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May 17th, 2013, 02:41 AM
Susan had a feeling this wasn’t going to be an ordinary summer day. For some reason this puzzled her but she didn’t have time to think about it. The day’s chores lay ahead. With a spring in her step and as her mom Shelly watched from the sidelines, the day began.

Pulling up in his shiny red Porsche was the man of Susan’s dreams. Susan’s feeling had been right. It was no ordinary day. For how often does a famous actor come into your life?

Kiefer Michelson is at my house. I wonder why he’s here. Oh my god he’s so cute. I wonder how he knew where I lived.

She ran outside and slowly approached Keifer.

“Oh hi as the breath caught in her throat. How did you know where I lived?” Susan asked.

“I got your address from a letter you sent to my fan club.”

Susan was an unbaptized publisher of Jehovah’s Witnesses and in trying to reach his heart she had sent him the required brochure and two Watch Tower magazines.
“Please come in and sorry for the mess. I wasn’t expecting company,” Susan said.

“It’s ok, I should have called, wrote or something to let you know I was coming, and I'm sorry for this unexpected visit,” He said. Kiefer then gave her the red roses and candy he had brought with him.

“Thank you for the roses and candy,” Susan said.

“You’re welcome it was no big deal,” Keifer replied.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Susan asked.

“Well I know you hardly know me. But I wanted to tell you I was married twice before. And engaged to be married a third time. I only have one child and the third marriage never happened.” Kiefer said. They talked for hours side by side on Susan’s bed.

“Well I’m 28 years old, and I know you’re eleven years older than me since I’ve done some research on you via the internet.” Then out of the blue he blurted out:
“I want to study the Bible, but I’ll only study with you,” He said.

Susan cocked a brow because she knew Keifer lived in California and did a television show called 48. It was basically a show that played 2 days for the whole season.

To break the silence, Kiefer spoke up. “I love you and I want to date you. Before you start protesting about my life and my 2 ex-wives, hear me out,” Kiefer said. “The reason I love you and want to date you is because you are the only one not to send me a photo to autograph. Instead you sent me a brochure called What Does God Require of Us and at least two Watch Towers. You had my spiritual interests at heart and not just the interest of yourself. That’s the kind of woman I would want to date someday.”

“I can’t date you because you’re not of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I could never date an unbeliever.”

“I want to become a believer; will you please study with me?”

“How can I study with you when I live Jersey and you live in California?

“If there is will there is a way.”

Susan remembered reading in the 2005 year book of Jehovah’s Witnesses that one sister studied through the mail and she could do the same.

“So now what do you want to do?” Susan asked.

“Would you go to dinner with me?”

“Yes I will.”

During dinner Keifer kept touching his jacket pocket in attempt to figure how to propose to Susan assuming she would have him. He seemed jittery to Susan even though her mind was elsewhere. Susan was thinking about her upcoming baptism that would hopefully take place during the Convention, which was to take place in July.

“I have a few questions to ask you,” Keifer said. One, would you mind being a stepmom to my daughter Sandy Maria Michelson?” he asked.
“I can’t picture myself being a stepmom. However, if you and I got married, I would want Sandy to consider me more of a big sister than a mom. I can’t picture myself married to you Kiefer because I doubt you would give up acting since you’ve tried that before and still came back to acting in the end,” Susan said.

“If it was true love and it was meant to be, I could and would leave acting for the girl of my dreams. The women of film and television have a one-track mind as in getting married for the sake of just getting married. But not all.” Keifer said.

“I don’t want to be subjected to the press and all the photographers taking pictures of us every little thing we say or do,” She replied.

“That won’t happen because I’m giving up the show 48 after this season so I can be with you Susan.” He said

Just before the check arrived Kiefer pulled the ring out and asked Susan “will you be my girlfriend? Just consider this ring a promise ring okay?”

Susan was so surprised by the question. She needed a moment to think before answering. Just as the check arrived Susan said yes on the condition that Keifer keep in contact with her once he goes back to California and not just to study the Bible.

Kiefer promised to write Susan as she long wrote him. Kiefer spent a week in Jersey, and during that week the first Bible study was started. During the Bible study Keifer confessed he was a recovering drug addict. Susan knew that Jehovah accepted all kinds of people into His fold as long they had the right heart condition, and Susan felt that Kiefer had the right heart condition. Otherwise he wouldn’t have wanted to start a Bible study with her after the confession Kiefer made. They studied lesson one of the required brochure.

The title of the first lesson was: “How can you find out what God requires?”

“What important information is contained in the Bible? Would you please read paragraph one Kiefer?” She asked.

Kiefer read the paragraph and Susan asked the question again. Kiefer then looked at the paragraph and answered the question. “It tells you the truth about God; it explains how to cope with problems, how to find true happiness and what we must do to please God,” He replied.

“Very good, Kiefer on finding the answer in the paragraph and Can you please read Psalms 1:1-3?

“It said “delight in the law and if you follow the law you will succeed.”

“Kiefer doesn’t that seem nice?”

“Yes it does sound nice.”

“Paragraph two is titled “who is the Bible’s author?”

“Kiefer would you please read paragraph two? Question two is who the Bible’s author is.”

“The Bible was written by some 40 different men but they were inspired by God to write it.”

“Okay, now read 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 for emphasis.”

“All scriptures are inspired of God and are beneficial for teaching and so forth,” He said.

“Very good Keifer, I’m glad to see your understanding of this lesson. Can you please read paragraph 3 for me? But before you do that, let me ask the question. And the question is: Why should you study the Bible?”

Kiefer read the paragraph and answered: “your eternal future depends on your getting know God and doing his will despite any opposition.”

“Very good Kiefer. Now let’s read Matthew 5:10-12. What were some reasons to study the Bible despite opposition from others?”

“Even though persecuted you should be happy because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.”

“That’s good Kiefer. I’ve enjoyed your study today. Do you have any more Bible questions?

“No I don’t.”

After the study Kiefer and Susan talk some more.

“Would you mind if I used your bathroom?” Kiefer asked

“No, go ahead I don’t mind.”

After Kiefer came out of the bathroom, he came up behind Susan and kissed her. As the week went by, Susan and Kiefer spent a lot of time together. He went with her to her Christian meetings at the Kingdom Hall and decided to look up the local Kingdom Hall in California when he got back. He enjoyed meeting all the friends at the hall. Well on the night before he was supposed to leave for California, Kiefer and Susan exchanged addresses.

After some time had passed since Keifer showed up in her life Susan decided to write him a letter.

July 15, 2005

Dear Kiefer,
Hi how are you? What have you been up to? Nothing much happened here. The next letter you’ll receive from me will be the discussion of lesson 2 “Who is God”. What I want you to do is read the paragraphs and answer the questions in your return letter to me. Also read the accompanying scriptures as well and site a few of them as well in your letter. Look forward to hearing from you.



July 25, 2005

Dear Susan,

I’ve been finishing up my last season on 48. Then I'm done with acting for good. In about a month I start my new job at the local food store. Which is a big change for me, but I think I’ll adjust. I've read lesson 2 and here are my answers to the questions 1 and 2: the true God is the one who created the heavens and the earth and his name is Jehovah. I read Psalms 83:18, which told you who god is and his name. 3 the answered is God is a sprit body and it’s his active force and I read Psalms 104:30 which said if you send forth your sprit they are created. 4 Jehovah’s outstanding qualities are love, justice, wisdom, and power. We should do our best to imitate him and Ephesians 5:12 talked about the quality of love and how we should show love to one another just as Jesus loved us. 5. No we shouldn’t use images or symbols to represent the only true God. 6. Talked about how to get know God and that is observing the things he has created and regular study of the Bible.


August 1, 2005

Dear Kiefer,

It sounds like you are making fine progress in your study of the bible and I look forward to your next lesson, “Who is Jesus Christ”. Please tell me when you plan to come to New Jersey again.



Nearly a month passed before she heard from Keifer again.

August 27, 2005

Dear Susan

I miss you oh so much. I can’t wait to come back to Jersey. I have come to love you oh so much; words can’t really express what I am feeling. But I composed a little poem to express my feelings. Here it goes: you light a fire in me that burns bright. You light a fire in me that makes me love you more and more with each passing day.



September 2, 2005

Dear Susan,

I just wanted to drop you a line before I got your response. I want to hold you in my arms oh so tight and never let you go. You make me smile. When I think about you, you brighten my day. You are the sunshine of my life. You make my day sparkle.


P.S. call me at 1-978-286-7708 or my cell phone at 1-978-227-7080.

Well the seven days had passed and Kiefer arrived at the airport @ 12:20 pm. he called Susan from his cell phone.

Susan picked up. “Hi Kiefer kiss, kiss. How are you?”

“Kiss, kiss back and I’m tired from the flight.”

“Oh sorry to hear that you’re so tired. So where are you staying this time?”

“I’m staying at the Maid Marion Hotel again.”

“Oh ok, you just started a new job. And you’re already getting so much time off. How did you manage that?”

“Oh I managed that because I have family here who are settling estate matters. You see, one of my relatives that lived here has died, and they left a will, but it was destroyed somehow before the reading of the will. So now my family is trying to decide who gets what. Listen I have to go. My battery is dying.”

“Ok, bye Kiefer.”

“Can I come by for dinner?” He asked as he got into the cab.

“Sure but I’ll have to let my parents and brother know you’re coming,” replied Susan.

“Does that mean you live with your parents and younger brother?” Kiefer said
“While I to go Ruby Rod Community College, I can’t afford to move out,” Susan said.

“Oh that’s interesting since you’ve always had my study outside of your house.” Kiefer said.

“Well Kiefer that will change this time around. It’s too cold to be outside and study the bible. I’ve even grown my hair out a bit.” Susan replied.

“I like it short. Why did you grow it out Susan?”

“Well Kiefer, that’s because it got cold here in New Jersey.”

“Why don’t you move to California and live with me.”

“Well Kiefer, I can’t live with you unless we were married first, and I can’t marry you till you’re baptized.” Susan replied.

“Oh I know. I'm sorry. I forgot. Are we going to have a discussion of lesson 10 of the require brochure?”

“Not tonight, tonight we are having dinner with my family and my long distance boyfriend.”

“Awe thanks. Well I have to go. I arrived at the hotel.” He hung up his cell phone.

Kiefer checked in with ease this time. People at the hotel gave him star treatment in hope he give them an autograph. What they didn’t know yet is Kiefer has quit acting for good. They didn’t know yet because the last season of 48 that Kiefer filmed is in the process of being aired now. On the way to Susan’s house he decided to stop at a florist and get some red roses for Susan. He walked to Susan’s house because she only lived a few blocks away from the Maid Marion hotel. Besides, he enjoyed a leisurely walk in the night air. He arrived at Susan's house at exactly 7:00 pm just as Susan's younger brother Shane was putting the finishing touches on the baked ziti.

“Hello Keifer.”

“Hello Susan.”

After he walked into the house, he gave Susan the roses.

“Thank you for the lovely roses. What would you like to drink?”

“You’re welcome for the roses,” Keifer said

“I would take any kind of soda, please and thank you.”

So Susan got him a Diet Dr. Michael Cherry Vanilla.

“Thank you for the soda, Susan.”

“You’re welcome for the soda,” she replied.

“I would like you to meet my dad Shane Sr., my mom Shelly, and my brother Shane Junior. Please call Shane Jr. “Junior” so you don’t confuse my dad and brother.”

“No problem.”

“So Shelly, what do you do for a living?”

“I work at the local Shoo Bees, which is a sub shop,” Shelly said

“What do you do for a living Shane?” Keifer asked.

“I’m not working right now because the company I was working for closed and moved to Brazil. So I decided to retire early.”

“So Junior, what do you do for a living?” Keifer asked.

“I’m currently unemployed, and I’m not really looking at the moment.”

“What is Sandy like? How old is she?” Susan asked.

“Well Sandy is a sweet, honest hearted young woman and I love her dearly. Sandy is 17 and she was born on April 16, 1988.” Keifer answered.

“Wow oh wow I’m only 11 years older than your daughter.” Susan said.

“What are your plans for the future? Do you plan on marrying Susan?” Shane Sr. asked.

“Susan, will you marry me?”

“I have to think about it for a few days and then I’ll let you know.” Susan replied.

She didn’t know what to say or do. She jumped out of her chair scared. Susan was taken aback that her spine tingled. Susan’s family just sat there stupefied. So she took the matter to Jehovah in prayer. After meditating on her prayer and considered her options, Susan decided to called Kiefer so she could give him her decision.

“Kiefer, I’ve made my decision. I’ve decided that I can’t marry you. I’m so sorry.”

Kiefer left right after he hung up on Susan.

Ten minutes later he was on her doorstep and rang the doorbell. Susan answered the door, and invited Kiefer into the hall.

“I can’t marry you even though you made all these changes.”

As he paced the front hall way, he had fist clenched at his sides. He ground his teeth in furry. His eyes grew mean with each step he took. Susan glanced at her hands and spied her wide open in her left hand.

Had he seen François’s name? I bet he did. First, I made him mad with the news that I can’t marry him. Then, I bet he was mad from had seen François’s name in my diary. Now how can I calm him down?

“Keifer calm down please,” Susan begged.

“No I won’t calm down. Who was François? What does he mean to you,” he replied

“If you won’t calm down I’m not going to tell you who were François and what he meant to me,” Susan answered
“Is he my competition?”

“No comment.”

“If that’s the case, I’m going to stop studying the Bible and nothing you say or do will convince me otherwise.”

“If you keep studying the Bible, Kiefer, you could marry any single sister you wanted. Besides, living by the Bible is the best way of life.”

“Don’t you get it? If I can’t have you I don’t want to study. Please stop preaching to me.”

Nothing Susan said or did could convince Kiefer to keep studying the bible with her or anyone.

Kiefer stormed out of the house and stormed back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel, he decided he needed to calm down. How dare she turn me down? I’m Keifer James Michelson the greatest actor in the world. I’ve made all these changes for her. So how dare she. He packed up all his belongings so he could go back to California. He called the airline to change his flight to an earlier flight back to California. What the fuck is wrong with me that she won’t fucking marry me. I wish I never met that bitch Susan.