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November 23rd, 2013, 03:02 PM
This story is about Heinrich's weird Autistic friend who he meets who he is trying to give social advice and instructions for. Heinrich overcame a lot of difficulties, and now he is trying to do the same with other people. The weird kid, Jason, appears extremely angry and creepy, but lacks a lot of age appropriate development.

Blog version with better formatting:

Heinrich was working at the grocery store off of Route 1 one night, assisting with the management of the front end. There were several baggers in the store. One of them, Jason, had frequently caught Heinrich's attention. Jason was 22 and had even length dirty blond hair and often had a stern expression with crazy eyes. He was frequently silent and constantly frowned. On a few occasions he walked around with a very creepy smile; Heinrich understood from Psychology that Jason was just thinking of something funny without regard for social appropriateness of the situation, but it looked like he was hearing voices tell jokes. There were times when Heinrich thought he could hear Jason saying something. Jason also walked with a collapsed ankles and an out-toe step. He also had something of a half beard, without enough facial hair to form a beard, but clearly allowed to grow long enough that it looked like an attempt at a beard.
As Heinrich was working, he went to the back room of the store, just as Alex entered. Heinrich had recently become friends with Jason, since he recognized that Jason had Asperger's Syndrome and wanted to help, but he had not told Alex. She was in the store to buy food for the next few days, and was in for a short time. After she had gathered everything she needed, she went to the register next to the one that Jason was bagging at. The cashier was an old, sexist Black woman, who did not have a bagger with her. As Alex was waiting at the register, she noticed Jason staring at her with an angry 1,000 yard stare and an extremely serious expression. She briefly looked angry at him, thinking that he was a harmless but manipulative niceguy. As Alex was leaving the register, the cashier asked her if she needed help taking the bags to her car. Alex politely responded that everything would be alright to the condescending question. While Alex was walking to the door, the cashier told Jason that he should go outside to help her. Without a word, Jason did as he was told. He turned, and began silently following out the door as he maintained an extremely angry frown and crazy eyes. When they were outside, he began following her closer, without making a sound. Alex walked all the way to the back of the parking lot before arriving at her car. Once she reached it, she began to unload the bags from the shopping cart into the trunk. Jason just stopped and stood five feet behind her without saying a word as he waited for her to finish. When Alex turned around, she saw him and nearly jumped from the shock. As she had a second to look at him, she saw how incredibly angry he looked, and she tried to think of what reason had made him follow her outside. Before she could say anything to him, he began to walk over. Alex started to wonder what he was about to do. Then he took the cart and walked away. Weirded out by the encounter, Alex got into the car and drove away.
A week later, Alex was about to enter the apartment that she shared with Heinrich, during the afternoon. She opened the door and closed it again, and was about to walk into the living room when she saw something that made her freeze; Jason was standing there with an extremely angry frown and was staring at her. She screamed and pulled out a Glock and pointed it at him. After a second, he dropped behind the side of the couch. "Stay down!" She yelled. A moment later, she heard Heinrich yell "Alex? What's happening!" He then ran out of the hall to the bedroom and looked at where Jason was hiding, then at Alex. "Whoa!" He yelled. "What are you doing!"
"That weirdo's here!" She yelled.
"Alex! Calm down! What the hell are you doing? Put that away!"
"That fucking weirdo followed me here! Do something!"
"That's my friend! Jason! I invited him here!"
"You invited him here!"
"Yeah! He's my friend! Calm down!"
Alex put her gun away.
"Why are you freaking out?" Heinrich asked? "Maybe I should have told you he'd be here."
"Yes, you should have. I don't want him knowing where I live!"
"What's wrong with you! You just met and you don't want him to know where you live?"
"I met him last week! He followed me out to my car! God knows what he was planning!"
"He was planning to take your cart back inside. He does that; he doesn't talk to anyone. I've talked to him before about creeping on customers."
Heinrich then turned toward Jason, who had gotten back up and was watching with the same angry expression, and yelled "I told you to stop creeping on customers! You scare people! You're scary! It's really fucking creepy when you stalk people!"
"Sorry..." Jason said robotically.
"Sorry? Sorry isn't good enough! You could have been shot!
Jason was silent.
Heinrich introduced Alex to Jason and explained to her what his behaviors were like and that he was harmless. Alex understood because she had knowledge of Autism, and knew that Jason was not violent once she knew about his characteristics. Heinrich also told Alex about how he had been helping Jason socially, and was working on helping him find friends. Alex became sympathetic to Jason, and wanted to help him. Then she asked if they wanted to play video games. Heinrich answered that he thought it would be a good activity for them to do together.
An hour later, Alex was sitting on the couch with Jason while Heinrich was in the kitchen. She decided to explain to him why she had freaked out earlier. "I've been really nervous around weird guys lately. Only a week ago I was taken advantage of by someone who I thought was my friend. I knew him for years and I trusted him completely, and I never thought he would do anything... Then... Then he raped me one night when I was drunk. I don't remember it, so I guess that saved me from a lot of the trauma, but it's still been really hard to deal with. Just knowing what he did makes it hard to be intimate with Heinrich; sex reminds me of how desperate he was for me. I'm sure I'll be fine in only a few months, it wasn't a serious rape (I almost feel trivializing calling it that), but it's still hard to get over."
Jason was silent for a moment before responding.
"At least you're not a virgin. I still am."