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January 15th, 2013, 12:43 PM
“I want to continue telling the story. I want to get rid of it. I shouldn’t keep any of this on my mind. It shouldn’t be kept as a traumatic experience. I must let these things go.”

“Do you think that by telling me these things you will be able to review your comprehension of the facts?”

“I already am. I don’t like to offend the devotees. They help us to polish our egos. We can’t progress in spiritual life just living alone. Yogis are wrong. They go to the mountains and practice their techniques. They become powerful people, and their egos become big. The devotees of the Lord do the opposite. They serve, they pray, and they remain in groups, and there are always problems inside groups. These problems help us to become humble. I must learn from these experiences.”

“Okay, dear. So, tell me what happened when your guru came to Brazil again.”

“I tried my best to correct every mistake I had committed the previous time. The other time I didn’t have a place for him to preach. I had placed a tent outside, and it was too hot. So this time I built a room, I built a kutir.”

“Oh, I remember this word. You visited many kutirs in your pilgrimages in India.”

“Yes, a kutir is a place where a sage stays. It took me some money and some time to build it, but I was being criticized the first time because there wasn’t any kutir for Gurudeva. So I decided to build one. I also arranged a nice yard. I hired a landscape gardener to place some stones and make a path with wooden stepping-stones. It was really beautiful, but of course, the devotees didn’t like it, and the first thing they did when they came to the institute was to destroy the whole garden.”

“Oh, Vilminha, I can’t believe they did that.”

“I am not telling the story in a chronological order. So many horrible things happened I don’t know where to start. Let me see… as I said, I tried to correct every mistake I had committed the first time, but everything I did seemed to be unforgivable again. I paid for a nice hotel for everybody. I placed them in a 5-star hotel, and if I recall there were 30 devotees, something like that, maybe more, I don’t know. This time I chose the hotel myself, in a better region of the city. The other time they chose a good hotel, but in a horrible neighborhood. Anyway, they never consulted me. They should have, you know. I am the Brazilian.”
“This time I didn’t go on any TV shows. I didn’t want a crowd to appear, so they wouldn’t blame me for forcing Gurudeva to work like a mantra machine. Because of this, there were far fewer people, only a couple hundred. One day they called me in my room in the hotel and told me to go to the restaurant. When I went there they already had had breakfast, they didn’t call me down so I could eat with them. They called me just to criticize me, and said I invited Gurudeva to Brazil to do nothing, there weren’t people for him to give mantras to, and he was going to leave. They told me I made him waste his time, and they would try to fix it.”

“What do they mean by ‘fix it’?”

“Ah… I didn’t understand myself at the time, but as soon as we went to the institute I realized. They started to call all the members of the press and tried to get on TV, or on a radio show, to try to advertise Gurudeva’s presence in Brazil. The problem with that is that people from the press knew me, and they got really confused when Venezuelan devotees called them. They are impolite, they don’t know how to deal with the media, they are… I don’t know… I was too angry… I was too sad. If they needed me to contact the press I would have. It would have been easy, and I would have succeeded. But they were only able to mess up the nice relationship I had with some of the journalists. I couldn’t believe it. I was devastated.”

“Did your guru know they were doing that?”

“When I went to inform him about it, I grabbed my file with all the data on all the members of the press, and just before entering Gurudeva’s kutir I could hear him instructing one of the Venezuelan devotees to keep trying to get in touch with the press. So I realized it was him behind it.”


“Don’t get him wrong. He must have thought that I had too many things on my mind, and he was just giving the service to other people who were unoccupied.”
“Another thing that bothered me deeply was something that happened before Gurudeva actually came here. I tried to organize an event in a club. They have a nice theater. I was able to get the place without having to pay for it, I printed flyers without any cost, I had some clients who helped me with it. I discussed it all with Gurudeva, I just needed to set a date for the event, I needed to know when he would be coming to Brazil, I needed to know when I’d need to book the theater for us, which date would be printed on that flyer, and on which date we would be posting those flyers in the mail. Gurudeva refused to give me any date. He said he doesn’t work with schedules. I almost fought with him. I said he was lying, it wasn’t true, because there were so many events in Caracas in which he took part, I knew his secretary had to set those dates, and at some point he had to agree with them. Then Gurudeva said that I was jealous of her, he said I wanted to be like her. I gave up, and said I wouldn’t mind. I would do the events without him. I already had the theater and the flyers promised to me by my clients, and it would be ungrateful of me not to use them. So I did the event anyway. It was ridiculous, everybody disappointed, everybody came wanting to meet him. Hrday was here, helped me to preach to the crowd, sang with his powerful voice. Even before the visit started, I was already stressed out, and I knew I could never be taken seriously.”


“I ask myself the same question.”

“What happened next?”

“Nothing. Nobody came, just a few people. I got my psychiatrist to receive a mantra from Gurudeva, though. Gurudeva was really happy about it. He said it was really strange, nobody was able to do such a thing. Usually psychiatrists consider their patients to be insane people, and they wouldn’t follow advice from them. Mine listened to me though, and came to receive the mantra from my guru. It was another incredible scene. Things like that make me think it is all worth it.”
“Eventually we went to Rio de Janeiro again, just to have some ‘fun’, as if I could. I was miserable. They kept playing soccer at the beach. I must be the only Brazilian who doesn’t know how to play soccer, and I didn’t have the right shoes for it. I tried to play barefoot and hurt my feet, it was all so frustrating, I suppose I don’t know how to have fun. From there Gurudeva left and went straight to Canada, and I came back to São Paulo.”

“And the devotees?”

“Oh, of course, at São Paulo’s airport, they had a fight with an employee at the check-in counter and where expelled from the airport. So they came back to the institute.”

“I can’t believe it!”

“Yeah, they are so sweet, aren’t they? I couldn’t believe it myself. I thought I was free, but they called me saying they would be back, so I waited for them and cooked for those 30 people. The next day I personally went to the airport and made sure they got back to Venezuela.”

“Dear, for God’s sake, come to my chest and rest. I beg you. Forget that story and don’t think of it anymore.”
“Love of my life, my Sam. I won’t think of it anymore. My thoughts are all yours. Let’s laugh, let’s have fun. Laughter and love are the best medicines.”