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February 17th, 2014, 06:34 PM
Hi. This is my very first script (well, first one that isn't an assignment from school). I don't really know how to write scripts or what they are supposed to look like, just thought I'd take a shot at it. Please tell me what you think. I imagine this would be more of a film screenplay instead of a theatre piece, so if that makes a difference, that's that. I hope it's not too long. This is just the first act, so there is much more to come after this. I already got the plot laid out. Thanks for taking a look if you do! I really appreciate it!
- Glyph :pharoh:
P.s. I was inspired by an anime called Durarara!! :nevreness:


The scene opens with TEAGAN in her office, mixing together some curry, rice and corn. She smells the food and stuffs it into a semi-dirty microwave and closes the door, punching in 2:30 on the number pad.

Teagan: (leaning back on the nearest countertop) Man, I gotta get a new food heater. If I keep putting food in there for as long as I do, I’m gonna drain this baby (she pats the top of the machine) out of all the voltage it’s got in like… a day.

(Her desk phone rings, TEAGAN walks over and holds down the speaker button)
Teagan: Meena?

Meena:(on the phone) Ms. Winslow, there is a man here to see you.

(The microwave beeps and Teagan walks over, the speaker on her phone is still active. She takes out the bowl of food and blows on it while reaching for a spoon then mixing the contents of the bowl with it)

Teagan: (from a distance) Tell him he can either die, or let me have lunch time. (She cautiously picks up a spoonful of the food, blows on it then carefully puts it into her mouth. She starts chewing)

Meena: (on the phone) He says… (murmuring in the background) He says he’ll take his chances. He says he’s played death with you before.

Teagan: (surprised, replies with her mouth half-full, chewing) Hm. Alright… let him in.

TEAGAN takes a washcloth and holds the bowl with the cloth at the bottom to prevent herself from burning and carries the bowl over to the front of her desk where she leans over the edge and continues placing spoonfuls into her mouth as she watches the empty hallway through her clear glass office doors. Clumsily, she drops some food back into the bowl, and as she looks down to scoop up some food more precisely, she hears a hollow knock on her door and instinctively looks up, moving her eyeballs only

(MITCHELL is at the door, his back slightly hunched peering to the inside of TEAGAN’s office. When he sees her notice him, he gives a forced smile and wave in her direction)

Teagan: (smirking, speaking to herself) Well, well, would’ya lookie here? (She places her bowl on her desk, wipes her hands on her thighs and walks towards the door to open it, speaking to herself) Teagan, your irresistible charm must’ve brought him crawlin’ back.

(Teagan swings the door open, and extends her arm towards the interior of her room, gesturing for MITCHELL to enter. He nods in gratitude and stuffs his hands in his pockets as he enters the room, sniffing)

Mitchell: (rubs nose with index finger before returning his hand in his pocket) What? You’ve taken up cooking now?

Teagan: (following him back to her desk, grinning) An idle mind is the devil’s playhouse. I had to keep myself busy while I waited for you to come back, begging for my help.

Mitchell: (laughs, as he plops onto the leather armchair in front of TEAGAN’s dark mahogany desk) You think I wanted to come here?

Teagan: (moves slyly around her desk and slowly sits on her leather office chair, reaching for the bowl of still hot food on her desk) Of course. (She shoves a spoonful into her mouth, chewing) There must be a reason why you chose me. (Swallows) Now, who’s part of this new turf war you’ve started?

Mitchell: (grinning, he moves so that his elbow rests on the back of the chair as his hand hangs below it and his legs are crossed) Nah, took a break from the gang bangers. I’ve got a new job for you.

Teagan: (she extends out the bowl towards MITCHELL, offering a bite. He shakes his head, TEAGAN shrugs and collects the last spoonful and puts it into her mouth. She pushes the food to the side of her mouth, MITCHELL can see her cheek bulging out as a result of it. TEAGAN replies) Oh yeah? What job is that?

Mitchell: (he takes the ball from her desk and plays with it in his hands) There’s this kid, and his girlfriend, she –

Teagan: (coughing to interrupt MITCHELL, then laughing) Oh man! Mitch Faust! I never pegged you for one to get involved in a lover’s brawl… (she continues to chuckle)

Mitchell: (places the ball back on her desk, uncrosses his legs and lean his elbows on his knees with his arms waving loosely, scoffing) Aha, no. I just happen to be close with both members of this particular relationship.

Teagan: (she begins walking behind MITCHELL to the counter and places the bowl carefully in the sink, and fills it with water from the tap. She jumps onto the counter and leans on her hands) Woah, woah, slow down there cowboy (she says with a Texan accent, kow-boi). I didn’t know you were into threesomes! I’d have invited you over.

Mitchell: (smirking, but not turning to face TEAGAN) Teas, you, me and Meena having a discussion isn’t considered a three-way. Besides, there’s no way you’d get Meena outta her clothes. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Teagan: Not hard enough it seems. But, I suppose it’s true because she doesn’t shut up about that boyfriend she has (air quotes, with the Texan accent) “back home”.

Mitchell: (turning his body so that his legs hang off the arm of the chair, and his arm rests along the back of it, laughing) Seriously? What? They going steady or something? Hasn’t she been with you for like two years now? If it were me, I’d screw her and get myself some new eye candy.

Teagan: (chuckling) Oh, he screwed her all right. She doesn’t stop talking about that part of their relationship.

Mitchell: (scoffs) Has he visited her?

Teagan: Nah… he’s back in Idaho. I doubt he’s gonna make the trip all the way to Canada. (jumps off the counter and strides back to her desk, plops onto her chair and puts her elbows on her desk, and leans her head on the bed of intertwined fingers under her chin, pushing her body forward) Now, tell me again why you’re here?

Mitchell: (moistens his lips) Right, so Tian and Ulma? That Russian girl? His new girlfriend?

Teagan: (irritated) Yeah, yeah… I know ol’ telephone pole and his new eye candy, get to the point man.

Mitchell: (rolling his eyes) Geez, okay, calm yourself down… Tian’s- Wait, did you say telephone pole? Who the hell is telephone pole?

Teagan: Tian Telepon…? That’s his name right? That translates as telephone pole in some Asian language. I used to have some Indonesian maid when I was like 9 and I picked up a LOT of shit.

Mitchell: (giving TEAGAN a strange look) Right….

Teagan: (irritated) Alright, whatever, what’s the problem with this dude and his new chick?

Mitchell: She was kidnapped. And Tian thinks it was his fault.

Teagan: (raising her eyebrows, glaring at MITCHELL) And this is my problem because….?

Mitchell: (exhaling sharply) I need you to find out where Ulma is and why she was kidnapped… so I can give that person a good clobbering myself.

Teagan: (smirks) So, this Ulma is a lover of yours?

Mitchell: (defeated) What?

Teagan: Well, if she truly was Tian’s girlfriend, wouldn’t he get dibs on pulverizing this, or these, captors? After all, he has more of a personal relationship with her… or do you?

Mitchell: (gritting his teeth) Stop trying to work in this relationship, mushy shit, all right? There is nothing sexual between me and these guys, I’m just looking out for them!

Teagan: (gesturing her arms as if she surrendered) All right, all right. Tell me, do you have any details on why this Ulma could have been captured?

Mitchell: (reaching into a shoulder bag he brought in, while TEAGAN looks at him doing it contently; Straining to talk, he replies) I did some digging before I came here in the hopes of clearing this up myself…

Teagan: (clucks her tongue) Aww, so I’m just a last resort kind of thing? I’d like to think that I’ve been on your mind.

Mitchell: (his lips curl into a half smile, and he scoffs) Teas, whenever there’s dirty work involved, I try to keep you out of it. You need to clean yourself up from the last billion times you’ve rolled in the mud anyway.

Teagan: Woah! Givin’ me the back of your hand huh? Or I guess, tongue, considering your comebacks have seen significant improvement. Brava! (She leans over her desk and grabs the documents and photos in MITCHELL’S hand, and goes through them) What the hell are these? Amateur photographs you took? Part of your “People’s backs” album? (She drops all the photos on her desk and they fan out. She picks up a document from the edge of her desk, near MITCHELL and reads it out loud) And what’s this? A call transcript?

Mitchell: (Trying to contain his anger) I didn’t take those photos, but they are of Tian and Ulma. I was hoping that’d give you some insight on where they’ve been. They’re from security tapes, cameras, and even random people who’ve just happened to be near them. (MITCHELL waves his arms and shrugs his shoulders) There are some other documents in there too… transaction history, people they’ve met with, etcetera…. And you’re right about that thing. It is a transcript for a call. Apparently, for a leader of a gang, Tian isn’t so macho. (leaning closer to TEAGAN as she looks up from reading the paper) He called 9-1-1.

Teagan: (drops her hand and the paper droops) You’re shitting me.

Mitchell: (shrugs and gives a flat expression)

Teagan: (scoffing) Is he an idiot or something?

Mitchell: (nods in agreement) Well, he was smart enough not to use his real name

Teagan: (looks back at the paper, reading from it) Hello… my name is John Smith, and some guys just came over and kidnapped my girlfriend Jane Doe… (looking up, frustrated) Seriously? Could he have picked more common names? God! I’m sure he still has the phone he used to make the stupid call. (Looking back at document) Why the hell would he- (sarcastically) Oh well, lucky for us, he didn’t finish the call, he just told the lady that “the kidnappers were actually his wife's cousins” (looks at MITCHELL unimpressed)

Mitchell: (shaking his head) Hey, don’t look at me. I wasn’t making the call. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got, do you think you could help me find this girl?

Teagan: (placing five fingers of her right hand over the topmost picture staring at it, then back at MITCHELL) What’s in it for me?

Mitchell: The regular fee.

Teagan: I don’t know if that’ll be enough to find a lost lover of yours.

Mitchell: (slamming his fist on her desk) GOD! She isn’t my lover for fuck’s sake! I’m trying to do this for Tian alright?

Teagan: (laughing) That’s what I don’t understand. How the hell did you and this telephone pole get involved together anyway?

Mitchell: (eyebrows bushing together, slightly shaking his head and placing his fingers on his temple) Can you stop calling him telephone pole? God.

Teagan: (shuffling through the documents on her table, not looking up she replies) That’s his name though, right?

Mitchell: (confused, placing his hand on his forehead) Okay, yeah whatever, that’s his name. Look, Tian and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. I need you to do me this solid.

Teagan: (eyes darting back at MITCHELL as TEAGAN claps her hands in front of her neck and leans on her hands) It’s not a solid, remember? You’re willing to pay me.

Mitchell: (clearly angry, rolling his eyes, voice loud) Fine Teagan! Forget this! This is fucking nonsense. I’ll find some other P.I. to do this shit. And they’ll probably charge me a lot less than you! (Starts gathering his papers, as some fall to the floor he grumbles reaching to pick them up, TEAGAN steps on one)

Teagan: (reaches down to collect the paper under her foot) Get a sense of goddamn humor would you Mitch? I never said I wouldn’t do it. It’s just fun toying with you. Calm those little man titties of yours and let’s talk salary. How much is this telephone pole worth to you? Seven?

Mitchell: (sighing, plopping back down on the visitors’ chair) You know Teagan… you take me on a ride every time we have a conversation. Why can’t you be more like Marcia?

Teagan: (slowly walking back to the couch in the back of the room and lying on it) Don’t get me mad now.

Mitchell: (not turning to face TEAGAN, replies) I’m not, I’m just asking. You and she are so different. Too different. You can learn from her you know.

Teagan: (dropping a hand down the edge of the couch) Fuck off Mitchell.

Mitchell: (defensive) It’s true.

Teagan: Eight?

Mitchell: (laughing) You always sucked at changing the subject. And besides you said seven earlier.

Teagan: (irritated) Well I’m saying eight now.

Mitchell: Seven was right.

Teagan: I think eight is.

Mitchell: 7.5 and I’ll shut up about Marcia for the rest of the day.

Teagan: 7.5 and the rest of eternity.

Mitchell: 7.5 and the rest of the week.

Teagan: It’s fucking Thursday.

Mitchell: Fine. 7.5 and until the end of next week.

Teagan: Fuck it, fine. Leave the shit you brought so I can look at it.

Mitchell: (looking through the documents which he had gathered in a rough pile) I thought you thought they were useless?

Teagan: (turning to look at the back of MITCHELL’s head) I thought you were useless and then you ended up being my sister’s lover.

Mitchell: (smiling) I thought you didn’t want to talk about her.

Teagan: I didn’t want you talking about her.

Mitchell: (sighing, getting up, he leaves the pile of papers on her desk, he turns backwards and looks at TEAGAN) It’s hard y’know.

Teagan: (getting up from the couch, walking towards MITCHELL) I don’t care… (turning her head as she slips by MITCHELL, imitating him)… y’know.

Mitchell: (rolling his eyes, walking towards the door) Thanks for the help, anyway Teas.

Teagan: (without turning to look at him, she shuffles the papers in the pile and pulls out one, staring at it intently) Thanks for the money, Mitch. (Keeps looking at the paper, picks up the phone from the receiver, stuffs it between her ear and shoulder and talks into it) Meena? Can you help me out with something? I need you to get Lilith Ward to give me a call? Sounds great. Thanks babe. (She puts the document back down on the desk)

While TEAGAN is talking on the phone, MITCHELL smiles, shaking his head, gathers his bag and salutes a goodbye to TEAGAN, but as she is busy, he simply hangs his head, smiling again and leaves

As the door creaks open and shut when MITCHELL leaves, TEAGAN looks up from the phone and takes it off her ear, placing it back on the receiver. She sighs and leans back down on her leather chair with both her hands on her face. TEAGAN lets out a frustrated wail.