View Full Version : A.05 - Heading to India

December 12th, 2013, 04:53 PM
“Don’t you ever rest? Were you able to rest on that flight?”

“Well, usually, I never see a plane taking off, I always fall asleep, and when I wake up we are already landing. Every time I travel I am so tired I usually crash on my seat and don’t even bother with the vegetarian meal I order. But that flight was different, those four people who traveled to India with me, they wanted me to talk about him. They didn’t know so many things I knew, and telling them some of those things made them feel he was alive.”

“What did you tell them?”

“Well, Valter decided to live in Milan because he was trying to make a career as an opera singer. He was a baritone, he had this amazing powerful voice - it could blow out your eardrums. My father had got a company to pay him a scholarship at Alla Scala di Milano. Those were the best days of his life. It was 1987 when it started, a three-year sponsorship, but that did not last. I taught him astrology and that ruined his career. Do you know why astrology ruined his singing career?”

“No, I don’t. How astrology can ruin anybody’s career? To tell you the truth, I myself don’t believe on this stuff.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. Astrology is just ancient psychology. If you have a good heart, and you can decipher symbols, there is nothing that mystical about it. Anyway, it ruined his career because a singer must save his voice for the stage, and an astrologer uses his voice a lot. My brother would spend hours and hours talking to his clients and it began to affect his powerful voice. However, all the money he got from his clients, instead of using it to support his studies, he would donate to fund our guru’s mission. Whenever we had a pilgrimage in India or a gathering with the devotees in South America, he would miss auditions, and in this way years were passing without him devoting his life to his gift. He got a few opportunities to perform, though. I remember when he was performing in Germany, he called me - he was so thrilled. Oh… how I miss that voice! I used to hate it. It deafened me, annoyed me, and now I miss it so much.”

“And these people traveling with you didn’t know about it?”

“They kind of knew, but they didn’t care. Some of my brother’s friends were like vampires, just wanted his blood. If my brother sang, he wouldn’t preach to them, and they needed him to preach. The way people like us do astrology, we are like priests, you see. Our advice is like preaching.”

“I see. So, why did they go to India with you? Who are they?”

“One of them is another of my guru’s disciples; he had been to India together before. He is a devotee; he wanted to attend the ceremonies. There was this lovely girl I’d just met, a friend of my brother, who was prepared to experience what India has to offer. When we were in transit in Rome, I called my guru and he gave her a new name, ‘Madhuri’ - right there in the airport. Madhuri is from Sanskrit, it means ‘sweet’. And then there was a mother and her son. The son was the owner of the Divya Institute in Milan, he taught martial arts, and he looked like a warrior indeed. The mother claimed that my brother is her own guru. That was a very delicate situation, you see. The concept of guru has a high spiritual significance. Guru is the Infinite that appears in a finite form to approach the finite beings, in order to lead them to the Infinite. I was seated next to a woman who believed my brother to be such a being – and to make matters worsethis woman was going to face lots of cultural shock upon arriving in India.”

“Did she disrespect you?”

“It was a passionate relationship. She was very touched by my brother’s death. I would never disrespect anybody’s devotion. I knew things about my brother that would have shaken her faith in him. I won’t describe these things here, I was the keeper of his secrets when he was alive, and I keep his secrets after his death.”

“It seems you did it all so well by yourself.”

“No! Why? Why are you saying that?”

“You said you couldn’t live without him, but here you are.”

“I was with my Guru all the way. He never left me this whole trip that is my life.”