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July 25th, 2013, 02:17 PM
Not much of a photographer to be honest. But I like interesting details.


This puzzles me. It was absolutely not necessary for someone to climb all the way up and scratch an extra "S" into the sign with permanent marker. Next time, dude, just draw some genitals and be on your merry way.4876

Last December about eight of us stayed in a holiday house on the beach for a week. Close to the end, I and two others visited the graveyard in the evening. The other five decided they'd play a prank. They smeared the entire front porch with ketchup and left "bloody" prints everywhere, which us graveyard buddies discovered just as the sun was setting. And of course the door was locked, and none of the others were picking up their phones. They kept it up for about four hours. It was cold and not much fun. But it made for an interesting picture and some quality bonding time.4877

Friend of mine wanted to put marshmallows in his hot chocolate. The barrista instead, as a practical joke, gave him one marshmallow and one marshmallow-shaped chunk of butter. Guess which one my friend accidentally put in his drink first.4879

It's plastic. I took it and I still have it.4880

A month ago, us graveyard buddies spent three days up on the border, in a town on the Murray River. While we were skipping stones across the river (stones which would then land in another state) we came across this thing. It's a fish with its head nailed into the side of a dead tree. It's been there a while. Hard as a rock. I took a picture out of morbid intrigue and I liked the starkness. Though I strongly suspect the fish was alive when it was nailed.

July 25th, 2013, 03:17 PM
Okay, that first one is a puzzle, all that effort...for what? I sense alcohol was involved, somehow.

Knowing the story behind the hand prints picture, well...what are friends for if not to scare you pants off of you?

And butter in your hot chocolate, good one. :)

Now the flower on the bus, that sounds like a good L&M prompt.

The fish nailed to the tree is either a serial killer in the making or an old Gypsy curse thing.

Good pics, though. :) Thank you for sharing them.

July 25th, 2013, 04:15 PM
I like the fish...the colour of the background and the fish itself made me look that bit more..they seem to blend into one.