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February 5th, 2013, 01:52 AM
chapter 3 hopefully i start getting some comments

Yukis apartment really was quite close by probably only four blocks down and a left. the complex was an old one from back in the 70s, in Orlando we don’t really get high rises outside of down town because the soils so sandy, so it was a two floor cinderblock with probably six units and a house off to the side that i guessed was the landlords.

We parked my bike and got off.
“Ever hear the one about why girls love motorcycles?” I asked with a grin.

Yuki slapped my shoulder a little harder than I would of expected and laughed I could tell the couple of beers she’d had were starting to kick in and I was in the same place. I had some ideas about her in nothing but the half kimono that was over her shoulder and how she would look great in it.

“Oh please I have something with more horsepower in the drawer by my bed.” She laughed as she led me upstairs.

“Kinky Yuki, kinky.” I laughed and she joined me as we got to the second floor she let us in to the second apartment and I walked in after her. It was small with a kitchenette, a living room with a book case where most people would have a tv, a bathroom and a bedroom. Concurrent with what she said her couch looked to be in sad shape and was actually a futon. Maybe Id find a better place to sleep.

“Im gonna take a shower cam, get the work smell off me.” She said as she reached into a closet and threw a blanket at the futon than disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the shower get going. I browsed her books for a minute before grabbing a well read copy of Dune and sat down with it.

About 10 minutes into my reading with the Harkonens coming after Paul and his mother there’s a knock on the door. “Could you get that cam, ill be out in a minute.”

I got up to answer the door and met a very muscular white guy.

“Hey Yuki’s in the shower shell be out in a second Im an old friend of hers Cameron.” i put my hand out for his and he shook it “Elliot” he said “I was just stopping by for a second.” “Can i get you a drink elliot i asked him walking back inside to her tiny kitchen to find the gin which was in a cabinet by the fridge.

“Sure man so how do you know Yuki?” he asked coming in behind me.

“Oh we went to high school together, Im in town for a while and Im gonna sleep on her couch i said motioning to the futon. I heard him audibly wince, no one wants to sleep on a futon. I turned around and handed him a gin and tonic and met his eyes they were mage blue. I turned around quickly hoping he hadn’t seen my eyes to well in the gloom, My no longer being a major enemy of the magi wasn't known yet to all mages and i didn’t want to take any chances so i mixed my gin and tonic and was about to attempt small talk when he started talking.

“So you said your name was Cameron and an old friend of Yuki’s?” he said casually. i mhmed and he sucker punched me on the side of the head my back still turned, i hate to admit it but i went down hard and than elliot was on top of me he flipped me over punched me in the face and i saw him pull a big ass mother fucking buck knife from within himself i swear to god it was almost as long as my forearm, and put it to my neck.

“Now ya see,” he drawled over, me his knees on my shoulders pinning me down pretty good but now I was angry, I willed energy into me from the world around me and my eyes started glowing i let my arm slowly extend he hadn’t killed me yet but i wasnt going to let him stay where he was for very long. “The only old friend of Yuki’s named cam I have ever heard about killed one of their friends in high school, is part ghoul and has been on the run from the magi for years” he smiled coldly “and i find you waiting here in Yuki’s apartment which i doubt you were invited into.” but that was when i raised up my now taloned hand and wrapped it around his neck quicker than he could react to.

“Your going to get the fuck off me now friend.” I smiled right back at him as his grin jumped off his face faster than the road runner.

And thats when a mostly naked Yuki ran out of the bathroom pulling her uzi into one hand and a tanto into the other and was on top of the two of us faster than i would of expected from her and i found a tanto touching my left eyelid and elliot had the barrel of her little machine pistol at his temple.

“Elliot your going to pull back your knife then Cameron is going to release your throat or else Im going to have a couple of dead dumb asses to hide.” she said and i couldn’t help but think that i might get killed by an asian girl in her underwear hair still wet with a rather large man on top of me.

I burst out laughing and I let my arm return to normal and pulled my hand away while elliot was still looking at Yuki’s tits. They both looked at me, elliot willed his knife back up his arm and Yuki walked away and threw on her little kimono unfortunately tying it before coming and helping me to my feet than gave Elliot the idiot a hug. Oh now I see why he was coming around eleven.... there go my hopes of a warm bed.

“El, cam is back in the fold the magi have accepted him back he’s an enforcer like us now.” Her hands were still around his neck and she was looking up at his face.

“How did that fucking happen?” he looked over and glared daggers at me.

“Good behavior.” I said and winked at him just to see his reaction. Worth it. “Yook I think I’ll find someplace else to sleep tonight and leave you too it.” I said walking over to her counter, grabbed a sharpie and wrote the number of my disposable phone on her arm. “Call me after your done... with this.” I said with a bit of distaste and walked out.

I was halfway down the stairs when Yuki was out the door still in her robe and yelled at me to stop.

“Cam wait up, Im sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking elliot would be stopping by tonight, Im sorry he roughed you up like that.” She grabbed my chin and turned my face to look at the spot where Elliot had punched me it was a tad puffy which was actually impressive, I usually don’t even bruise after a punch thanks to my ghoulishness but the guy was built like a goddamn house.

“Its fine, he was about two seconds from getting off me or losing his head.” I said simultaneously pissed and liking the way her robe was hanging in a v at her chest. So Im a pig, big deal. “So how long have you had a thing with big blonde and aggressive?” I asked her.

She blushed pretty hard but couldn’t help but laugh and smile “about 4 months, he came here to be an enforcer six months ago and we worked together a few times before he finally asked me to dinner. He’s a nice guy.”

“I could tell from the fist to the face very gentle that one.” I was still pissed more about what he said than the punch.

Yuki looked me in the eye not flinching even though my eyes were still aglow mage blue in my left and the green of my right, the yellow of my ghoul blood trying to super impose itself over the blue. “Katie was my friend to cam, those of us that were there know it wasn’t your fault that she’s gone, and i don’t think your a beast to be hunted down just because one of your grandfather is a ghoul even if it will take time for people like elliot to come around.”

I just looked at her flatly for a few seconds I try not to even think about what happened to katie, I hoped everyday that she was dead because the alternative was so much worse. She put her hand on my elbow and kept looking me dead in the eye, i don’t know what she thinks she saw but she hugged me fiercely for a few seconds. “She was my best god damn friend cam i cant even imagine how you feel.” I hugged her back for a second and pushed her away. “I’ll see you tomorrow well look for the blood lords and get the tome back if we have t beat the living shit out of every sonovabitch thats ever sen it to get to it.” i said with a smile trying to lighten the mood.

“Cam you always know exactly what to say to a girl.” She said beaming at me and i remembered why she would always be my friend, she was now the amazing woman i always expected her to be and still loyal to the core, what was it mom used to say? friends are the family you chose, Yuki was my sister in very way that mattered.

She started walking up the stairs back to her apartment and was almost at the top before i yelled at her.


“What?” she yelled back.

“I bet that thing in your drawer gets tons of use with him around.”

She just smiled at me and laughed and went inside closing the door and locking it behind her. I couldn’t help but smiling for a second as i walked to my bike, absent mindedly touching the stud in the ridge of my ear that had been Katie’s first earring. I got on and rolled away it was good to see old friends and knowing they hadnt changed even though they had in every way.

February 5th, 2013, 02:51 AM
Good, in this chapter he was much better, reminded me of the lead character from californication apart from the ghoul bit. like the bits about the dead friend and all that. Nice

February 5th, 2013, 03:25 AM
the next chapter is introspective and my character smokes some weed would it be appropriate to post or should i skip to the following scene?

February 5th, 2013, 03:28 AM
yea i want it to seem like hes opening up and being more like his old self now that he has a friend again less of a super dick but still a dick ya know?