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November 29th, 2013, 03:15 AM
Just an excerpt, not a short story really. I just wrote this in about an hour, all based off the "captain." I haven't been able to write ANYTHING while traveling (Cusco, Peru at the moment), so I just had to get something out. Was racking my brain to think of something and a general idea of the main character popped out. I'll probably actually do something with this later. As such, the title is adjustable. Until then -- Machu Picchu. Hope someone enjoys it, I know I simply enjoyed writing again.

Drowning Sorrow

Fingers dug into the worn wood, digging for purchase. Red lines plastered the side of the hull as the attempts became more desperate. A hollow thud resounded against the ship as the weight of a body slammed against it.

The moon looks beautiful tonight. He broke away his gaze, flicking his lit cigarette across the deck. He cast a lingering look down at the palely lit hand clutching his starboard. A grizzled hand rubbed at the unkempt growth straggling his face. A red dot sparked color into the night. A beacon of hope, for it meant he was considering. The sea will take back whatever you pull in.

“Sanders, get your lazy ass out here,” the shout cracked against the roar of the wind, “we have a visitor.”

In a single violent motion he wrenched the body out of the water, heaving it upon the wooden deck. The night hid any defining features, but the sodden dress spoke of a woman. Gasps rent the air as she choked out the water trapped inside her lungs. Smoke curled around his fingers as the captain cast a look down at the figure before him. The pounding footsteps of his first-mate broke through his contemplation. Leather hands scraped against weathered hair, pushing out a sigh from his massive body.

“Hope is a flame, is it not Sanders?” the cigarette landed gently by the woman, dying as the water eagerly lapped against it.

“What sir?” Sanders nervously ran his tongue across his cracked lips. His eyes darted between his captain and the figure laying sputtering upon the deck. His feet danced towards the figure, but hesitation grounded him. Another flicker and he settled to wait.

“The moon is beautiful tonight, isn’t it Sanders?”

“Sir?” another nervous flicker. He began to shuffle his feet towards the now unconscious figure. “What should I do with --”

The captain slowly drew his gaze downwards to settle upon his first-mate.

“I said we had a visitor, did I not Sanders?” azure eyes crept icy tendrils along words barely a whisper, “where are your manners?”

November 30th, 2013, 01:23 AM
Danced towards the figure. It dsnt work.

Otherwise mint really enjoyed it!