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March 18th, 2013, 11:48 AM
Contains profanity/drug use and some racism. (not my beliefs but beliefs of characters)


Setting: Small shack in regional NSW.


The leader – Baz The bully.
Ben C – The football player - The star.
The smart one (Jack) – The thinker.
The Immigrant – The quiet doer.

(Jack stands at the window, brings his binoculars up to his eyes hesitantly, lowers them and repeats the process)

Jack: Yep. It’s got to be. It’s got to be smoke.

Baz: Fuck’n smoke. Its just dust. Fuck. Are you are fucken weatherman now or something?
(Baz looks over to Ben and shakes his head raising a thumb dismissively at Jack. Ben gives him a big toothy grin, as if agreement.)

Baz: That’s your problem mate, you think too much. That’ll get you killed, where I’m from.

Jack: I’m just being cautious mate –

Baz: (to Ben) This guy gets confused when he’s taking a shit. Do I raise the seat, or not. What if I run out of dunny paper half way through?

(Ben laughs): What’s with the binoculars man. You a peeping tom or something?
Baz: I wouldn’t put it past him.

Jack: (looks down at them sheepishly) I use them down at the track.

Ben: You into the horsy’s?

Jack: Doggies mate.

Jack: Never won anything in his life.

Jack: Fuck oath I did. How did you think I got the start up for this operation?

Baz: One fucking windfall and he thinks he’s (famous horse punter)

Ben: What’d you take?

Jack: $5000.

Baz: Fucken luck

Jack: It’s not luck its skill,

Baz: Fucken skill? Get your hand off it.

Jack: Well there is skill involved (defensively). You gotta work out the odds -

It’s like Football, Benny. You’d know this. When your out on the field, and you’ve got the ball, and you deciding who to kick too. In your head, you’re calculating, weighing it up

Baz: Fucken bullshit.

Baz: (louder) Na, na. You’re calculating in your head. Whose gonna

Ben: Yeah I suppose. I mean I don’t really consciously think –

Baz cuts him off. You just go for it, right. Into battle. Don’t listen to this wanker. Do you think men going into battle - You think the guys out of 300 fucken take out their protractors and start taking measurements before chopping up them Persians?

Jack: Just saying. There is strategy.

Baz: You wouldn’t last two seconds out on the street mate. What do you fucken know, eh. It’s fucken cutthroat out there. Killed or be killed. Am I right Benny? You run right over them or your gonna get put down.
Benny: I bet you got some stories Baz.

Baz: Mate I got stories that’ll make your pubes stand on end. See that’s what Jack thinks. You’re in the thick of it and you just put a man down with logic. Bore him to death with some rationale shit. One time I was down in the cross.

(The song ends on the radio and a news break comes on.)

Baz turn that shit off will ya, it’s giving me a headache. Jack walks over slowly, fingers the dial slowly, as if wanting to listen to the news broadcast.

Baz to Jack: Off! I said.

In the Southern Eastern part of NSW, fires have…….(radio is turned off)
And go and see what chinky’s up too, See how the batch is going.
Benny’s eyes light up: Ya cooking up some bubble and squeak.
Jack: Yeah gotta move it soon, for the chief. Anyway down in the cross,

Benny: you mean Dargo?

Cut to the other room where Jack puts a friendly arm up to Twan’s shoulder. Twan’s give a brief smile.
Jack: How we doing. Can I, do you need. (He goes to help him but knocks something off the table. Twan grabs its with cat like reflexes. Jack stumbles back. And Twan again puts his hand out to stop him from tripping over. He looks up at Jack and grunts. He does not need help. He turns back to his job with meticulous movements.

Jack dismissively: Are you listening, should I have a fucken cup of tea and come back?
Benny: Na mate sorry, you were saying.

Jack (looking exasperated): Down in the cross (Jack picks up the gun on the table next to him. Ben looks down at it in awe.) one day. I was so jacked, I remember. (Jack shakes his head and smiles) For maybe three days, fucken wired, Benny. I was drinking at this pub with a balcony. I remember it had a balcony, cause I wanted to see who was coming and going, as you do. I was talking with this girl, ya know, wanted me to buy her a drink. I bought her one. We’re talking. Next thing you know this fucken hipster comes up to me. You know those fruity types with the hair pushed to the side. Any way comes up to me, what am I talking to his girl for. Rah, rah, rah. Anyway we go outside into the alley next door. Tony’s seen this and come out after us. He puts out his dukes. I take out the steel and I tell him his girl asks me to buy her a drink. She’s the one that needs punishing. So I tell him if he doesn’t punch his chick out, I’m gonna put holes him. Thought I was bluff’n. I had to leave the cross that night.

(Benny obviously scared, nods.)

If you show fear Benny, people will fucken take advantage.
Jack walks back in the room.

Baz (to Jack): Well? How’s he doing?

Jack: He’s nearly done.

Benny who you got back there?

Jack: (gives Benny the eye, before relaxing) Our chemist. He’s a chink. We found him in Sydney. He’s a pharmacist or something.

Jack: He’s a chemist (to Benny).

Jack: Pharmacist, Chemist. Same shit. He used to drive cabs in the cross but he couldn’t get a job here or some shit. I think he’s illegal now. He’s good. Doesn’t say shit, minds his business and makes us some good crank. I mean fucken great stuff. Should have seen D’Argo’s face, when he pulled a line of this product. That’s why we got the gig.

Ben: Must be a scary guy though.

Jack: Scary. He’s a pussycat mate. Maybe back in the day. Some of the stories I heard mate. Forget about it. But now. It’s the new breed you gotta watch. Our generation. Mate. I could put him down if I wanted. I wouldn’t cause he’s got connections, mate. Why fuck with a good thing. If it’s not broken (turns to Jack with his hand out, expectantly)

Jack: Don’t fix it.


Benny: Hey Baz. I was thinking.

Baz: Uh oh. Not another one.
(Benny chuckles)
Benny: What if I wanted to know. Get involved you know, run with you.

Jack: What and sell drugs.

Baz: Shut up the fuck up Jack! Yes Benny.

Benny: You know the distribution side of things.

Jack: What about you’re footy?

Baz: What did I just say Jack? Fucken Jesus.

Benny: I’m on my way out anyway Jack. No one’s gonna touch me in the next year’s draft. Not with this investigation.
(Baz hears the shower going in the back.)

Sounds like the princess is awake. We’ll talk about it later. You have to be able to follow instructions. And I have enough trouble with this one. (Gives Jack the evil eye.

Baz: Hey, Benny, Where’d you meet Cheri, anyway Benny, she’s a bit of all right.

Benny: Oh about 4 years, She’s Nikko’s younger sister. Remember Nicko went to our school. Tall guy, bit on the slow side. Blonde hair. Worked at the sheep station as a jackeroo.
Baz: Nicko, nicko.

Benny: Used to drive his blue Bundy Ute around?

Baz: Now he was a dumb bastard.

Benny (laughing ) Yeah well his sister moved down to Bega. When I told her I was coming up she jumped on the train.

Baz: She’s a wild child, don’t know where you find’em Benny.
Speak of the devil. Look out it walks.

(Cherie walks into the lounge room).

Morning darlings, how are my little ones this fine morning. She sits down in Benny’s lap and kisses him.

Benny: Girl your breath stinks, go brush your teeth.

(She punches him in the shoulder.)

Cherie: Boy you sure know how to flatter a lady.

Benny: I didn’t know I was in the presence of one (smiling mischievously)
Cherie punches him again, Benny holding her back and kissing her.
She stands up and walks over to the leader.

Cheri: At least somebody around here, knows how to treat a lady.

The leader:M lady. (Whispering between the two) (Finally he sighs) In the brown box.

Benny: What’s that about?

Baz: breakfast.

Cherie walks over to the table and retrieves a small baggy of weed, and proceeds to pack a bong. She pulls it and inhales deeply.

The leader: Welcome to Barry’s Bistro bong, grill on the waterfront where we offer you the finist of the fine, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

(Cheri laughs. She takes another hit and Jack ogles her legs.
(Twan comes into the room. He sits down on the couch in silence and begins to roll a cigarette methodically.)

Baz: How we doing Twix.

Jack: It's Twan.

Twan: Fine.

Baz (with a languid smile) You on break.

(Twan grunts)

Baz: Don’t forget to punch in when you go back (he laughs and signals Cheri for the bong).

Jack: Hey so where you from anyway. China. Right.

(Twan smiles briefly and nods. Baz pulls a bong and goes to hand it to Twan who shakes it away.)
Baz (smirking) So - you got a slit eyed lady back in Sydney. Or do you like the round eyes?

Jack: Easy Baz.

Baz: What! I’m just asking.

Twan: (with no emotion). I have a wife back home.

Baz: Oh yeah.

Cheri: Do have any kids?

(Benny rolls his eyes)
Baz: Are you kidding? They way they churn’em out. These fucking 2 billion of them, what do you think? (To Cheri)

Twan: Yes.


Baz: Signals him to keep talking with exasperation.

Twan: A boy.

Baz snorts a line of speed.

Jack: Bit early for that isn’t it.

Baz: What are you,, my fuck’n nanny? It’s a bit of a celebration, alright? We’re on the verge of a very generous payday, and I wanna kick up my heels alright? Jesus.

Benny: (addressing Twan) Hey what’s that on your wrist mate.
(Twan looks down at it and doesn’t say anything)

Baz: Well Twix, is it.

Twan: (He stands up.) It’s a reminder (he says distractedly. The smoke is hanging out of his mouth. He takes it out slowly and walks towards the window and looks out.)

Baz: Hey I’m fucken talking to you.

Twan: There is smoke on the hills. (Shocked)

Jack: That’s what I said, but no one was listen-

Baz: Hey Twix, don’t you fucken start with that. Sit the fuck down. You hear me. (Baz stands up and walks over to Twan. He grabs him.

Benny: Easy mate.

Bazz’s phone rings. He lets go of Twan, and pulls his phone out of the pocket, and answers it hastily.
Baz (on phone) Yes, Oh Hello Mr D’argo, how are you? Yes, where fine. Yep, Yep, No it’s all, (draws it out nervously) on schedule. No, the full amount, I did promise, I remember that. Heathrow yep, 10:00 by the fountain. (Baz looks frantically for a pen, clicking his fingers at Jack. He knocks over a glass in the process, which smashes on the floor. He appears frazzled and on edge. He finds one and scribbles down the details on some paper.

Baz: Yes My D’Argo we won’t let you down.
(Hangs up)

Baz stands there looking lost. Benny and cheri look at each other. Baz snaps back to reality.
You (pointing to Twan), sit down. We can make it, we can make it, he says under his breath.
Twan sits down and doesn’t say anything.

Jack: Can we at least check the news (Jack heads towards the radio).

Bazz: Jack if you don’t sit down right now, I’m gonna shoot ya.
(Jack looks over at Benny and Cherie.)

Benny doesn’t know whether to smile or panic. He signals to Jack to sit down.
Baz walks up and down the room, scratching the side of his head with the gun barrel. He turns suddenly to Twan. He walks up to him and pistol whips him. TWan shrieks. Benny and Cheri grimace in shock.
Benny: Jesus Baz, just relax.

(Baz picks up Twan and leads him into the back room.)

You can start on the other batch. 12 hours from now we outta here. But until then, you’re gonna work, cos I fucken pay you. Do you hear me? I don’t pay you to fucken mouth off. You got it.
Baz walks back into the room. He looks even more jumpy then before.
Benny is shaken and Cheri, is looking at Baz warily.

Baz: Sorry guys you had to see that, human resources, people management. He laughs nervously.
Jack: (at a whisper) Baz, mate. I need to say something.

(Baz raises the gun and points it across the room at Jack. He closes he let eye as if aiming. Jack flinches.)

Is this gonna be more talk about the fire, Jack? Cause if it is, I probably don’t want to hear it. (Baz breathes deeply. And lowers the gun, looking at it. “You always fucken panic. Jack wears an expression that says (I’m the one that’s panicking.)
I knew there was a fire. But I knew you would be nervous so I didn’t mention it. But we gotta finish the package alright (still looking down at his gun.)

Jack: Baz?
(Jack still staring down. He grunts)

Jack: Baz?

He looks up and grunts again, louder this time.

Jack looking pained at trying to explain it gently) We may not be here in 12 hours.

Benny: (shocked) Is it that close, the fire.

Jack: It could be I don’t know I haven’t –

(Baz raises the gun and fires. A bullet whizzes past Jack’s head.
(Cheri screams and Benny yelps. Jack is frightened out of his mind.)
Benny: Jesus

Baz: (Yelling) Haven’t checked for wind resistance. Have you? NO! (screaming) Who is in charge here?! I mean I struggle too... Who makes the calls? Jack?

Jack (is still visibly shaken) You do.

Baz: Who Benny?

Benny: You do mate, no-one’s... No-one’s saying otherwise.
Twan sticks his head in and ducks back into the lab.

Baz: (to Jack) Mention that word again and you’ll get it.

Jack: (placating) Okay. Baz I’m sorry.

Cheri: Look maybe we should go. I mean we’ll let you guys finish what you have too.
Baz looks at Cheri with challenging eyes

(Cheri continues) We can go and check if its that serious…

Baz: Guys relax. Cheri, We’ll wait it out. It’ll be fine. Alright? Have a drink. Jack get us a few beers. Benny? Crack a tube, eh?

Long silence.

Benny: Yeah sure, look I’ll have a beer with you Baz, but mate look I reckon Cheri’s right. After we can check and see how close… you know, it may be.

(Jack returns and hands Baz a beer.
Baz cracks his beer and looks thoughtful. He tilts his head back and takes a huge swig. He looks at Benny.)

Baz: Let me get this straight. You come into my home, this house. You faun all me. (in a put on girly voice) Bubble and squeak Baz. Distribution Baz. And when the heat comes, your like see ya, just because some tart wants out.
Benny: Easy mate, you don’t have to slag her off. She’s just scared.

(Cheri stands up. )

Cheri: I’m going to pack. (Baz walks over to her and pulls her hair, she squeals)

There is a knock at the door.

They all freeze. Baz puts a hand around Cheri’s mouth.

Baz: (under his breath)Your gonna be quiet. Eh. You gonna be quiet. (Cheri nodds her head furiously).

The intention of the script (which isn't finished.....) If you are bothering to read this #-oI'm curious if you can see where this is going if not then I guess I've failed. Clue - it's to do with the tattoo on Twan's arm and his boy.