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January 23rd, 2013, 05:18 PM
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I'll post a reply that has an attachment of the part of the script I have posted as a PDF.


1924. A circus. The show has begun and music is playing under. Around the main tent, there are posters advertising the performers. The first poster is of Loko the clown, followed by Xerbo the Magician, then Topsy the Tightrope Walker, then it comes to rest on the Ring Master. The camera slowly zooms on the poster. The RING MASTER’s voice comes in. RING MASTER Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the greatest show on Earth! INT. MAIN TENT - NIGHT The RING MASTER is standing in the center of the tent, the stands packed, microphone in hand. RING MASTER Our first performer tonight is that crazy clown from out of town! Loko! LOKO runs out, waving to the crowd. Suddenly, he trips and tumbles across the ring. He lands on his butt and his head sways woozily to the laughter of the audience. INT. XERBO’S DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT XERBO is sitting in a chair, staring at a mirror. His hair is slicked back and black. His face is completely blank. TOPSY walks up to Xerbo and places her hands on his shoulders. She leans down, placing her face next to his. TOPSY Almost showtime. INT. MAIN TENT - NIGHT LOKO is juggling, the RING MASTER is watching with a large grin on his face. Loko pretends to be falling to his left. The crowd goes "ooooooooh." Loko catches himself and mouths a "phew." Then he starts falling the other direction, Loko catches all of the pins then takes a bow. The Ring Master elaborately gestures to Loko. RING MASTER Give it up for Loko everybody! The crowd cheers and Loko leaves. The spotlight dims. (CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2. RING MASTER Now... Ladies and gentlemen... prepare yourself for a performer that defies the very laws of nature... Please welcome, Xerbo the Great! A spotlight comes on in front of the ring master, fog slowly clearing away. XERBO is standing in the middle of the spotlight, wearing a top hat and a cape. Close up of his face as he looks up at the audience, a blank stare. He throws his arms in the air, presenting himself. INT. BACKSTAGE - NIGHT LOKO is walking towards his tent. TOPSY is leaning against a post in the background as he passes by. TOPSY Good work, clown boy. Loko pauses and looks over at her. Topsy stops leaning on the post and stands up straight. She slowly walks towards Loko. TOPSY You had them rolling. LOKO Don’t I always? Loko walks off. Topsy stares after him. INT. MAIN TENT - NIGHT XERBO is staring blankly at the RING MASTER, who is holding up a revolver for the audience to see. He fires it at a pot set up on a pedestal and shatters it. He pauses, then turns and aims it at Xerbo. Xerbo stands square to the gun, his expression not changing. He hold up one hand, palm towards the gun. Pause. The Ring Master fires and the audience gasps and screams. Xerbo flinches and his hand goes to his chest. Pause. A smile ticks at the side of his lips. Xerbo stands upright and holds up the bullet for the crowd, who begin to applaud. He wipes off the bullet, then tosses it to a young boy in the audience, who smiles and looks at it. The Ring Master smiles and puts the gun away. RING MASTER Give it up for Xerbo everybody! (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: 3. As Xerbo is taking his bow, cut to Topsy, now standing hundreds of feet above the ground on the tightrope, a pole in her hand. She stares down at Xerbo as he disappears in a cloud of smoke to the audiences applauds. RING MASTER Next, look high above the ground on a single thread! For the one, the only, Topsy! The spotlight goes on Topsy. INT. XERBO’S DRESSING ROOM - NIGHT XERBO sits down in front of the mirror, breathing heavily. He removes his hat, cape and jacket. He stares at the mirror, there is a bullet hole in his shirt with blood staining the shirt, but there is no wound. XERBO Voila. EXT. CIRCUS GROUNDS - NIGHT The show has just wrapped up. LOKO is standing outside of his tent, smoking a cigarette. The audience is walking by, leaving the show. Some of them tip their hats to Loko, who just nods back and continues smoking. A KID runs up to Loko with a poster and a pen. KID Hey there Loko. Loko looks away and sighs, annoyed. He then quickly turns back with a large smile. LOKO (In clown voice) Hey there kiddy, what’s your name? The kid smiles. KID Ben. Can I get your autograph? You were my favorite performer! LOKO (Still in clown voice) Sure thing there, sport! Loko takes the poster and the pen and signs the poster as "Loko the Clown", then hands it back to the kid. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: 4. KID Thanks Loko! LOKO (Still in clown voice) You’re welcome! Kid runs off. Loko stands up straight and returns to his cigarette. LOKO (Normal voice) Piss off you little brat. Loko finishes his cigarette as the audience slowly disappears. He starts walking towards the Ring Master’s tent. He pauses outside, then steps in. The camera focuses on the tent, and slowly starts to back away. LOKO Hey boss. Pause. Gunshot. Pause. Gunshot. FADE TO BLACK:

This then leads in to introducing the the main character, Det. Joseph Hayden, and his investigation into the whole thing is the bulk of the film.
Any thoughts? Critiques? Opinions in general?

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