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December 14th, 2013, 04:13 PM
Chapter 12

There were about one thousand outlaws who could fight in this what-they-called-it camp. Six hundred of them were men and four hundred were women, trained by the chieftain herself. Ten girls were specially taught in kungfu as her bodyguards as well as confidential followers.
The second in command, the vice chieftain, was a man. He was ambitious and always wanted to be the first in command, but his kungfu was no match for the woman chieftain. Among the outlaws, the one who could win everyone else in fight would be the chieftain.
Anyway, the vice chieftain was plotting a mutiny against the chieftain. He knew so well that he could not fight her and so he tried to poison her.
One day, the chieftain had her lunch in her own room. Food was served by a man working in the kitchen. When she was about to eat, one of her bodyguards tested the food with a silver needle. It was believed in ancient China that if poison touched anything made of silver, the silver would turn black. Therefore, this method of testing was widely used, from the emperor to any rich family.
The silver needle turned black this time. It was obvious that someone wanted to poison the chieftain, who told the girl bodyguard to throw away the food as if she had eaten it, and she pretended to have been poisoned.
Seeing that his scheme worked, the vice chieftain summoned all the outlaws to the hall. When everyone gathered, he declared that the chieftain had suddenly died of some odd disease and he would take over the leadership. Furthermore, he would marry the girl with the golden hair. Many of the men supported him. Rest of the men hesitated, but all the women refused to obey him. They were still loyal to their chieftain. The vice chieftain ordered his supporters to kill those against him. So fight began in the hall.
Just then a familiar voice was heard ringing throughout the hall, “Stop!” It was the chieftain’s voice. She stood at the doorway of the hall with her bare sword in her hand, ensued by her ten bodyguards. Those who were fighting stopped in surprise, staring at their chieftain with widely opened eyes. Had the vice chieftain not announced just a minute before that the chieftain had been dead? How could a dead person walk in and look alive? Something must be wrong.
The women outlaws went up to the vice chieftain and surrounded him lest he escape. The men supporters were at a loss what to do next. They were all afraid of the chieftain because she had such good kungfu.
At the signal from the chieftain, one of the woman outlaws surrounding the vice chieftain drew out her sword and stabbed it into his heart. The vice chieftain crumbled onto the ground like a sack of potatoes. All his followers were dumped into a dungeon. The spark of rebellion was quenched before it could turn into blaze.