View Full Version : Sara Bi, and Other Concept Art

August 15th, 2013, 01:28 AM

This is Sara Bi. She's going to be one of the characters in my upcoming webcomic. I'm thinking that she is going to start out as a kind of villain at first, but then switch to the good side as an anti-hero. I really like the way she shaped up, actually. I was kind of going for some sort of gilded ninja-cowboy(girl?!) look, and ended up giving her a loose fitting stealth suit and those stylish grieves.


This is Rose. I originally envisioned her as the main character for the comic, but she's starting to slide into a different position. Currently, I still have her as one of the good guys, but the way I draw her just keeps getting wilder and wilder. If I'm not careful, she might end up surprising me in more ways than one!


This guy is Ghon Li. (Jr. People always forget the Junior.) I'm not really sure how he is going to fit in with everything, but I know that I want him in the web-comic. Immediately after I drew him, I liked this guy. He just reeks of a kind of sleazy, lecherous fat guy confidence that makes him both repulsive and adorable at once. He's easily one of my favorites!


This is an earlier version of Rose, of whom I have the most artwork. If you look at this one closely, you can see that the personality is more leaning towards hostile or distant, while in the other drawing, she's just wild. Rose is probably going to be one of the more complex characters of the whole bunch, which makes her both fascinating and sometimes difficult to draw. And if I am not careful when drawing her, I sometimes make her almost too wild. Case in point: She originally had straighter hair, but she seems to just want it all chopped up! Ah! Rose, why...??

In any case, thanks for looking at these concept drawings. I'm actually intending to use these characters in a webcomic, though I'm currently in the planning stages at the moment.

Nevertheless, I'm thinking that it's going to be titled Angelic Tower or Angelic Clocks. :D