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December 21st, 2013, 03:30 PM
Chapter 13

Since the outlaws robbed the travelers, those who had been robbed reported to the local yamen. The magistrate had to do something, or if the emperor learned his inability in dealing with the robbers, he would be in great trouble or even lose his position.
He had sent troops to attack the robbers, but failed to defeat them, because the defending outlaws on the mountain top let loose many big stones and tree trunks when the troops climbed the mountainside to assail. They also poured down cooked oil and set fire to it. The stones and trunks rolling down at a great speed killed many troopers. The burned oil was a greater threat and did more injuries. So the troops had to be withdrawn to the camp at the foot of the mountain.
After the fierce fight during the day, all the government soldiers fell in sound slumber at night. All of a sudden the outlaws launched a night attack into the camp. The soldiers were roused by the war cries from the outlaws. They had no time to put on armors and helmets. Some grabbed the swords or spears and plunged into battle. Others just fled to some safe place. At daybreak, not many soldiers were left alive. They had to beat a hasty retreat to where they had come.
This time, the magistrate gathered ten thousand strong, ten times in number than that of the outlaws. Besides, he had the troops take two cannons. They reached the mountain region in the evening and camped at the mountain foot. They sent out patrols with dogs while rest of the troops went to sleep.
Next morning after a substantial breakfast, they were ready to attack. The cannons sounded first. The shells exploded among the outlaws, who ran in all directions for shelter. The soldiers marched uphill. This time as the outlaws were hiding from the cannon shells, no stones and tree trunks rolled down, nor even arrows. Soon the soldiers reached the gate, which had been shattered by the explosion of a shell. As the soldiers outnumbered them, the outlaws had to flee for their own dear lives. The chieftain gave order for everyone to leave the place and met somewhere else so that they could gather again. They did not want to make too much sacrifice. Linda found the boy in the chaos and both concealed themselves in the firewood room. The two yamen bailiffs did not escape with the outlaws. It was their chance to turn back to the former position. They put on their uniforms and mingled with other soldiers. They wanted to find Linda and the boy.
Since the outlaws had been put to rout, the troops returned to the city victoriously. When there was no more fighting, Linda thought that it was safe and went out of the hiding place with the boy. But they did not know where to go. Just then, the two yamen bailiffs came running towards them. “Got you!” They cried happily.
Linda sighed, knowing that escape was impossible. She resigned herself to the fate. So the four of them started on their way to the original destination.