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June 20th, 2013, 01:00 PM
Sitting at her usual place in the library, she felt strange but looking around everything seemed normal. Infront was the reception desk and walking around people were just looking for books. She watched the librarian come from behind the desk and inform all that they would be closing in fifteen minutes. As she passed by she asked, “Is the library haunted?” but the librarian just walked past.

Returning the next day she had the same feeling but decided not to think about it. As she walked over to the horror section, she heard a thud and looked around then down. On the floor was a book with a bookmark inside and the page was open on the poem. The Raven by Edgar Alan Poe!

Leaving the building she had a cycling trip of twenty minutes before she arrived home. Once she was out of the town it was country lanes all the way. Turning the bend to Destiny Cottage she could see a motionless black bird lying in the road. She stopped and looked at the dead Raven before finishing her journey.

As she walked through the open door, she felt alone and went upstairs to her bedroom. In her room was a desk under the window facing out onto the garden, she looked out of the window and noticed a Raven perched on the garden gate. Looking down at her desk there was a pencil drawing of the very image she had just viewd.

Behind her she heard a tapping noise coming from the landing, she went into the hallway and sitting on the staircase was a Raven, calling out to her parents she went back into her bedroom but nobody came to her aid. Standing by the bed she took two steps to the window and looked out. The Raven had gone and when she looked down at the drawing the Raven had disappeared from the picture.

She called out again but nobody came, when again she heard the tapping sound. Running out of her room she stopped at the top of the stairs and viewed her mother standing there as a policeman spoke. “We have located the car and person who killed your daughter on the bend.” She walked downstairs but neither was aware of her presence. “Mother!” she seid.

Her mother closed the door turned to walk into kitchen and passed right through her. Standing there she heard another tapping from behind the door. Trying to open the door she watched as her hand passed through the handle and then felt her body walk through the closed door. Sitting on the garden Gate was the Raven who showed Lenore the way to nevermore.