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May 17th, 2013, 12:34 AM
It started in the US and Europe.

With the 'spoiled' generation.

The techies, the foodies. The rich kids. Older generations complained they were to up in technology for their own good. That was only the start. It was to late to right this wrong, and these kids grew up-and weren't as belittling with their kids and tech. In fact, they promoted tech. Their kids blossomed at technology. Each kid knew at least how to kid in 6 languages, their recommended diet, and how to build a basic solar generator. They patented an average of 26 inventions-daily. They were praised, respected. All the while, their grandparents warned them;

"No good will come out of this."

The kids paved the way for other advances. Longer life. Body Repairing Robots. Color changing injections (everything from blue to pink). Culture and history was abandoned. These kids had paved the way for something sinister. With new advances, people were treating life as a game. They even had reviews.

"Great graphics!"

"Wonderful user interface! Didn't even need a GUI!"

"Awesome minigames!"

"Pain hurt to much."

Respect for life was dwindling. Maybe 12/21/12 wasn't the end. Just the beginning of it. The US soon conquered or annexed all of North America. Portugal, led by a extremely brilliant general, conquered most of Europe. With two continents out, the UN was just a charade. War raged like the sun shined. Soon, with threats of war over for Portugal (renamed the Empire of Europe) and the USA, they settled down and redirected their efforts to focus on technology. They both formed the CST-the 'Cultural' Sharing of Technology. Democracy was done in for. Though no one would admit it, technocracy was on the rise. Though politicians still went through democratic motions, there was no point. It's not like anyone voted.

Things had also drastically changed in the rest of the world too.

Let's start with Africa.
Broken into three main alliances, they endlessly waged war with each other. If they ever come to an agreement, it will be one of mutual hate. By this time, they had advanced to about where this all started. Only endless and extremely dangerous war stopped them from going down the path of the CST. Kids were to busy working to play games.

In Asia, war was on the rise. With China reuniting itself with democracy, they decided to fulfill their own Manifest Dynasty. First heading East and conquering Japan, they gave the rest of Asia a chance to prepare themselves. Both India and Russia, being the dominant countries in size and population, saw the inherent advantages in an alliance. Though it was done reluctantly, they both grouped up and conquered nearby countries. They tried their best in defending against China, and they prepared themselves.

Australia had broken all international connections and their population was working on military training and military advancements. Fearing war, they attempted to ally themselves with whoever possible.

South America, seizing an advantage, had allied each other and started attacking Mexico. Half of Mexico broke into revolutionaries, aiding South America in their endeavor. The CST, alarmed at this turn of events, attempted to fight back. Though they were more technologically advanced, they had to focus on robots to fight the war and few militarily intelligent people to help fight the war. It was a stalemate.

May 18th, 2013, 04:00 AM
Color me interested already: I'd read it. I love speculative/althistory. I guess I've got my best friend to thank for that.

May 19th, 2013, 11:12 PM
Color me interested already: I'd read it. I love speculative/althistory. I guess I've got my best friend to thank for that.

Thanks! Just an interest check, do you think a 'What if the South had won the Civil War' be interesting?