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February 10th, 2013, 10:11 PM
He pulled up to curb, looking for a spot with the least widest flow of water. Rain. Rain again. Raining for three days now. It meant that they couldn’t work, again. The jobsite would be shut down, again. It was pouring at the moment.

It was hard to see out the windows. He needed to get past the overflowing gutter, onto the curb, leap across the median of submerged swamp that was normally grass, and make it to the sidewalk, without completely soaking his shoes and socks, if possible.

He unbuckled, opened the door of the pick-up, and looked out. The water was at least three inches deep even this far from the curb. He shut the door, slid across the worn bench seat, and opened the passenger side door. Just then, his co-worker came out the front door of the house and ran/hopped his way towards the vehicle.

“Watch out! Fuck!” he yelled, heading for the open door.

Good, I don't have to go out there, the driver thought, as he slid back over to behind the steering wheel.
“Quick, shut the door. You look like a drowned rat."

“Shit! I stepped right in a puddle. My foot's soaked all the way up to the ankle.”

“What…are you really wearing a garbage bag?”

“It’s raining. Crap! I hate the rain. Where are we going to go? Off-road? What? What are laughing about? It’s raining, and I’m wearing a trash bag. I don't care. It's my rain coat. Lets go!”

“Nothing. Okay. Sure. We should stay on the street, though. This thing’s two-wheeled drive, and with these tires, we’d get stuck for sure.”

“Lets just drive around then. I love it when it rains. I’m glad we’re not working. I hate work.”

“That's nice, but I need the money. I got rent to pay.”

“Like I don’t?”

“A baggie of weed, five bucks, or a couple beers, for a spot beneath your buddy’s bedroom coffee table, is not rent. How long until his parents kick you out? How long until they kick him out? He doesn't work, does he?”

“Never and no; his parents are way cool. They’re like hippies. They’re not going to kick us out. ”

“I’m just saying it’s going to get old. What are you going to do, be thirty years-old and still be sleeping on someone's floor? You don’t even have a car. You should save your money. I should save my money. I need to work.”

“Dude, fuck it! I don’t want to talk about it. Lets have some fun. It’s a day off. We’re supposed to have some fun. Get this thing sideways, see how big a slide we can do. Just like we said...Hey! I got it. Over by the train tracks, and by the junior high.”

“All right. I remember. I’m going. Fuck-ya! Sideways. Just watch for cops, all right?”

“Ya, ya. Hey, you should come out with us tonight.”

“No. Those parties…there like, watching cartoons or something, when you're a kid. Once you stop watching them, you can’t go back. I just can’t get into them anymore. Those party girls, some of them are still in high school. It’s ridiculous. What am I going to do? I can’t go back. I’m done with that. I’d rather stay home.”

“It’s fun. I love high school girls. And beers! Come drink some beers with the buddies. Come on, you should just go.”

“No. Whatever…there it is! Whoa! Look at that puddle; it's more like a pond. How deep do you think it is? I better hit it fast or we might stall.”

“Hit it! Wahhh! That was awesome. Hey. Over there, keep going. There’s the school.”

“Great. We’re back at junior high. I always hated this place. It looks exactly the same. Oh shit! It’s her. Do you see her?”

“What? Who?”

“It’s that lady, the one who worked in the office. I can’t believe it. She still works here. You know, she made me get detention once. I had a note from a doctor’s appointment. She said it didn’t matter, that a tardy with a note was still un-excused; truant. She had this attitude-”

“I know, I know…always a stick up her ass. She hated kids, like we were all shit just because we were kids. She always acted like we were pulling something. Like every note was a fake.”

“Ha! Your notes probably were all fakes.”

“I never bothered with notes. Oh my god! This is it. You have too-”

“Karma, baby. It was meant to be. Hang on tight. We’re about to do God’s work.”

A hundred feet away, a woman with an umbrella and a much practiced, sour-faced expression, was walking on the sidewalk in front of the school she had worked at for nearly twenty years. She noticed a pick-up truck coming in her direction, and, in her opinion, it was driving at too high of a rate of speed for the rain. As it got closer, she could see the driver and the passenger: two young men, still in their teens, and they were both looking at her all too intently, grins on their faces.

She saw and sensed their purpose. She opened her mouth to say something, which they couldn’t have heard anyway. There was something familiar about their faces.

Water rose from the tires, the noise of it drowning out everything. The vehicle had veered towards her, entering much deeper water, and then corrected, driving parallel to the curb, but still in the deeper water.

As they passed, the passenger was able to see the peak of the wake, the thick lip of it, and, in the woman’s eyes, a look of outrage right before her face was buried beneath the cold water. He marveled at the shape of the wake as it trailed behind them, thinking that it was as pretty as the carvings of an expert water skier, or as perfect as an ocean wave. If he could have conceived of it, he might’ve said something like “Enjoy the little things, and the occasional, ever-so-slightly, bigger things…” He sat back and smiled.

February 10th, 2013, 10:46 PM
I liked this :). Made me smile on a Sunday night.

Olly Buckle
February 10th, 2013, 11:19 PM
It's called "Driving without due care and consideration", one of the most fun things you can do with a vehicle :)

If you could reduce those last four paragraphs it might give it a little more punch, hard to see how, but you can see the punch coming a mile off at the moment. It still works though.

February 11th, 2013, 12:49 AM
It's called "Driving without due care and consideration", one of the most fun things you can do with a vehicle :)

Well... I'm still learning to just drive so best stick to that for now :)