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Chapter 3: Troy

‘Troy!’ A voice called to him, unfamiliar at first, his sun drained mind made his thinking slow. ‘Troy, are you there?’ The voice called again.

Red dust blew over the barren lands, carried by a dry and warm breeze. The sun was sweltering and hot, as Troy sat with his back against his car. His white shirt was blackened with oil, his hands covered in sanguine engine fluids and rusty water. Sweat was beading on his brow, wiped away and replaced with grease from the back of his hand.
Troy’s mouth hung open, dry as a bone; flies buzzed and landed on his lips, but no hand rose to swat them away. His eyes were open, but did not move; instead they stared into the openness of the red lands which carried on for an age.
The car door opened and shut, the slam woke Troy up from his daydream, coughing hoarsely, red dust escaped from his mouth.

A young man walked around the front of the car. He was fairly tall for his age, with bronze skin and thick mahogany hair of curls. The fires of the sun flickered and glistened in the deep pool of a brown so dark that it appeared black.
A low grumble escaped the dryness of Troy’s throat as he stood slowly to meet the gaze of the young man before him. The teenage boy eyed Troy awkwardly, before looking down and screwing the lid off of a bottle of water.

‘Troy, drink some water, you’re dehydrated,’ he said as he placed the bottle of tepid water in Troy’s hand.

Troy brought the bottle to his mouth and swallowed deeply, the warm water stinging his throat. He clutched at his neck, as though the skin of his uvula was cracking and flaking off. More raspy coughs emanated from his throat of razors, as small tears cascaded down his cheek, carrying oil and red dirt, leaving clean streaks of skin in their wake.

‘E-Ed?’ Troy said, breathing heavily. ‘What happened?’

‘The car broke down, we’ve been here for a day or two,’ he said, before heading over to place a hand on Troy’s forehead. ‘You got sun stroke and passed out trying to fix the car.’

Troy remained silent, his face filled with quizzical confusion as he tried to remember back.

Ten minutes or so passed, with nothing but an awkward silence filled the air between Ed and Troy.

‘Has no one driven past?’ Troy asked, breaking the eerie silence.

‘No one,’ Ed said. ‘You called the emergency services; they said they would be out within the first day. But no one has come yet.’ He looked down at his feet, kicked the red dust off of his shoes.

‘We have to get to dad as soon as possible,’ Troy said, choking slightly on his words.

‘Do you think we’ll get there before he dies?’ Ed asked with a quivering bottom lip, as tears filled his dark eyes.

‘Yes,’ Troy said, trying to comfort his brother. ‘And anyway, Dad won’t die. He’s strong, remember?’ He tried to sound as convincing as possible, but the look on Ed’s face told the story.

‘Don’t patronise me, Troy,’ he said, crossing his arms whilst tears began to flow freely from his dusty, red eyes.

‘The last I heard from the doctor on the phone was he had a fever,’ Troy said, finding his voice. ‘Fever’s barely kill anyone these days; doctors can always relieve a fever.’

‘But they said it was a fever they had never experienced before didn’t they?’ Ed asked as his tears began to dry up.

It's true, Troy thought, they had never seen a fever take someone so fast, and debilitate them as much as it had our father.

Troy stayed quiet for a while, thinking over their situation whilst Ed went back and sat in the car. Twenty minutes passed before Troy got up and joined him in the car, he let out an exasperated breath as he escaped the sun’s rays and entered the shade and sat down in the soft material of the backseat. Ed had his back to him, Troy reached out and grabbed his shoulder.

‘How you doing, Ed?’ he asked.

Ed turned towards him and glared through pain soaked eyes, red from tears and the dust of the empty space that surrounded them. His breath was short and sharp between quivering lips and drenched cheeks, yet he remained silent and still, ignoring Troy's efforts to comfort him.

'I'm going for a walk,' Troy said. 'See if I can find some sort of civilisation close by. Stay here.'

Ed nodded his head in reply, still no sound escaped the crease of his lips. A warm breeze blew over Troy's face as he exited the car, dust choked his throat and he coughed up coagulations of thick rusty coloured fluid.

Troy walked along the side of the road that seemed to go on for an age each way. The screwdriver in his pocket rubbed and poked at the outside of his thigh. Every step was becoming a struggle. His mouth was dry, eyes raw and his nose clogged with red dust from the dry lands surrounding him. The sun had passed its highest point in the sky and began its descent, Troy wiped a thick red substance of sweat and dust off of his brow.

I should head back before it gets dark, Troy thought. Ed's probably a bit worried.

Before Troy could turn, he spotted the faintest silhouette against the fading sun. It ambled slowly in Troy's direction. Excitement filled his chest, as he realised it was another person.

”Hey!" Troy yelled, waving his hands above his head. "Over here."

He began to jog over to the person, but slowed his pace when he got within proper eyesight of the man. He dragged his feet, still meandering over towards Troy, blood dripped off his mouth, and his left ankle was twisted around the wrong way. His arm was hanging on to his body by the smallest threads of sinew and muscle, his neck had a gaping chunk taken out of it. The man lifted his eyes off of the floor, and looked at Troy with cloudy and lifeless eyes. A screech escaped it's mouth, revealing mouldy and decaying teeth of yellow and black, as it began to pick up its pace and heading over to Troy.

"Sir?" Troy asked, his words quavering with fear. "Are you ok?"

The man continued to lurch over, his legs changing from the slow walk to a gallop. His mouth salivated a thick red mixture of dust and blood, which dripped down onto his ripped clothes. Troy stood with his mouth agape, staring at the man with pale and grey skin. He began to back away.

"Stay away!" Troy shouted. "Don't come any closer."

The man did not heed his warning. Troy continued to step backwards, as he did so, his foot caught on a rock and he fell onto his back, the screwdriver in his pocket pierced the thickness of his thigh. A loud yelp escaped his mouth, as his hand grabbed at the rip in his pants where the handle of the screwdriver had burst through. His fingers shook violently as they grasped the yellow handle, but before he could think, the man was on him, jaws snapping violently at his face, blood, saliva and dust in one conglomeration dripped onto his face. The warm breath of the man stunk of decayed meat and morning breath.
Troy put his hand in the middle of the man's head and held him at bay, yet his strength was fading. His other hand lay gingerly on the hilt of the screwdriver, he pulled slightly, yet the pain was unbearable. The man's hands squeezed his shoulders, the dead fingers began to dig into the skin and pull the bones apart. Pain erupted through Troy's body, with one quick pull the screwdriver burst free from his leg and blood sprayed out from the wound.
Troy buried the screwdriver into the side of the man's head, his dead fingers twitched violently and the man's once tight grip, fell loose. The body flopped onto Troy, the weight of the large man took all of Troy's remaining strength to shift off of his own body. He stood and pulled the screwdriver from the skull of his attacker, wiped the blood on his torn clothes before putting it into the other pocket of his pants.
His breath was short and rapid, he glanced at the puncture wound in his leg and winced at the pain. Quivering hands touched the entry wound gingerly, as blood still flowed freely from the hole. Without thinking, Troy pulled off his shirt and tied it tightly around his leg, and he began to limp back towards Ed with the sun fading fast behind him.