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December 7th, 2013, 04:56 PM
Chapter 11

Linda was now living with the outlaws, comfortably, as the chieftain treated her well. As a pastime, she learned archery and some kungfu. The boy was happy because everyone liked him. He was clever and knew how to get people like him. The outlaws looked upon him as their would-be recruit when he grew up. They taught him how to fight. That was what the boy loved to do. The two yamen bailiffs were really outlaws now. They went with them to rob the travelers on the road.
One day, the outlaws went to the nearest town to buy provisions. The chieftain went with them and took Linda along. Linda was delighted to have the opportunity to shop in the town. She wanted to buy some cosmetics, but the quality of the cosmetics in the ancient time in China was very bad, compared with those in modern America. At last she had to give up. She could not use such bad cosmetics, which might do some harm to her fine skin.
Having finished shopping, they chose a restaurant for lunch. Linda preferred vegetables to meat for fear that she would gain weight. At that time in China, no one would watch weight. On the contrary, everyone wanted to put on some weight, to look fat, because in their opinion, fat people always were rich and had abundant food, or how could they get fat? They were also lucky people. So luck was combined with obesity, in their traditional thought. The more obese a person grew, the luckier it meant that he was.
They had a good lunch and all seemed surprised to see that Linda ate so little. “Does the restaurant serve ice-cream?” Linda asked the chieftain, who never heard of such a thing as ice-cream. In the sixteenth century, even the western countries might not have ice-cream. “What’s ice-cream?” The chieftain wanted to know.
“Never mind.” Linda suddenly realized that she was in the sixteenth century in China.
But the chieftain would not let it go and insisted that she should be told about the ice-cream. Therefore, Linda had to describe the ice-cream and told her how it was made and tasted, but the chieftain looked perplexed. Linda did not know how she could make the chieftain fully understand for something that did not exist at the time.
They finished lunch and started on their way back home. The wagons rumbled forth, drawn by horses and loaded with provisions. They took a small road among the mountains. There were other robbers on one of the mountains. Robbers belonging to different groups would fight each other.
Just as they reached the foot of a mountain, they saw a group of men with swords and spears in their hands rushing down to attack them. Everyone got ready to battle. The chieftain told one of her woman outlaws to protect Linda. She herself pulled out her sword from the sheath by her side and dashed forward.
The battle went on fiercely. The chieftain had better kungfu and so the other party was soon defeated. They ran back up the mountainside, the way they had come, leaving behind some ten corpses. That was the rule among the outlaws: survival of the strongest.
Linda was scared witnessing the bloody slaughter. She had never seen such a scene all her teenage life. Although there had been news of killing on television almost everyday back home in America, she had never beheld one in person. She nauseated and felt queer in her stomach.
Those alive and not even wounded dug pits and buried the dead. They could not carry the bodies back. It was their custom to inter the body where it fell, just like a body thrown into water on the sea. Anyway, they carried the seriously wounded comrades back, even the wounded belonging to the enemies, who would be their men when healed.
The rest of the way returning to their mountain was smooth without a hitch. As soon as they arrived, Linda shut herself in her room and got some sleep. She felt better when she was called to dinner. Now Linda hated the life of outlaws. It was a dangerous life. She wanted to leave the outlaws, but did not know how she could. She should wait for a chance. She thought that the two yamen bailiffs might help her.