View Full Version : Short escape story. Title suggestions appreciated.

May 23rd, 2013, 02:05 PM
The fiery orange sun shone in the right side of his vision. A light breeze flowed. He placed one foot in front of the other on top of the narrow wall, to his left the safety of the roof three feet down, to his right a forty story plummet.

How he came to be on the roof he could not remember. He remembered sitting at the same desk he had sat at for nearly twelve years. And getting angry. He had found himself on the roof, staring at the sun as it sank toward the horizon.

He reached the corner of the roof. He stood with one foot on the west wall of the building and one foot on the south.

Something buzzed in his back pocket. His tablet, issued by the company. With it, work followed him wherever he went. He drew the tablet and looked at the screen with its oppressive glow. Messages and stock tickers flickered across the screen. A message from his boss stood out, “What do you think you’re doing? Get back to your desk and I might not call the police.”

With a smile, he recalled and repeated an old procedure from his youth.

Knees bent. Wind up. Power from hips. Lead with elbow. Flick wrist. Follow through.

He held his follow through and waited for the gratifying pop, followed by the tinkling of glass on the street below.

He sighed and walked back down the wall the way he came. Halfway to the north wall, he looked behind him at the apartment building opposite the south wall. The corner lined up with a fire escape on the other building. He made a decision; he could stop later, but he wanted his moment of freedom to continue. He broke out into a run along the narrow wall.

Three steps to go. One. Two. Three. Push off edge. Kick forward. Bend knees on landing.

He cushioned his fall somewhat, but continued forward into the apartment wall. Ignoring pain, he rushed up the fire escape to the roof. This roof was bigger, riddled with vents and air conditioning units. He jogged to the southwest corner to get another look at the sun, vaulting over a ventilation shaft as he went.

Sirens resounded through the concrete canyons. They were after him. He eyed the next building ahead of him, conveniently a story shorter than the apartment.

One. Two. Three. Leap. Bend knees. Roll. Run.

As long as he stayed one step ahead of his pursuers, his freedom could last forever. He bolted across the roof, clambering over machinery and building speed. He leapt again, soaring across his biggest gap yet and catching an access ladder. Reaching the roof, he took off.

At some point he lost his shoes. He kept going, one roof after the other. His shirt came untucked, his necktie fell away. He had more room. He could feel himself spreading his wings.

Run. Vault. Climb. Run. Leap

He thought he could hear exasperated voices below. They couldn't catch him. He was free.

Several policemen burst through the roof access door between him and his next leap. They commanded him to surrender.

He almost laughed. They couldn't hope to stop him. He was invincible. He turned right and spotted a billboard.

He flew from the roof to the billboard access platform. He looked down to the other end of the billboard, but he couldn't see anything to land on beyond.

The police blocked the ladder behind him. They said they had him surrounded, but they weren't ahead of him where the sun was setting to the lands beyond the horizon. He could fly away with the sun and never come back.

He sprinted down his runway.