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December 11th, 2013, 03:28 PM
A World Colder than Blue Ice on the Moon

Lament worked for months and at a city complex. He was immigrating to new countries as he was now in the bright country of Eve of Moons.

¨I am telling you mildly putting this in an inoffensive language at best. Do as I say. Or you will be punished. If you do not save the person I crashed,” said the robot named Ivan the Terrible.

“Why do something as Illogical as this?” Said Lament.

“Because I don’t want to be hated or despised and I need help. My sad memories I remember in the computer in this car,” the robot said to Lament.

Lament had come to a port town by a spaceship. He had never heard a robot display a range of so many emotions when talking.

¨What hospital are we going to?¨ said Lament worried that the woman they were treating could have suffered some long term injuries from the crash.

¨Obviously further away I want you go to the Hospital. Drive away as I instruct,” Ivan then added. “I think we will save her life in The Commonwealth Culture Hospital.

“Today you will work covertly as I have assisted you. Even though I hurt someone by crashing,” Ivan repeated.

“I am one of the secret robots who work directly at one of the insurance companies. I know your possible motivations for crossing the fence. Consider this a break.”

A police siren was operating.

The woman made it covertly into the hospital.

“Welcome to the hospital,” said the medical official.

“Take apart the plastics, and send the woman who I cannot name to Emergency to forget the intransigence,” the robot Ivan terribly said at last.


He met a man that had infiltrated the infamous hospital. His agent collecting information for lawsuits in a post corporate society and his name was Gunther.

“I am free to talk to you,” said an immigration official, "when ready as I hide inside using camouflage technology."

His surveillance included substances and everything in between as his list grew of criminal activity.

“It’s the season to be jolly since we have been named in certain countries safe territories as agents of justice,” said the official. Indeed, it was snowing outside by the last stretch of the year. A robot said Lament was stunned at the new light show display blinding him that appeared out of nowhere showing a commercial. It reminded of promise to cross the other world, worlds apart from here.

Gunther handed Lament’s sheets of paper of his birthplace and other papers.

Gunther flushed the suspect list of company down a piping system and left.

“I was promised a good and long life and eventually knew I would find my sister.”

“You have found me,” said Lament’s Sister as she wept. “It’s a miracle. I am sorry brother.”

“That’s complaining too much, and we could send you off to a country far away.”

“I see and I’m sure this is in good spirit that you wish to humble me but what about the human lives left behind? Will they be lost?”

“You know our country. I see you come from worlds apart from here.”

“I’ve been given asylum in Veridical Sister. Please let’s depart.”

“We will send someone here who is not a policeman on orders.”

“I am in the hospital, why did you think I risked it all? I had to have someone infiltrate.”

The robot worked for the wealthiest insurance company that made the country’s rule obsolete.

“They own your fears. Because we can see through human actions each time they suffer,” said the secret agent Gunther of the insurance companies.


Lament put his identification away. The blue portal appeared. Lament was nervous at first but then this feeling passed over as he crossed the border. A flash of a light gave an approval signal. He had earned all that money by stealing but the bullion-rich company didn’t care. “You made a wise choice,” the robot said. Maybe in Veridical thought Lament had a new life waiting for him. It did after all have no military and the police here were computer software.

A cold sweat was deposited on his forehead. All he could see was a strange world of peace he and his sister were now residing. The embodiment of this was seen in the faces of happy and sad faces of people commingling at fancy restaurants and parks. He was tired of all faces looking happy, they could not be. They could not talk or have friendships or even start a friendly conversation since technology stopped communication from happening between humans.

Lifeless humans passed by in the street wordless, without saying a word. They could not talk.

Thus, non-violence existed and life had its good moments and even fun distractions.

The showmanship and presentation of showing off slides of virtual holograms was a show never to be missed. Lament had saved himself and his own sister.

There was no turning back. He thought with all the flashy lights mechanisms and laughter of people who couldn’t let go of this world of their imagination in a world that was peaceful. The world had lofty expectations.

Was the price high or did they ask for the deal of the devil? In the end, maybe it was after many wars, and there was no return.

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