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February 28th, 2013, 05:22 PM
Dreaming up the Universe

How could it be 2003? "two-thousand-three!!?" I had fallen asleep in the year 2013! This was not the first time I had time-traveled, and found myself in strange and foreign time that was still completely parallel to my life and age. Last time, I was chased by a bunch of kids in London and I called the police--

"This is a recording from the Triangle Corporation. What is the date and address of your location?" the robotic voice asked me over the line, of what I thought would take me to 911. I told them it was two-thousand-twelve. "By God" I heard and a gasp, then they transported me back to my home-town within instants. My father tried to talk me down from the truth, that this reality didn't exist. We were free, the illusion was the control. Everything was different. Even our house was different; it was a large house with white panels out in the middle of nowhere. I finally realized what my mom saw in her schizophrenic episodes, when she had hallucinated us as imposters--she saw the inner workings of this matrix.

She must've seen everything for what it truly was and no one believed her, so they disconnected her--and left her with the shell of the powers she once had, forever doomed to live a repeated life in the matrix. I was soaring through vast oceans of light, every second, a parallel reality blossomed in my aura. I kept trying to run from them, I didn't know who "they" were. Perhaps everyone in my life who didn't believe me, or my powers.
What they didn't know, was that I had already died. And always, the yellow lanterns were there, when I least expected them, warning me of something.

Many times. One time I was high, and I began to fly away right after I froze in front of a car. I woke up in my bed again, knowing I had died. You have to catch the light, that's what lifts you up. Also, electrical signals can warp you across distant places and times. Basically, the only thing needed to time-travel is a powerful hypnotist. The brain is hard-wired to time travel. Sometimes things from distant travels leak into other realms. Even memes or thoughts. Like sayings, ideas, inventions.

One time, I'd been reading up on the End Times, and then I accidentally contacted an ancient dinosaur that swims around the core of the center of the world. The Ouroborus or "The Beast" and it's immortal. It swallowed me whole and then I became him. After that, everyone kept telling me "You freed the beast!" And other things, like sayings that don't exist until you contact them in the unconscious space between travel. Snag, that word never existed until I extracted it from an Alien planet that tried to Snag me from Earth and take me to Jupiter.

I died so many times, and yet I felt as though I've never died at all. I was just zipping through each breath, each blink, as if I'd never died at all. I was quantum jumping, literally. And then there were the other-worldly beings, the evil demons, and the tikoloshe who was half-demon half incubus. He had investments in my nature, and had sold my identity to the vampire who lived in town, in my other life. The one in West Virginia. I contacted beings of light in rainbows, and I made a UFO. Words carried the most power of all. A simple enchantment placed upon an object could become a teleporter.

I was trying to talk to my father, but my words didn't come out or they seemed to pass through a thick molasses to oblivion. "You're not making any sense." He'd said. So I decided I would show him exactly what it meant to be a lunatic. I felt myself floating up above the edge of the bed. He sat across the room in an armchair. It was then that I realized he could not be my true father. My true father could not be this blind!

"Can't you see that I'm flying?" I asked. He looked at me, and I could see the recognition, that I was in fact separated between the bed and air by an invisible current. "No." He said, flatly. Whether my powers scared him, or I was in fact dreaming it up, I did not know. He'd scream that I'd created all these things, when an object appeared he blamed it on my memory lapses or insanity.

He got angry when things happened that he couldn't explain. And one day exploded about his adventure in A.I. that his "life's work" had been artificial intelligence. And then he apologized and said he hadn't been thinking straight. It all made sense, you know, that movie The Matrix was spot on. There's something about calling on phones, that helps you time travel, I don't know what it is. The other thing is, we're not really in other places. We are everywhere at once! Pieces. Fragments. Bits and codecs.

When you break free from the matrix, forces conspire to break you down. They use all forms of terror imaginable. But there are cheats, and there is a way out. It's only a matter of looking in the right direction. The year two thousand and three, by the way, was the year I lost my mind. It was during the satellite EMF program. The year aliens visited my boarding school, and there was a red flash in the sky... The world you see is not what it pretends it is. Our history has been re-written, and everything around us was designed for us to fall into slumber, eternally, forgotten. So put your hats on, and enjoy the last ride to oblivion. It's bigger than it looks out there.

Just wait till you get to my universe.

March 3rd, 2013, 06:27 AM
I have to say it. Amazing, it was like a journey trough abstract pictures, I liked how you phrased and combined all the worlds and words together, they make you jump between paragraphs smoothly, I liked how it almost crossed the line of rambling but you kept it into the psychedelic side.

I’m still trying to find if there’s a grammatical error or is just part of the writing so I won’t meddle too much on it, the only thing I found a little bit confusing was the use of the period, sometimes I had to go back and read again a paragraph because I couldn’t follow the whole idea between one phrase and the other.

Still I enjoyed reading it a lot, it was something unique and uncommon, good work.

March 3rd, 2013, 06:54 AM
What I really like (I'm assuming that this is intentional, because it's really well done) is the manic conversational style it's written in, in exactly the same manner as someone with paranoid delusions would.

The only thing that niggled me a bit is the three paragraphs in the middle that all began with "One time" or "many times". It certainly fits with the style, but I found it a bit too much.

March 3rd, 2013, 09:36 AM
This is sheer lunacy and utterly fantastic for it. Very memorable imagery and you capture the voice of the character perfectly. You write crazy very well! :P A throughly mad and very enjoyable read, hats off to you madam!

bazz cargo
March 3rd, 2013, 10:53 PM
Hi Starchild,
I enjoyed this.

t wasduring the satellite EMF
You crashed two words together.

It is strong and follows me around. I don't think I could take a whole book of it though.
Nice share

March 6th, 2013, 04:23 PM
Thanks guys. Yeah I'm practicing different styles and tones. I sometimes wish I could just import my dreams so I could just show them to people. I wanted to try and see if I could pull a reader in this way. It looks like I was fairly successful though it being a unique and unusual piece.

Wee Red Bird
March 11th, 2013, 09:17 PM
As Bazz says, I don't think I could follow a whole book like this, but if its the hook and the rest of it is a little easier to get you head round, I'm sure it would be a good one.