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January 14th, 2013, 02:18 PM
“You said that you had a quarrel with your guru. You were not talking to him when I met you. What happened for the situation to get that serious?”

“Oh, Sam, it doesn’t take that much for me to get impulsive and do stupid things like that. It wasn’t the first time I offended my guru. But it was the first time I did it without having Hrday around to clean up my mess.”
“My ex tried really hard, but he was too disappointed when he saw me fighting with Gurudeva. After some time he didn’t even want to talk to me himself. He said if I didn’t apologize to Gurudeva it would mean we would be done, he wouldn’t be my friend anymore. It took me some time to apologize. As I said, somehow you helped me to do it. But at that time, even my ex couldn’t help me. And I only had him.”
“My ex was the only friend I had in my guru’s mission, at least the only real friend. It doesn’t matter the real reason, whatever made me fight with Gurudeva was something silly, and I should have apologized immediately. If Hrday was here I would have, but he wasn’t, so I let the days pass, and didn’t do anything. I backed off, as my guru told me to do.”

“I still don’t understand. You’ve been following your guru since you were 23 if I recall. That means he’s been your spiritual leader for more than half your life. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“It depends… There are people following him for many lifetimes. Besides, during those years I left him many times. Out of impulsiveness I acted irresponsibly, and I proved many times that he couldn’t count on me.”

“I don’t believe you. Just the other day you were saying I am a responsible person, you said that I should think anyone can rely on me. Now it is my turn to say the same to you. How can you say you are irresponsible? I am pretty sure your guru could always count on you.”

“I thought he could, and I tried to do my service, but there was always interference.”

“Who would interfere?”

“Everybody. I can give you an example, so you can see what I mean. It happened in 2000, my guru was planning to come to Brazil to distribute mantras to anyone who wanted them. It wouldn’t be necessary for people to follow any kind of rules or principles. They wouldn’t need to join my guru’s mission. The Personal Power Mantra, the mantra my guru was going to give them, was intended for meditation. So the plan was that people would come to my institute, they would meet my guru, and he would give the mantra according to their nature. It was something pretty revolutionary, and my guru was doing it in other countries.”

“I suppose you were pretty excited to have your guru visit you in Brazil.”

“I was excited, but I also knew it meant a lot of work. I had to plan all the logistics in advance. He never travels alone, I had to find places for the devotees to stay, and I had to buy the plane tickets. My guru was supposed to stay at the institute, but I knew they would also need a good hotel, in case he needed to be by himself.”
“I also had to make sure a big group of people would come to receive the mantra. So I went on a TV show, I was well-known at that time, and it wasn’t hard to get a show to advertise the fact that a great master from India was coming to Brazil to distribute mantras.”
“Of course, on that show they made me sing some bhajans, some mantras that are chanted like little hymns, and people who watched it wanted to meet me, not my guru. After all, I was the one who appeared on TV.”

“Oh, I see. Sometimes people don’t pay much attention to what is being said, they only see the image, and they want to meet the celebrity.”

“The TV appearance caused another problem. A big crowd came, bigger than we expected. Even before my guru came to Brazil, the phone in my institute wouldn’t stop ringing. I didn’t know what to say, so I consulted with my guru and asked him how we would deal with so many people. He told me he would spend 2 minutes with each person, and I should schedule every appointment like that: the first person at 9:00, the second at 9:02, the third at 9:04, and so on. We did it that way, I had many people answering the phones, and they were able to organize the crowd nicely.”

“So, what happened when your guru arrived?”

“I… I mean, they… the devotees… the Venezuelan devotees, they messed up everything. They started by saying to me that Gurudeva wasn’t a mantra machine, and that the schedule I had organized was impossible. I tried to explain to them that it was Gurudeva who had instructed me to do things in that way, but they never listened to me. They thought I was only trying to get clients for my Institute. They even destroyed the folders and the pamphlets I had here, the promotional material for my institute. They didn’t want people who took mantra to have those things, so I couldn’t benefit from the event. It was a pretty stupid thing to do though, because the Institute phone number was there, printed in those pamphlets, it was the intended way for those people to contact me and the Brazilian devotees, in case they wanted us to help them with their mantras. I really don’t know why the Venezuelan devotees were against me all the time, complaining about everything and destroying everything I had done.”

“Did your guru know about these things?”

“I…I…he…there was… he had many things on his mind, and his secretary was making sure he wouldn’t be bothered by me. As I said, he was used to giving mantras in other countries, but it was the first time that he was reaching 1,000 mantras in just one city. He kept asking me how many more mantras he had to do to reach that number. I remember saying we reached 890 mantras, and when I left the room I could hear his secretary saying to him, that I didn’t care about his health, I was only interested in reaching the 1,000 mantras. That was not my intention. He had told me it was his desire. I was doing that only because of him, not because of me. I didn’t mind, and I didn’t care.”
“It was all pretty stressful. I had people working for me at that time. I had a team of professionals, Yoga teachers, many good people, and they were being treated like crap by the Venezuelan devotees. Besides that, whenever I came downstairs, someone in the crowd would recognize me from TV, and they wanted me to talk about the mantras and everything. If I were in another country I’d have left the place, but I was the host, so I had to stay.”

“Did you reach 1,000 mantras?”

“By the grace of the Lord, my guru did. He distributed actually a little more than that, something around 1,100. I don’t know the exact amount, because, of course, the Venezuelan devotees messed up our system to keep track. I had organized a nice way of controlling things. It was a form people should fill out, then we would have everybody’s data, we would be able to contact people afterwards. But the Venezuelan devotees got those things, undermined my employees, and applied their unorganized methods. It is all gone. Years later my guru asked me for these files, and my response was ‘Ask them. They must have it. Oh, no. They left you. Those people who were here at that time, they already betrayed you and are gone. So, in fact, nobody has that information, and those people are lost, because they were also not allowed to get the pamphlets with my institute’s phone number.’”

“How long did your guru stay in Brazil? Was your brother with you? And what happened next?”

“I will answer all of that. In fact, everything about this story is pretty entertaining, if you have a bad sense of humor. But right now, remembering the torture they put me through, I feel like lying down. Would you mind giving me your chest?”

“Not at all, dear, please, rest. It was so insensitive of me to demand so much more without letting you take a break.”

“That’s okay, dear, I like when you are interested. I will tell it all later, I just need some rest.”