and pulled out one of my longer daggers. Next to me, Serene was low to the ground chanting something in a low whisper, and waving her hands just above the ground. “I gotcha back there, Serene.” I circled her, deflecting any on coming attacks her way.
Robin was clashing weapons with three others, not even breaking a sweat. Two of the bandits latched onto Randy, dangling from him as he swung around wildly. Seth tried to take jabs at the two with his slender sword, but missed every time.

“Can't you aim?!” shouted Randy.

A fire blazed behind Seth's eyes and he dropped his rapier, pulling out his gun instead, and he shot. Randy got a hold of one of those around him, and swung him in line with the bullet, which hit the guy directly in the shoulder.

“Trying to kill me as well!?” Randy gave a running crash into the crowd that was surrounding Robin, dislodging the last guy on him while taking out two others simply by ramming into them. Robin made quick work of two of the original bandits that had attacked her.

This gang consisted of many men andwomen, and even a few bowmen. I was staying on my toes trying to knock away any up and coming arrows, but I couldn't see where theyoriginated from.

“Hurry it up!” I said as an arrow sliced my arm. Serene's eyes popped open, glowing an unnatural purple, She pressed hard in the center of where she'd been working with her hands, and in a rush of gale the rest of the bandits fell paralyzed. The bows stood in the air mid-flight, and seconds later the bowmen flung from their hiding spot and out into the open. Serene smiled between gasp of air. Finishing off the rest of the bandits was easy going as none moved.

“You pack a punch for one so young,”said Robin, as she wiped blood off her blade. She addressed Serene, who was turning pink from all the attention.

“Hey, hey! I also killed a few!” Seth butted in.

“Yeah, almost offin' me as well!” Randy threw a punch in Seth's direction, which he slipped and fell to dodge.

I was busy checking the bandit few belongings. They were a part of Gil. “We have a problem.”

“What?” They all stopped and said.

“These guys are from Gil.”

“Gil? What's that?” asked Randy.

Everyone swerved to look at him. “Are ye kidding me? Ye've been here how long and haven't heard of them?”

“Hey, I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge!” he grumbled. “Just tell me what they are!”

“I've only heard rumors...” Robin began, “they are a superb 'agency' of sorts, dealing in thievery, assassinations, plundering, robbing, ambushes -like this one-, and more. They come with a hefty price if you want to do business with them, but they get the job done, or so I heard.”

“Do they work uncalled for like this?” Randy questioned.

“No, not really. This group was testing our skills. A scouter was watching how we fought, so next time they'd be prepared. Someone assigned them to us,” I said.

“Dang it!” Yelled Seth to the sky. He punched a nearby tree to let out the anger. “I hate these guys! Thinking they're better then us!”

“We can't do anythin' now, so cool it. We'll be on the look out for now on, but we need to get back to the job.”

“Randy's right, we need to get moving. I think we've over stayed our welcome here.”

“Come on then! What are we waiting for? Another attack?” Randy began walking the path again. We all followed suit. The further we walked the farther behind Serene fell. “Did that take a lot out of you?” I asked.

She shook when I asked. It was like a circuit was coursing through her. “Do you need help?” Her eyes were dimming each second. “Hey, guys!” I shouted. They all ran back ready for the attack they thought must be coming.

“No, no, look at Serene.” She had gone limp now, only standing by the help of my shoulder.

Seth took a step back, freaked out. “W-w-what''t up with her?”

“Is she tired?” Randy asked, concern filling his voice.

“That blast of wind from her was strong.” Robin checked her vitals. “I think she passed out? We can't leave her. What shall we do?”

“I'll take her.” Randy took her in his arms, and she snugged closer to his chest. Color invaded his cheeks, and he coughed to clear his throat.

I smiled, but it was hidden by my covering. “I think she's just tired.” Everyone seemed pleased by this, and we continued back on our journey. Seth made it a point stay away from Randy, and Serene.

“Scared of death, boy?” Randy said towards Seth, who jumped and quickened his pace away.

“Not even! I just don't like being near sick people.”

“She's not sick, just tired,” I added in.

“Whatever! They all say that, and then they die.” He shut up then and lagged behind us.

“What's his problem?” Randy kept glancing back at Seth.

“We all have something buried in our past we prefer to stay gone,” Robin said up-ahead. She was clearing the trail for us, making sure no one was hiding, ready to strike.

The farther along we went the more narrow the road become, sometimes disappearing all together under the growth of untamed weeds.

“No one has walked these path's for some time,” Randy mumbled as he stepped over fallen boulders.

“We are close,” Robin said, ushering with her hands for us to stay low. In that instant Serene took the opportunity to wake up.

“Thank you,” she said while she squirmed off of Randy, and closer to me.

“Don't mention it.” He didn't care about how rudely she darted off of him; he was more focused on the scene in front of him.

“You're hurt,” Serene said when she reached me. She placed her hand over my arm, the spot where the arrow broke skin.

“It's only a scrape.”

“Be careful.” Our conversation, too, ended as we saw the house, or more precisely, the mansion in front of us.

“That's its own village...” Seth said with his jaw at the ground. “The dog's in there? We'll never find it!”