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March 29th, 2013, 08:58 AM
New tricks for an old Dog

Harold puffed contentedly on his favourite briar as he held up his winning lottery ticket and re-read the winning numbers.
'You picked the right ones this time Sandy old fella' He grinned as he patted distractedly at Sandy's head. Sandy wagged his tail at the mention of his name then flopped tiredly back down beside his master. Eileen appeared at the door with a cup of tea and handed it to her Father.
'I swear that dog understands every word you say Dad.'
Sandy looked up without moving his head and flicked his tail feebly, as Harold smiled contentedly,
'You know I call out the numbers and he barks at the ones he likes?'
'Yes Dad, and you didn't have to train him to do it.' Eileen rolled her eyes and sighed, tired of hearing the same story for the umpteenth time and swiftly the subject.
‘Have you thought any more about going out to Canada to see Bill and meet his new wife?'
’Aye I had a call this morning from them and they want me to come out there for the summer' Harold replied.
'Are you seriously considering it?' Eileen ventured as she put on her coat.
After a long pause Harold answered
'Well, it would be nice to see Bill again and to meet my new daughter in law, but there’s just so much to think about, who would look after the house and who'd take care of Sandy?'
Hearing his name Sandy sat up and cocked his head.
'Well you know I would take him Dad, if it wasn't for my cats'. Sandy growled.
'You see' she continued nodding in Sandy’s direction, 'He doesn't even like to hear about them never mind see them'
'I don't know what I could do with him' Harold said thoughtfully, staring hard at Sandy, ‘he's getting on a bit and I don't think he would settle in a new home'
‘Well you could leave him in boarding kennels, but he didn't like that the last time, in fact he didn't eat for the entire week. '
Harold scratched his head with the stem of his pipe as he gazed thoughtfully at his old friend,
' Aye,' He sighed ‘he would be the main problem. '
‘Well as you know Dad, he is getting on a bit perhaps it would be kinder in the long run if you…well if you were to .... well take him to the V.E. T.' She spelt out the last word.
Harold looked at her and Eileen was surprised at the lack of reaction to her suggestion. Setting his pipe down carefully on the ashtray, Harold turned his gaze to where Sandy lay watching, his tail feebly flicking at the attention.
'I must admit 1 had already considered the option, in fact I talked to the V.E.T. myself this morning.
He opened the door and Eileen pecked him on the cheek as she stepped out into the street,
’Well whatever you decide is O.K.by me Dad, I'll see you next week. '
Harold returned to his chair and sighed heavily as he eased himself into the well worn cushions, he thought briefly of the opportunity his windfall had provided as he reached for the ticket. It wasn't on the arm of the chair where he had set it down. He felt down the side of the cushion, then rising, he ran his fingers around the edges and down the back, before frantically throwing the cushion onto the floor as he wedged his fingers into the frame of the chair.
Pushing his hair back he held his head in both hands as his mind raced, for a brief moment he stared at the door which Eileen had just closed before dismissing the thought and continuing his search.
Pushing the chair back, he searched maniacally along the floor.
Sandy, got up as the chair was pushed against him by the now frantic Harold. He wagged his tail happily and would have barked at the humorous antics of his master, if it hadn't been for the piece of paper that was lodged uncomfortably in his throat.

April 3rd, 2013, 02:47 AM
This is very good. Clear and concise. But I hope what you have planned is more exciting and hard hitting.